Well, at least he didn’t burn a couch.

Cherry on the celebration sundae here:

A Georgia football player might have done too much celebrating after the team returned from Indianapolis from winning the national title last week.

Long snapper William Mote was arrested and faces a charge of criminal damage to property in the early morning of Jan. 12 after police allege he destroyed a single pane window of an Athens downtown law office.

Mote told Athens-Clarke County police he was intoxicated after drinking at the Silver Dollar Bar, went to see a friend and mistakenly went to the law office, according to a police incident report.

I don’t know how a friend’s place and a law office can get mixed up — William must have been one drunk dude at the time — but at least he wasn’t riding a scooter.

Vince Dooley warned us about those long snappahs.


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22 responses to “Well, at least he didn’t burn a couch.

  1. Well, not to split hairs but there was a PSA type announcement that there would be some property tore up…what a pane

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  2. akascuba

    That it was the long snappah arrested puts the cherry on top of this story.

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  3. godawgs1701

    The wall at the practice fields needs a fresh coat, which is all that should ever happen to this kid, other than giving him the key to the city on his way out of court.

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  4. Why does it matter if it was his friend’s place or a law office? My friends don’t come over to my place and smash windows


  5. 69Dawg

    Go Fund me page for the only kid that did what Kirby told him to do. Lawyer better drop charges or change his location in the the state. Mark it down as NIL and forget it.

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  6. vectordawg

    He should just pay for the repairs and the law firm shouldn’t press charges. College kids do stupid things sometimes. A broken window is excusable after winning a NC.

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  7. uga97

    Last words he heard from his coach was an order….”theres gonna be some property damage…”. +plus his job is to snap stuff. Mission accomplished.

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  8. Texas Dawg

    Given all the snarky comments on here about the other teams long snappah from all of us, I find this rather ironic.


  9. Bunch of Georgia Alumni in that office.. one was even a recipient of a scholarship from the Beer Association, so you’d think he’d be particularly sympathetic.

    Also, it says the cops decided to charge the kid with breaking the window, even though he claims he didn’t know it was broken (he was seen kicking a door, apparently). As having been a one-time recipient of Dawg-related leniency on the part of Police, I wouldn’t be surprised to see this charge deflate under the lack of evidence.

    Kid’s another Walk-On starter with a Natty. Let it go.

    How Bout Them Natty Dawgs

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  10. Nil Butron is a Pud

    Greg McGarity has suspended the entire special teams squad and contacted the NCAA to ask where we can return the championship trophy.

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