Just like Auburn planned it

Gee, how are things on the Plains going lately?  Swimmingly, it seems.

Auburn football coach Bryan Harsin is set to promote assistant head coach/linebackers coach Jeff Schmedding to defensive coordinator with Derek Mason planning to leave for other coaching opportunities, sources confirmed to ESPN.

Jeez, Mason doesn’t even have a job offer in hand, he’s just planning on leaving?  A guy who was willing to coach at Vanderbilt for years, but finds that one year at Auburn turns out to be a bridge too far?  Quite the endorsement of Harsin’s leadership skills.

Speaking of which, this seems promising.

On defense, Harsin is bringing in former Auburn All-SEC defensive lineman Jimmy Brumbaugh to coach the Tigers’ defensive line. Brumbaugh was a defensive analyst at Oregon last season, and before that was at Tennessee under Jeremy Pruitt before being fired midway through the 2020 season.

Nothing says quality coaching like hiring a dude whom Jeremy Pruitt scapegoated for subpar defensive play.  2022 is shaping up as a memorable year for that multi-million dollar buyout.



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32 responses to “Just like Auburn planned it

  1. Remember the Quincy

    Meh, Auburn is a basketball school. Do they even care about football anymore?

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    • sundiatagaines

      This transition is legit happening to the Auburn folks I know. Like, not tongue in cheek. They’re embracing it and talking basketball trash.

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      • Harold Miller

        It’s a bit like 1984. Auburn is and always has been a basketball school. Football doesn’t exist and never did. Praise Big Brother Pearl.


  2. As Mark Richt ended the Tennessee reign and especially Phat Phil’s career by shutting off the Atlanta recruiting pipeline, Kirby has done the same to Auburn by pretty much locking down the state’s best line prospects. Outside of Bo Nix, does any football player dream of going to Auburn over Alabama and Georgia?

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    • bmacdawg87

      The only difference being… that Auburn hasn’t ever reigned over anything outside of one fluke year lead by a bunch of criminals and a QB that was bought and paid for. Man what a time to be alive. The Dawgs just pulled in their first Natty of my lifetime, meanwhile ALL of our traditional rivals are wallowing in their own shit.

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  3. Ran A

    Harsin’s did two things that I thought were good moves when he came in. He hired Mason and he hired BoBo. Thought that defense played about as well as it could, more than matching the talent level. And thought Nix showed dramatic improvement under BoBo (and of course Nix is off to Oregon now).

    They have 7 (count them) 7 DL players in the portal. The Auburn faithful are calling this “changing the culture”, and the one’s who are expressing concern are getting shouting down quickly.

    This program is beginning to feel a lot like Tennessee did about 10 years ago. Folks on the Plains better watch out, they really may have to depend on Basketball for any joy coming out of that program for. while. Well… They do have a strong Equestrian program.

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    • Changing the culture at Aubruun is like changing a poopy diaper with another used one.

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      • Down Island Way

        Coach mason turned over a dried cow patty and found there to be a profound difference from vandy to the prettiest little cesspool, the clock be ticking on the barner hc, he gonna’ run out of peeps to throw under the “let’s make a change bus” before the check writers come for his ass…those memories of that blue turf in potato land are fading fast…#AUBURN SUCKS!


  4. Russ

    Harsin is putting in all his Boise buddies. That should work out well with the good ol’ boys at Auburn.

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  5. practicaldawg

    What baffles me is that for a school that has been so good at paying players out of boosters’ pockets, Auburn has really whiffed on NIL

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    • archiecreek

      Well now,
      Mr. practicldawg,
      Prior to NIL, pay’n players was cheat’n…
      that’s what the east alabama reform school for wayward chill’ren at auburn was good at,
      now that pay’n players is legal…
      playing by the rules has been sumfin’ the east alabama reform school ain’t been good at!

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  6. Is Harsin already tired of the loveliest village on the plains and is actually intentionally sabotaging the program so he can get out with the money and run?

    It is Auburn. It’s possible.


  7. MudCat's Mechanic

    I like driving in my truck….

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  8. ZeroPOINTzero

    Bruh, Auburn’s a basketball school.


  9. barneydawg

    Rumors say Harsin was really wanting the job Dan Lanning got at Oregon. Also sniffed around Wazzu. Next we will hear that he is living in a van behind Jerden-Hare that has a sign on the back saying “Pac 12 or bust”.

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  10. MagnusDawgus

    Harsin coaches with all the energy and emotion of a CPA wrapping up an audit. I predict he is gone before the end of next season, as even more players line up in droves to enter the transfer portal. I cannot believe Bigsby is staying to participate in next season’s shit show. Can Demetris Robinson transfer to his 4th team?

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  11. 86bone

    Best thing they ever had was the War Eagle Supper Club…

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  12. theorginaldawgabides

    He’s purging coaches and players based on their thetan levels.

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  13. siskey

    Auburn has never had to deal with a dominant Bama and Georgia. It will be really I retesting to see who they lure there in 2023.
    Do y’all think they’ll ever be smart enough to hire Dell or will they need a bigger name?


  14. Being from Columbus, I’ve got a whole bunch of Auburn diehards in my circle of friends, including a few who’ve sunk quite a bit of money into the athletics department. And even some of the big-money bros have already soured on both Harsin and the AD who hired him. The question is whether they’ll pony up for two more big buyouts so soon after paying Malzahn $20 million to GTFO.


  15. 123 Fake St

    Christian Robinson is going to coach the linebackers.