Zero-calorie trolling

I got a number of emails and messages about this tweet:

David got dunked on a fair amount yesterday for posting that, so needless to say, if his purpose was to troll Georgia fans, he succeeded.

As for me, there wasn’t any real outrage or offense taken, mainly because there was zero substance to his criticism.  Who are the active coaches he refers to?  How would they have made Georgia better?  For that matter, what exactly does “better” mean in the context of a team that went undefeated in the regular season, set a school record for wins in a season and won thirteen games by a margin of 15 or more points?

Bottom line, Gator fan’s gonna Gator fan.  It’s not worth getting worked up over.


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  1. Other than beating Alabama the first time, what the hell is he talking about?

    Typical Handbag garbage about Kirby not being anything more than a recruiter.

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  2. gastr1

    Yeah…lots of specific strategy details and quotes from coaches needed to support your argument. Otherwise, STFU.

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    • artistformerlyknownasbman

      Not to mention taking a team that full of alphas and getting them to all row in the same direction, not worry about individual stats and do what’s best for the team. That doesn’t happen by accident.

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  3. iusedtopostasmikecooley

    Double secret national champions?

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  4. sundiatagaines

    “…at least a couple of active head coaches who could have taken the same roster and…”

    That’s the part he doesn’t get. How many active head coaches could have created that roster?

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    • siskey

      But even that doesn’t give Kirby any credit. David must be advocating for Day or Riley forgetting that Kirby has actually won a National Title and did so against Saban who has beat both of those guys soundly.
      Kirby will get his respect but it will take another championship or two so it’s likely they won’t come around til 2023 or so.
      Go Dawgs!

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    • Jack Klompus


      Funny how many have decided to align themselves with Alabama having an off year and poo-poo’d on the Dawgs. Chalk it up to the enemy of my enemy, I guess. If I’m being honest, I know many that did the same with Clempsun.

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      • Jack, you’ve hit on something here. The fan bases of the SEC have pretty much called Georgia the underachieving sleeping giant like the Bear did to Florida back in his day. Now that the giant is fully awake, they are scared to death that the Dawgs are going to go on a Saban-like run with a head coach only 6 years into his job. We’ll know if they spreading the rumors that Kirby is going to the NFL in a few years that we are completely in their heads.

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  5. Munsoning

    Wunderlich and co. are toddlers shaking the walls of their cribs because they’ve been alone in the nursery for a couple of seconds. All they want is attention and all I want is to starve them of same.

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  6. Munsoning

    I, too, can play this game. Saban would’ve gone undefeated with Kirby’s roster but Kirby wouldn’t have made it to the playoff with Saban’s roster. Feel free to copy, paste, and tweet, Wunderlich.

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  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    So who, David?

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  8. Don’t you love Monday morning quarterbacks? Or now we have Monday morning coaches and media pundits. If it’s so easy a caveman can do it, then fucking do it…put up the great teams…do the recruiting, the coaching…this Championship team didn’t just miracle its ass into existence…it took Kirby and staff YEARS to build…

    The last time I looked the last 4 team college playoff had 2 Sec teams that destroyed the other 2 teams…guess any other 2 coaches could have done that, right? Well, except they didn’t.

    Guess the media narrative about Georgia and its coaching staff will remain in tact…to the media shrews I say, FTMFs

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  9. uga97

    Reason # 5077 this week to get ourselves a flip phone

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  10. Illini84


    It’s not worth getting worked up over.

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  11. timphd

    Gators can’t give up on the narrative that Kirby isn’t a good coach. It pains them totally to have him win at Natty when they were sure that Mullen was going to win before Kirby did. FTMF’s

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  12. And Wunderlich is one of the saner, more intelligent Gator fans, at least in my experience. If even he’s started sounding like a Georgia Tech fan, Gator Nation is in even bigger trouble than they realize.

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    • D.N. Nation

      Yeah, what’s surprising here is that the statistically minded, which Wunderlich is, are intentionally eschewing the analytics that showed UGA was friggin awesome this season!

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  13. D.N. Nation

    As I noted on another thread, I gave these SB Nation types the benefit of the doubt for years whenever they’d dickishly swipe at UGA, because all’s fair in love and rivalries, and I assumed they’d give the program its props if it ever got elite.

    Alas, no. They are, and always were, Rivals-level fanboys with a thesaurus and an in-group. Not particularly surprising Vox could never make money off of what truly was just haughty trolling.

