The art of winning

Three great cartoons from the AJ-C’s Mike Luckovich:

That third one nicely summarizes some of my readership here.  🙂


UPDATE:  Reader Happy Dawg wanted me to share this one with you.


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34 responses to “The art of winning

  1. olddawg22

    Damn Senator I think you may have commissioned #3! That is hilarious just as long as they are high fiving and not holding hands!
    You heading to Athens? May have to get a signed #1 for me and #3 for you!!!

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  2. gurkhadawg

    Come on man! You are just as guilty as the rest of us. Not trying to start anything, I have nothing negative to say about only of my fellow Dawgs.

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  3. iusedtopostasmikecooley

    Man those are great. That third one sure used to be this place and is why I left for a while. I don’t know what happened to squelch that mess but it had to have come from the Senator and I surely appreciate it.

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    • Illini84

      There were people on the playpen who never posted except on them, they didn’t care about Georgia Football.

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      • iusedtopostasmikecooley

        Ten four. I’m glad all that is behind us. We ought to be able to just talk about Georgia football and agree that Florida gators indeed suck. When you inject politics into it then it ruins all the stuff that brings us together. The assholes that say, “Politics and sports were NEVER separate!” are the ones who seem to have stopped posting. Go Dawgs! National Champions!

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        • Indeed! And speaking of gators sucking, which they certainly do, somebody told me today that Kimber is going to them. I liked him & thought he had a great future here. It’s a shame he chose to suck instead! 😄


      • Spell Dawg

        Indeed. Did anyone EVER see that bonerfart dude post besides in Playpen?? I came to the conclusion he most likely was a fan of one of our rivals, but then he never said one thing or another about football.
        People are strange….

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  4. olddawg22

    Dang gurkhadawg lighten up! Not even sure what you thought you saw between the lines? I prefer the first drawing and agree with the Senator that #3 reps his site pretty well. I personally only hold hands with my wife! So sorry about whatever offended you!
    Go Dawgs 2021 National Champs!

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  5. Russ

    Awesome! The second one brought tears to my eyes. The third one gave me a little hope.

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  6. Texas Dawg

    I was glad that Dooley got to see another NC. Just wish Erk and Larry could have seen this one too.

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  7. For us old timers, if you haven’t seen it check out the new t-shirt that revived the famous Jake Davis 1980 NC poster with 2022 added. I have my original framed and hope this comes as a print too.

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  8. olddawg22

    Saw that new cartoon and my mind went straight to ole Miss piss in the endzone for 15 yard penalty! Classic


  9. akascuba

    3 instantly reminded me of some of the game day threads here.


  10. Senator, do you know if the Jack Davis t-shirts are licensed by his estate? I would love to have one, but not if it’s a ripoff. I’m sure some will think I’m being picky, but I made my pre-retirement living as a graphic designer. Stealing someone’s artwork is personal to me.


  11. Illini84

    Fanatics has them but sizes are limited.