Victory lap

Ordinarily, I’d chalk this up to his ego…

… but since it’s in the service of a noble cause, I’ll let it slide.


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  1. Agree with The Greg!


  2. RangerRuss

    I wonder if some of the boys have issues with authority or are simply fed up with semi-competent, greedy, wannabe tyrants?

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  3. His remarks were done very well. He appeared genuinely surprised to see the size of the crowd in and around Sanford yesterday.

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    • practicaldawg

      Agreed. He and all the speakers did well. We got into the stadium very early. It was amazing seeing it slowly but surely full nearly to capacity.


  4. uga97

    Using the uga ceremony on our campus to say “I did my job” and to fire a sot at the “expansioners” s pompass, coulda waited till SEC Media Days for that comment.


  5. Salty Dawg

    I thought the comment was out of place. It was a celebration for the Dawgs, not a vehicle for Skanky to get his little jabs in.

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    • DC Weez

      I don’t know. He probably meant two things. It was a jab at expansion but I think he also was crowing about two SEC teams in the National Championship Game.

      BTW, he has been consistent that he wants a four-team playoff but would accept a twelve-team playoff.

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      • He made it clear he was speaking for the conference and the fact that 2 teams were in and played for the title. It’s clear he is the de facto commissioner of college football no matter what the alliance wants everyone to believe.

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    • ZeroPOINTzero

      I think the jabs went over 95% of the fans’ heads and 0% of the other commissioners’. So I’m cool with it.

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  6. 81Dog

    Sankey crushed it, imo, with his tossing his prepared remarks to acknowledge the unprecedented size and enthusiasm of the crowd. And since he’s 100% right about the 4 team playoff, I am all for the quick dig at the OMG WE HAVE TO HAVE 12 TEAMS OR CFB IS DOOMED! crowd. Sadly, I think that was just a (brilliant) negotiating ploy to remind everyone else “you can’t do anything without the SEC” on the way to striking a 12 team deal. Too much money chasing too many outstretched hands, Greg just wants to fire that shot to let everyone know it will be done on the SEC’s terms.

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    • 81, I think the alliance forgets that Mickey isn’t going to pay for anything that their most valuable college sports property, the SEC, doesn’t believe is in its best interest. That’s the reason an 8-team playoff is DOA in my book.

      Sankey has made it clear that his constituents are totally fine with staying at 4 but are willing to go to 12.

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      • 81Dog

        And why wouldn’t they be fine? The SEC winning the arms race money wise and football wise. I’m sure the SEC presidents will reflexively grab for more money at some point, but I’d happily ride the current status quo and all the attendant advantages forever. Disney doesn’t care about CFB, which is just a bridge for ads to them. FTMF. We don’t need more CFP games. Ride the current deal, let the bidding start for the CURRENT system, and don’t get locked into a “long term deal” you’ll hate in a few years. There’s going to be cash aplenty IF YOU DON’T OVER SATURATE THE MARKET. 🙂


  7. Sankey to the rest of CFB: “I got your money! Tastes like honey!”


  8. MGW

    The SEC swings the biggest stick in this negotiation, but it wouldn’t be a whole lot of fun having Texas and Oklahoma in the conference and just a 4 team playoff. Certainly not for Texas and OU.


  9. Faltering Memory

    Face it, whether 4, 8, 12, or more teams, for some conferences, teams, or fans, the playoffs are always f***up beyond all repair.


  10. archiecreek

    That sumbitch got to see Sanford Stadium and DAWGnation is all its glory!!!