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  14. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Isn’t this guy who as late as October THIS YEAR was telling everyone that Sideshow Dan the Clown is a better coach than Kirby?

    Yeah… can’t take anyone that stupid any kind of serious.

    Fuck THAT motherfucker!

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  15. Derek

    With Zeus, Cook, Washington, Bowers, Burton, Mitchell and a healthy Pickens at your disposal one could argue that 6 first half points was a tad underwhelming. Until Cook broke off that 67 yarder late in the third we were atrocious on offense. 4 three and outs in 2.5 quarters ain’t great.

    Of course, Herschel had 150 yards yet we had 137 total yards of offense the last time we won one. (Yes, the team had -13 yards of offense and thank you Mrs. Walker.)

    Defense, special teams, turnovers and overcoming adversity is apparently how we do the natty. I think if you went back from 1/10/22 to find the next worst offensive performance by a national title game winner it would be us 41 years ago.

    Stet is a legend. For life Build him a statue. Retire 13. He has huevos unmatched in Georgia football lore. But we’re going to need to get better production from that position once our defense gets decimated by attrition. Whether that comes from an improved Stet, whose 4th quarter performance in the natty and the one vs. UM would more than suffice, or someone else is tbd.

    Whether those 3 and outs and 6 measly first half points were a function of poor coaching I won’t say because I don’t know what hand the coaches were dealt, but I wouldn’t ding an outsider for noticing a substantial talent/production disconnect on offense for most of the national title game. I noticed it upon rewatching it on Wednesday.

    But for an otherworldly effort by that defense, we get run. Of course, any outsider ought to give our coaches a nod for making the Heisman winner uncomfortable for 4 quarters. No one else had done that.

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    • Gaskilldawg

      Our 1942 NC team won the Rose Bowl by scoring 1 touchdown and a safety by blocking an UCLA punt.

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      • Derek

        Pretty dominant performance overall though:

        Team Stats Georgia UCLA
        First Downs 22 4
        Net Yards Rushing 212 88
        Net Yards Passing 167 69
        Total Yards 379 157
        PC–PA–Int. 12–30–2 4–15–4
        Punts Avg. 34 34.6


    • Three quick points in response:

      1. I think David was referencing the entirety of the season, not the first half of the national championship. Georgia was fourth in the country in offensive ypp, so I’m not sure your questioning of the offensive coaching is that definitive.
      2. The best player in the first half — by far — was Will Anderson. Not sure how much poor coaching had to do with that, either.
      3. ‘Bama only scored nine points in the first half and was held to 18 for the game. Should we be asking if another coach could have gotten more production out of two-loss Alabama this season?

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      • iusedtopostasmikecooley

        Yep. Can’t overstate what a problem Will Anderson was. The Aron day time I watched the game I watched mostly him and that dude was a nightmare. Who exactly was was going to just handle him? Ohio State? That’s hilarious.

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      • Derek

        I could see an argument that says: fix the qb position and everyone, including Alabama, looks like Arkansas. We were really loaded. Of course, then the question is whether the qb position is what it is because of coaching. I don’t know. Others around here have suggested they KNOW it was coaching, so why begrudge an outsider for coming to a similar opinion?

        Will Anderson can only be in one place at a time. The giants didn’t win every game, or shut down every offense, LT played despite the fact LT was the best player on the field every moment he stood on it.

        They ran us once and had us on the ropes once in the 4th with a lesser, thinner, more depleted roster. No thinking person thought Alabama had the better players. I think the Alabama coaches did ok.

        We’ve got the monkey off our back now. Get the guy who touches it on every play at the same caliber of the rest of your program and we could “Secretariat at the Belmont” or “Tiger Woods at Pebble in 2000” college football.

        Ever since I watched the 1996 Fiesta Bowl, I’ve wanted Georgia to have one team like that before I wriggle off this mortal coil. It really could have been this one. I thought it might be last winter which is why I had my rooms in Indy booked way back then.

        Wunderlich suggests the difference between really good and great was in the coaching. I don’t know about that but I’ve got a feeling we’ll have some more chances at not only championships, but world dominance.

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  16. Nil Butron is a Pud

    Wunderlich: a test administered to find out how stupid someone is.

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  17. Spell Dawg

    Coach 30 could do better with David’s momma….

