A touchdown, any way you look at it

This ground level view of the Mitchell touchdown catch is downright thrilling.

That’s when I went from hoping they could win to believing they could.  What a play.


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  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Coach 30 was all over Davis about this play the very next day in their film session.

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  2. moe pritchett

    MItchell is only gonna get better. That entire WR corps is gonna get better.

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  3. charlottedawg

    Am I the only Georgia fan with PTSD that when i saw a flag for the Mitchell and Bowers TDs, each time immediately thought “crap, penalty against Georgia, that TD isn’t going to count”? Asking for myself.

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    • originaluglydawg

      I thought for sure they would at least have duel penalties on the play and just replay the down. That happens too often. And the later penalty on the Bowers TD was scary. My wife actually called it and told me not to worry that it was a PF on Bama. We’re just so accustomed to getting hosed that we can’t help it, I guess.

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    • moe pritchett

      I celebrated heartily and then I saw the flag pop up and thought….it was a “hero to zero to hero” 6 seconds.


    • miltondawg

      I was worried on the Mitchell TD. I figured the Bowers TD was on Bama after the way Stetson’s head snapped back after he got rid of the ball.


    • akascuba

      The years of the “excessive success Georgia” penalties has left many of us always fearing the worst when the rammer jammer yellow hammer of officiating falls.

      No Mass Georgia is the King of College Football now.

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    • bulldogbry

      I don’t have the actual stats, but I’m pretty sure AD was drawing a penalty flag per game all year (otherwise he’d have about 15 more receptions), so naturally I just assumed it would be on the DB.


      • gastr1

        All these people who are like “but Bama didn’t have x, y, z, whatever”, I’m like, BITCH, we were owed 41 YEARS of good fortune, ok?!?!? So haters can F right off. Ain’t taking our natty!!!

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        • 93dawg

          I guess all those Bama fans don’t remember that we lost our leading receiver Javon Wims in the 2018 National Championship game in the 2nd quarter. Made a big difference to UGA in the 2nd half and yet I don’t remember hearing anything about that from Bama fans when Bama won that game.

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          • Will Adams

            Right? Not to mention we were playing with 2 freshman WRs. Pickens, Burton, Rosemy-Jacksaint, and Blaylock were all working their way back from serious leg injuries. So we had to rely on two 3 star freshman WRs for most of the year. Obviously both Ladd and AD were underrated recruits. And having Bowers play at an insane level helped the situation. Those 4 WRs are all NFL talents but, that had the bad luck of being injured. If they weren’t injured they’d be even better than they were before due to growth and seasoning/reps. Ladd and AD probably don’t see the field much without those injuries. But they did and took advantage of it and turned into big time play makers for the Dawgs. Bama fan needs to realize that injuries are part of the game. I hated seeing Williams hurt in the NC game and Metchie in the SEC CG. I never want to see any player get hurt. But because injuries are part of the game, you’re only as good as the next man up at those positions. So I’m sorry Bama fan, your team wasn’t as good as the Dawgs this time.


        • iusedtopostasmikecooley

          Man the best I’ve heard about the Bama excuses came from Top Billin. If you like watching film breakdowns on YouTube, and I do, him and Film Don’t Lie are both really good. Anyway, at the end of one of his videos that he’s done about the NC he said, “For y’all Alabama fans making excuses about hurt players, just stop! You don’t get to talk shit before the game and then make excuses after the game. Give Georgia the credit. Y’all talk about your recruiting all the time so it should have been next man up. And don’t say nothin about John Metchie. Y’all knew you weren’t gone have John Metchie. Saying you would have won if you had John Metchie is like saying you would have won if you had Trent Richardson.”😆😆

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    • PTC DAWG

      Not me..


  4. originaluglydawg

    That was a great block in the backfield by Cook to give Stetson the opportunity to throw it. Stet’s got balls and the difference in the game (ironically when you consider how it started) was his calmness and determination under pressure compared to Youngs. But what a great catch by Mitchell!!! and a 55 yard thrown pass with air under it by SB!

