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The year that was

Probably shouldn’t be a surprise, but it turns out that a year when you go 14-1 and win a national championship probably means more than a few school single season records get set.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out how a JUCO quarterback at his best way out of his league is even allowed to have his name in the Georgia record books.  Isn’t there a rule against that, or something?



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Looking ahead

With a natty under their belt, are we now at the point where we can say Georgia reloads, rather than rebuilds?  David Ubben ($$) reminds us there’s still plenty in the cupboard, even with all the departures.

The program’s engine is just now revving at full speed, and the Bulldogs look very well prepared to reload. Sack leader Robert Beal is back. Linebacker Nolan Smith, cornerback Kelee Ringo and safety Christopher Smith are all back, too. Linebackers Jamon Dumas-Johnson, Xavian Sorey and Smael Mondon are all big-time recruits ready for bigger roles, and Tykee Smith will be back from injury.

And that’s just the defense.

By the way, you’d heard it here first:  Dumas-Johnson is going to be a monster.


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Just like Auburn planned it

Gee, how are things on the Plains going lately?  Swimmingly, it seems.

Auburn football coach Bryan Harsin is set to promote assistant head coach/linebackers coach Jeff Schmedding to defensive coordinator with Derek Mason planning to leave for other coaching opportunities, sources confirmed to ESPN.

Jeez, Mason doesn’t even have a job offer in hand, he’s just planning on leaving?  A guy who was willing to coach at Vanderbilt for years, but finds that one year at Auburn turns out to be a bridge too far?  Quite the endorsement of Harsin’s leadership skills.

Speaking of which, this seems promising.

On defense, Harsin is bringing in former Auburn All-SEC defensive lineman Jimmy Brumbaugh to coach the Tigers’ defensive line. Brumbaugh was a defensive analyst at Oregon last season, and before that was at Tennessee under Jeremy Pruitt before being fired midway through the 2020 season.

Nothing says quality coaching like hiring a dude whom Jeremy Pruitt scapegoated for subpar defensive play.  2022 is shaping up as a memorable year for that multi-million dollar buyout.


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My favorite play of the CFP

No, it wasn’t iconic.  And, yes, there were moments of greater drama.  Heck, it wasn’t even in the national championship game.

But, for my money, this play exhibited what Georgia football at its peak was all about this season.

Look at it from Michigan’s standpoint.  The game is early, but it’s close to being at the getting out of hand stage.  UM needs to put together some sort of drive there.  They’re already in a big third down hole.  But they call a good play to get the hands into maybe their fastest offensive skill player.  And the play is even set up well — the pass hits the back in stride; downfield, each receiver has engaged their defender one-on-one with blocking.  The play should result in a decent gain.

But it di’int.  In fact it loses yardage.  Because, Nakobe Dean.

The message was sent.  Georgia knew everything Michigan was going to pull and had the better players to take advantage.  The end result was as soul crushing a moment as I saw in the playoffs.  Or, as Kirby might put it, will imposing.

It was 2021 Georgia football at its best.


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