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  18. Charles Simpson

    David Grundle-lick


  19. eavdawg

    This “Kirby isn’t an Xs and Os coach” idea is ridiculous to anyone who’s watched his defense. He may have an old school, hit ‘em in the mouth attitude but he’s hardly been stagnant. Remember the defensive I formation he drew up against Paul Johnson? And then there’s what they schemed up this year, which to me (someone who’s never been in the arena but loves the strategic aspect of football) seems to be about as creative of an idea as Saban and Belichek’s pattern match scheme was, and for the same reason: how do you do two different things at the same time. I’m pretty sure the Senator has linked to this before, but check out this PFF article if you want to do a deep dive on this year’s D.

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  20. NotMyCrossToBear

    The point is to win the football games you play. To do that, you need to score more points than your opponent. If you are looking for more than that, I can’t help you. Style points ain’t shit in my book.

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  21. beatarmy92

    The best reply:

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  22. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    please keep feeding us this rat poison turds.

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  23. Russ

    I reminded him that he’ll always have those losing seasons each of his last three coaches left him over the past 13 years.

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    • iusedtopostasmikecooley

      I think what he’s saying is, their moral victory over Alabama is better than Georgia’s actual victory and national championship over them.

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  24. BulldogGemes

    People like this nut job and Danny K just need to be ignored, don’t give them any attention, who cares about the trolls?

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  25. RangerRuss

    My gator pals have been noticeable in their silence. Unlike my Clemson and USCeast friends, no ‘gratulations or snide, chickenshit comments. Beat down and humbled. Kirby and the Dawgs have done something I never thought I’d see. They shut those motherfuckers up.

    The gaytards are like Germany. Just waiting for another chance. Results will be the same. Those shitheads never learn.

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  26. Someone remind me again when’s the last time a former walk-on QB won a Natty?

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  27. akascuba

    The foreseeable future is likely to hold many more disappointing seasons for this gator loving hack. It must be horrible to have your worst football nightmare confirmed. You can type anything you want it won’t change your future. There’s no way out for gator Dave or the many media gator alums covering college football. Kirby is set up with full $ support from his school, Kirby won his first national championship with a former walk on QB ( how’s that Dave for QB whispering ) recruiting as good as it’s been is about to get easier for coach Kirby who loves bringing the best high quality athletes to Athens. Dave you can tell coach Spurrier not to worry anymore about what happens when the great recruits get to Athens they now become national champions. Not to worry Dave cause by coaching standards Kirby Smart is a young man with if he wants there’s decades of fun ahead crushing the soul of anyone willing to put on an gator ugly ass jersey or root against his Dawgs. The glory days of FU football RIP are now history. Good thing your here to cover the glorious years of Georgia football.

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  28. TripleB

    I don’t suppose this asshole really believes this bullshit, but my thoughts in response are as follows:
    1- We won the natty with one of the best defenses ever. What head coach you gonna hire that year in and out gives you top notch defenses.
    2- We won all our games (pretty easily) in spite of massive injuries, especially on offense. We beat good teams with freshmen receivers and a third string quarterback. Don’t that count as “coaching.”
    3- The most important thing a college coach can do in season is get his team to come together and develop leaders. I challenge you to find a coach who can inspire young football players like Smart. Hell, I’m a pretty old man and I felt like attacking somebody after that leaked halftime speech. I’m pretty sure Nakobe Dean and company became a team in no small part because of Smart.
    College football ain’t no place for coaching geniuses, it’s about Jimmies and Joes and attitude. I’ll take Smart in regard to both!


  29. dawgsaregods

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Nick Saban is the only active Power 5 head coach who owns a win against Kirby Smart.

    Who, pray tell, are these coaches who are so obviously superior to Kirby, Mr. Wunderlich?


    • That is exactly right. The only other active head coaches currently in D1 who have a win over Kirby are Freeze, Butch Jones, Malzahn and Jim McElwain. 3 of those 4 got their wins in Kirby’s 1st year. Malzahn got his in year 2.


  30. jakegocke

    Recruiting is part of the job called “head coach”. Why else did it take Saban three years to get Bama going after he arrived? Nobody argues that he’s likely the best to ever coach in college… and yet it took him multiple years to get the talent to succeed.
    I’d rather the narrative be that our head coach is an elite recruiter than the narrative that we found lightening in a bottle with a generational player or two. The narrative about Kirby means his success will continue. The latter means it was fluky and lucky. Hard to argue we got lucky with the defense we had. Let the good times roll (no pun intended).


  31. RC

    Speak for yourself. I could’ve coached this team to 15, 16 wins, easy. #FTMF