Always be ‘crootin’, on steroids


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  1. Remember the Quincy

    As I was watching it all on tv yesterday, it didn’t occur to me (foolishly) that this was going to double as a recruiting tool. Scrolling through Twitter showed me just how much of a tool it really was. A ton of re riots were there and Kirby was grinning like a jackass eating briars all day long.

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    • They brought the recruits and families on the field just like they do pre-game. It was just like another home game without the pads popping.

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    • Gaskilldawg

      A little off topic but it is about the celebration. When I saw an elected official who is running for re-election this year on the podium I thought, “Oh, hell.” I was pleased his talk was short, to the point, was appropriate to his office and was not about himself. He could have done what a candidate for a different office tried to do and inject politics, but to his credit he did not.

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  2. ugafidelis

    Who is that in the picture with him?

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  3. Dawglicious

    Kirby with the ‘crootin PEW PEW!


  4. Biggen

    I was a bit bummed to see Kimber to UF, rumors about Washington going to the portal, several various players transferring, etc…

    But then I see pics like this and I know Kirby is on the mutha. No one can outwork him in this department.

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  5. cowetadawg

    It’s almost not fair. And that’s fine with me.

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  6. Yeah, but that loser Saban had a 24 head start on his recruiting.

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  7. flydawg

    Hey Bluto
    Are you goi g to do a natty game bullet points?


  8. As I watch the 1981 Sugar Bowl this morning, I am reminded that Georgia has defeated the two most stories programs in college football history to win national titles in Notre Dame and Alabama. Not too shabby!

    And… don’t forget the Dogs are undefeated against the Fighting Irish.

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  9. practicaldawg

    This “recruiting asset” could not have come soon enough in the NIL era.

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  10. classiccitycanine

    The final piece is in place for the Kirby recruiting machine. We lack for nothing now (except a bunch of oil NIL money, apparently). Saban and Dabo won’t be able to use our lack of trophies against us now.