Tate, we hardly knew ye.

A legendary college football career comes to a close.

UNLV quarterback and former five-star recruit Tate Martell has retired from football, a program spokesperson confirmed to the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s Andy Yamashita. Franchise Sports Media’s Joe Arrigo was the first to report the news.

Martell was originally committed to Ohio State and spent the 2017 and 2018 seasons there, redshirting his freshman year. He transferred to Miami, but completed only one pass in his two seasons with the Hurricanes. He only appeared in two games in 2020 and didn’t register a pass after D’Eriq King won the starting job.

The Athletic reported that he would once again enter the transfer portal in January 2021. He then joined UNLV, but he only completed two of his six pass attempts this past season.

Martell, who was the nation’s No. 2 dual-threat quarterback according to 247Sports before he signed to Ohio State in 2017, is going to focus on his business ventures, per Franchise Sports Media.

From this pointed advice to Justin Fields…

Bo Tilly 🇰🇷✌🏽 on Twitter: "Tate Martell: “don't swing and miss....especially not your second time...” Justin Fields hearing Tate Martell is gonna be QB3 at Miami. 😂 https://t.co/dvk1m5jMfl" / Twitter

… to focusing on business ventures is quite the journey.  Hard to believe he didn’t want to try to take advantage of the extra COVID year somewhere.  Well… maybe not so hard.



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23 responses to “Tate, we hardly knew ye.

  1. You got me with the headline … I thought Tate Ratledge was heading to the portal.

    You scamp, you.

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  2. Hey, 26-of-35 for 303 yards, a TD, and no picks is a pretty decent stat line. Just not over five seasons.

    Who will be the next to take up Tate’s mantle? My money’s on Quinn Ewers.

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  3. munsonlarryfkajim

    I’m not a social media guy but apparently Justin fields had a snarky post recently about his golf game and said “but at least I didn’t swing and miss” or something along those lines

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  4. gotthepicture

    For all the shit that Kirby has taken over Fields, Ohio St missed on Tate & Burrows.

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  5. nightnthebox

    Lol. That kid. QB1, so pretty.

    He’ll kick some ass on a company flag football team.

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  6. Derek

    Motivational speaking perhaps?

    “I live in a van down by the river!”

    Tate Martell

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  7. row105

    Tate is forming a partnership with Jamie Newman. Don’t listen to me or my Advisors, LLC ; dba George Costanza Consulting

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  8. theorginaldawgabides

    Coincidentally, former Tennessee QB Harrison Bailey has transferred to UNLV.


  9. Harold Miller

    Has there ever been a more high profile 5 star bust than Martell? I really can’t think of one. Plus at least early on the kid was a total douche.

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  10. Spell Dawg

    Later Tater…


  11. Biggen

    You know, I thought that tweet just happened. As in, he matured and realized he screwed up and was giving advice to those thinking about transferring around endlessly like he did. Then I checked the date. Nope! That was his original tweet he sent out when the Fields transfer to Ohio St. was announced.

    This is what happens when you transfer around endlessly. He never could get established anywhere once he left Ohio St since he couldn’t stick with any program.


    • miltondawg

      Actually, this is what happens when you aren’t actually very good at playing quarterback. That is pretty obvious when you continue to downgrade schools and still don’t see the field.

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  12. Calder Willingham

    From elsewhere on the innerwebs I got this gem:

    Tate just entered the transfer portal again…into real life.