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    • Russ

      Yeah, he’s thrown several like that this season yet all we’ve heard is about his “weak arm”. Some genius on The Athletic was even talking about how grossly underthrown this ball was. LOL.

      Beautiful throw by Stetson and even better catch by Mitchell. The DB had him covered and contested the catch, but Mitchell high pointed it (over the guy’s helmet) and then wrestled the ball away from him. Just an outstanding effort from a true freshman in probably the biggest moment of his football career.

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  5. Phenomenal pass and catch, with no room to spare to stay in bounds. Tight coverage, SB was under pressure… I agree that it was the moment we showed we weren’t going to fade away or continue to play from behind. There was so much confidence in that offensive series, and I think it started at the outset of the second half when the running game was having so much success. The shakiness of the early possessions was gone.

    Watching that ground-level replay from behind the back line, when I saw Mitchell’s reaction and gesturing to the crowd my thoughts returned to AJ Green catching what should have been the game-winner against LSU. AJ did WAY less than what routinely happens these days.

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  6. David K

    I somehow missed that Bama had jumped offsides and all I saw was the flag graphic in the corner of the tv screen. I knew it was holding or something calling it back so I shrugged it off the instant it happened. Man was I glad to be wrong although I missed the chance to celebrate in the moment.


  7. Castleberry

    Somewhere out there the official who flagged AJ Green for excessive celebration against LSU is mailing a strongly worded letter.

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  8. akascuba

    From here we go again to Yes we can in seconds.

    Bennett probably has not been given enough credit for standing in there knowing a big hit was coming during the last two games. That he’s a tough guy is another reason his teammates love him.

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  9. barneydawg

    That 2nd and 18 sure beats the 2nd and 26 from 2017. Sure glad we don’t have to hear that crap anymore, 4 years was enough.

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  10. munsonlarryfkajim

    “That’s when I went from hoping they could win to believing they WOULD”
    Fixed it for you

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  11. classiccitycanine

    But Alabama fans told me you can’t possibly rely on freshman receivers to make big plays.

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  12. Remember the Quincy

    A 3-star WR, no less.

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  13. PTC DAWG

    No way Stetson can make that throw.

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  14. artistformerlyknownasbman

    The ground view is great. But man, that back judge sure did stare a hole through Adonai Mitchell for an extended period to make sure he wasn’t “celebrating while Georgia.” It’s probably the same ref that thought it was totally cool for Bama’s TE to spike the ball on their only touchdown.

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  15. Greg Epps

    Mitchell’s got some Dawg in him. Dude is tough as nails and has nice hands. The throw was so damn good, but the catch was just masterful. That drive was the point when I felt that if we could get a stop on the next series we were gonna win. The offense looked so damn confident and Bama looked gassed and a bit uncertain. BTW….checked today….still National Champs!

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  16. J R

    seeing that ground view, timing, amount of hang time, and placement of the ball really show the level of difficulty on these throws QBs have to make which the most fans disparage and say “they suck”

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  17. sundiatagaines

    If the ref weren’t right there on the spot to intervene, methinks Mitchell gets a taunting penalty.


  18. AD made 2 enormous plays in the playoff games. Keep it up, young man.


  19. Senator…it’s been 41 years and the first in GTP’s existence. I hope you put up that NC logo or something on the site as a daily reminder. We all want to cherish this for a long time.

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  20. Clayton Joiner

    Amen! Hell of a catch


  21. iusedtopostasmikecooley

    2nd and 18 totally cleansed Bulldawg Nation of the haints still around from that stupid Tua pass.

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  22. CB

    How pissed would y’all be if somebody pointed out that the ball was slightly underthrown and that Mitchell deserves more credit on this play than anyone aside from perhaps James Cook who made the block on Anderson that allowed Bennett time to throw? Again, hypothetically, IF somebody were to say that.