Today in the annals of derpitude

Tell us you’re not a college football fan without saying you’re not a college football fan.

Imagine being a Southern male, publicly offering that as a devastating insult.  I’m not a ‘Bama fan and I’m still insulted by the stupidity.  What a dope.

[Ed. note:  This is not — repeat NOT — a political post about voting rights and shouldn’t be interpreted or responded to as if it were.  Anyone who assumes otherwise does so at their own posting risk.]


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50 responses to “Today in the annals of derpitude

  1. akascuba

    😂😂😂. Sorry the editors note was very funny and of course required. I love this place. I greatly admire your patience.


  2. Josh Hancher


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  3. Dawg93

    Ohhhh, so I thought it was because they were down their 2 best WRs . . . . silly Bama fans . . . .

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  4. Manchin should hold out voting yes until Nick agrees to coach the Mountaineers.

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  5. ugafidelis

    Maybe he was being sarcastic.


  6. pansythedawg

    Shut up and dribble, Saban!

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  7. sundiatagaines

    It’s like telling Joey Chestnut to focus more on hot dogs.

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  8. classiccitycanine

    He’s from Clemson country so I’m guessing he won’t face a penalty at the ballot box for any criticism of Saban.


  9. ASEF

    I suspect Saban (and Kirby) could do Norman’s job better in their spare time.

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  10. godawgs1701

    It would be very easy for Nick Saban to stay quiet on potentially divisive issues, and yet he has not hesitated to take a stand when he feels something is important and I have to say I respect it. I hate the institution he works for and I’m not always his biggest fan, but I have to say I’ve developed a lot of respect for him over the years and the fact that he is willing to stand when it would be considerably more comfortable to remain seated certainly is one reason why.

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  11. Oh boy. Unleash the hounds….

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  12. Ozam

    The cynic in me knows that Saban doesn’t do anything publicly that doesn’t help his football program. Just saying.

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  13. 69Dawg

    3,2,1 Boom!


  14. I said on twitter earlier today that no congressman is ever going to be as loved in their states as Nick Saban is in his. Particularly with Congress’ approval ratings being what they are.

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  15. RangerRuss

    Chuck said, “If you got nothing to add to the conversation then shut the fuck up, Russ.”

    Piss on the Gumps.

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  16. Butler Reynolds

    I’d bet that almost everyone who has an opinion about that legislation, for or against, has no clue what’s actually in it — including Nick Saban.


  17. The Representative is engaging his base and Saban is engaging recruits…no one has any idea about either one’s actual beliefs; I would broadly expect that Saban is more effective given his track record.

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  18. PTC DAWG

    I’m at a loss here…I have no idea what is being talked about..


  19. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Had to look derpitude up: Urban Dictionary definition (not a real word – yet) made me realize it is apropos for this situation. Thanks for educating me, Senator.

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  20. Faltering Memory

    This is Saban’s announcement he will not be running for Senate. Meant to be funny, not political.

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  21. whybotherdude

    Saban has spare time now that Kirby is doing all the Trophy tours so he has to do something to pass it, next Saban is going to weigh in on Jiffy vs. Nutella.

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  22. siskey

    Saban United


  23. gurkhadawg

    Senator, you’re insulted when a politician says something stupid? Wow, I think you need to stay off the internet.


  24. Tommy Perkins

    White fragility is a hell of a drug. The last time Saban needed to say anything that could remotely be construed as pandering to recruits was before any current recruit was born. Dude has enough rings that he could advocate for an LGBTQ+-run communist dictatorship and the state of Alabama — or Tuscaloosa at least — would turn into one overnight.

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  25. gurkhadawg

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  26. row105

    Wait ….I didn’t think Saban had time for this shit….I guess he does now that he is a loser. Kirby for AFLAC spokesman.