You weren’t serious about that?

Dennis Dodd reports that the Big 12, in expanding to fourteen teams until Oklahoma and Texas officially split, will be going back to a two-division format, with those two schools placed in separate divisions, presumably so that when they ultimately depart, there won’t be much of a disruption.

Then, again…

One working group member joked that Texas and Oklahoma should be placed in the same division to ensure that at least one of the programs wouldn’t play for the football championship. The two superpowers ripped apart the Big 12 and the FBS with their July decision to leave to the SEC.

He keeds, he keeds.  I think.



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14 responses to “You weren’t serious about that?

  1. Ran A

    Wow, this issue a butt-hurt group. But you gotta love the fact that it is the ACC commissioner putting his foot down over expanding the play-offs. SEC has played villain through this entire thing, while Sankey has said from day one that a 12 man expansion works, as long as deck isn’t stacked against his conference (which is what they wanted to do with wan 8 team play-off)


  2. That working group member can rest easy knowing that Texas won’t be playing for any championships for a while, at least.

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    • The Truth

      Oklahoma, too, if Venables proves to be one of those guys who should’ve stayed a coordinator.


      • ben

        Yeah, I imagine that move to the SEC assumed Sark could get it done and that Riley would be hanging around.

        You don’t want to come to the SEC right now as a program in transition, and both of those look to be in rough shape.

        How funny if those historic programs end up like Va Tech and Miami have in the ACC?

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  3. Robert (Jeff)rey Wolford

    “Amateur College Athletics” is now exposed as the fraud it portrayed itself for so many (too many?) years. It will take a strong organization with a collective bargaining agreement written into every player’s LOI (read a 4-year contract with one-time unconditional transfer right) that grants it subpoena powers, and a waiver to rights by the member schools that want to participate and make lots of $$$, while also being subject to penalties that deprive them of property ($$$) without due process of law.


  4. artistformerlyknownasbman

    The Big 12 leftovers are trying to tell Texas and Oklahoma to get an apartment and move out of the house while the divorce is in process. Got to love it.


  5. uga97

    Texas & Oklahoma to Bowlsby: “Do Not Disturb sign on. We just lost to Oklahoma State & Baylor, we are checked out & are on vacation, we could G A.S. wake us up once the SEC checks arrive..”

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  6. 81Dog

    Is it too late for the SEC to call off the wedding with OU and Texas? The SEC is doing fine without them. Texas has ruined every conference it’s been in. Why throw them a lifeline? Money? That worked out great for the Big 12. It’s like marrying a stripper. Sure, they’re exciting, in small doses, but every day? The crazy comes out fast. Play them once in while non-conference, or a bowl? Perfect. But you don’t bring them home to meet your mama.

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