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Lateral move news

There have been whispers about this for a while and it’s finally come to fruition.

Jake Rowe confirmed it on the Georgia side.

Hankton’s a Louisiana native, so I can see why the change would be attractive for him.  And I give him credit for doing a solid job with player development.  Georgia’s three-star freshmen wideouts outplayed their more highly-ranked counterparts when it counted last Monday night.  Best of luck to him.

That being said, this gives Smart a chance to realign his offensive staff more favorably, in that Monken’s position specialty has been wide receivers, not quarterbacks.  Finding a dynamic quarterbacks coach who can recruit would be an upgrade, as far as I’m concerned.



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Okay, who did it better?

Kirby Smart, yesterday…

… or Kool Aid Man?

The popular Kool Aid Man GIFs everyone's sharing


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Zero-calorie trolling

I got a number of emails and messages about this tweet:

David got dunked on a fair amount yesterday for posting that, so needless to say, if his purpose was to troll Georgia fans, he succeeded.

As for me, there wasn’t any real outrage or offense taken, mainly because there was zero substance to his criticism.  Who are the active coaches he refers to?  How would they have made Georgia better?  For that matter, what exactly does “better” mean in the context of a team that went undefeated in the regular season, set a school record for wins in a season and won thirteen games by a margin of 15 or more points?

Bottom line, Gator fan’s gonna Gator fan.  It’s not worth getting worked up over.


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Tell us you coach at your alma mater…

… without saying you coach at your alma mater.


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Victory lap

Ordinarily, I’d chalk this up to his ego…

… but since it’s in the service of a noble cause, I’ll let it slide.


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All together now

You know what makes this picture even better?

Michael Adams wasn’t in attendance.


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Always be ‘crootin’, on steroids


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Glory, glory

Raised by members of the 1980 national championship team…

I only wish I could figure out how to display that full time as a widget on the side of my posts.


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