Looking ahead

With a natty under their belt, are we now at the point where we can say Georgia reloads, rather than rebuilds?  David Ubben ($$) reminds us there’s still plenty in the cupboard, even with all the departures.

The program’s engine is just now revving at full speed, and the Bulldogs look very well prepared to reload. Sack leader Robert Beal is back. Linebacker Nolan Smith, cornerback Kelee Ringo and safety Christopher Smith are all back, too. Linebackers Jamon Dumas-Johnson, Xavian Sorey and Smael Mondon are all big-time recruits ready for bigger roles, and Tykee Smith will be back from injury.

And that’s just the defense.

By the way, you’d heard it here first:  Dumas-Johnson is going to be a monster.



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  1. prosticutor

    Oh yeah. Dumas-Johnson was already playing with that contained fire and anger off the bench. Can’t wait to see more of him.

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  2. MudCat's Mechanic

    I’m not in the least worried about the defense with the sheer quantity of elite talent Kirby has been stockpiling. Really looking forward to G-Day to see it on display even if it’s just a scrimmage.

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  3. mg4life0331

    Correct. The defense. Im a little more worried about the other side of the ball.

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    I been telling anyone who would listen, Kirby is on it.

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  5. Ran A

    Incoming Freshmen Class has some serious talent on the defensive side coming in, including Stark, Williams and Alexander that will likely see playing time first year. Wiiliams and Alexander are D-Line. Alexander dominated the All-Star practices and games and Bear just eats people up. Stark belongs in the secondary, but he can play anywhere on either side of the ball. Just an absolute stud.

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  6. waltergeiger

    chaz chambliss looks like the real deal, too!

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  7. theotherdoug

    Saban reloads because his teams improve throughout the season. A lot of inexperience in week one, but the guys are ready for the playoffs.


  8. classiccitycanine

    JDJ is going to be the next great LB for LBU!

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  9. On the JDJ train coming out of HS. I don’t know who trained him but his technique was incredible for a HS player. He may not have sideline to sideline speed of Nakobe, regardless expect him to continue you the Mike tradition and flourish.

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  10. Darin Cochran

    I don’t think our doubters have any idea just how much depth KS has stockpiled at LB. It really is incredible; Marshall, Sorey, Rian Davis, Chambliss, Mondon, and Sherman were all ranked in the top 5 ILB or OLB in the country. Sorey, was actually ranked #1 by some services. The lowest ranked is Dumas-Johnson (#10) but he’s getting talked about more than the others at this point! lol
    Mondon is from my home town, Dallas, Georgia and I’m telling ya, he’s the real deal. You heard it here first, he’ll be starting against Oregon SOMEWHERE in the front seven.

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  11. Derek

    Hard to see how this team isn’t in Atlanta playing for a conference championship and a playoff slot next December.

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    • PTC DAWG

      Book it

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      • Russ

        And I’d love nothing more than to put another whipping on Bama in Atlanta.

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        • RangerRuss

          Don’t you just know it, mybruthafromanothermutha!

          It’s real early in the AM and I’m sore and a bit grumpy, drinking strong coffee but mostly clear minded (It takes a clear mind to take it. Cafeeeeeeeine, running all ’round my brain). I can’t help but think that if there had been ramifications and repercussions of the most physical type against those malicious refs who screwed the Dawgs way back when Jasper Sanks TD was called a fumble and then when Penn Wagers called that chickenshit UC on AJ Green at the end of the LSU game? Maybe the boys from Birmingham would be be less likely to make up phantom PI calls when the Dawgs are handing Bama their ass. Or possibly throw a flag when the Tide O line is mugging the Dawgs D, taking their credit cards and large bills and then putting the wallets back in their pockets.
          I’m not talking about sanctioning these assholes. Hell, that’s some Gump level shit that I’d never advocate for the sake a game. Simply inflict some physical pain commiserate with the mental anguish they’ve caused the good folks of Dawg Nation through the years. I recommend a good ol downhome thumping from the shoulders to the buttocks with a knotty pine 2×4 that’s been soaking in used motor oil for 41 years. The kind of board that will bend but won’t splinter or break.
          When the recalcitrant refs are then amenably bleeding out the nose from the ass beating they just absorbed, tell ’em who did it to ’em and why.
          “No more shenanigans or Bama privilege! Got it? My name is UGAFidelis and I approve this tune-up. Go Dawgs!” Mic drop the 2×4, let out a long suppressed Rebel yell, followed by a piercing MARINE CORPS! OORAH! and smartly beat feet it out the AO (Said Leatherneck’s cell phone will provide an alibi even if his lady rolls over on him to the po-po to DX his ass). Just as word rapidly spread from the suspended corrupt crew in the Sanks incident to the rest of the zebra community, resulting in excessive and unfair treatment, they’ll receive the message lickn’ chicken. Give ’em something to reflect upon come December 3 at the Benz.
          I’m not seeking special dispensation. Just a fairly called game. A little violence goes a long way.
          Georgia Bulldogs 2021 National Champions.
          We run this nation!


    • jdawg108

      Nah. We need a gamechange coordinator to make that happen.

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  12. jim1886

    Agree, the future is so bright, I will have to wear shades.
    Saw that we are at about 90 on the scholarship number now that does not include the upcoming recruits to be signed on Feb 2.
    This means we will see more roster turnover.
    Stay calm, Trust In Kirby

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  13. Russ

    IMO Nolan Smith coming back hasn’t gotten nearly enough hype. Dude is a seriously good player and will be a monster next season. Also one of my favorite team leaders, which is just as important as his play.

    But we need to keep up the chatter that Georgia is “losing everybody”. Can’t wait to see the headlines when we destroy Oregon to open the season.

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    • poetdawg

      Our destruction of arky and the cats looks the same as our 10-3 over climpson in the win column. I’ll take 10-3 over the ducks (entirely possible with their new coach) if it means a W.

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  14. I have a hard time worrying about what next year holds. I’m not over 2021 yet.

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  15. practicaldawg

    The “But THEY’Re lOsiNG thE wHOlE DeFEnSE tO the nFL” narrative is aging about as well as a cup of milk on a south GA sidewalk in August.

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  16. uga97

    Zion Logue, William Poole, on and on… softer schedule this year we are in great shape.


  17. moe pritchett

    Y’all a plain to me how this offense can’t help but be good.
    OL has coming back:

    Who all started at some point IIRC.
    Blaske played a fair amount, as a couple of other guys. And there is some other OL that have massive potential—high hopes for Fairchild.

    We’re loaded at the skill position. RB room is deep w a nice addition in Robinson. WR looks a good to me; AD, Ladd, Smith…. . TE is another world. All have experience. AND the ads an experienced savvy QB with envious depth there.
    What’s not to like about the offense?
    Really. Am I wearing red and black glasses?
    Ithink the offense may be off the charts this year.

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  18. Tony BarnFart

    I’ll just be in the back room having a cigarette by myself.

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  19. The Truth

    My main question: Who is going to be the Nakobe Dean alpha male that keeps everyone in the right mindset, game in and game out? Is Nolan too nice to be that guy?

    Speaking of Nolan…him, Beal, Carter, Ringo, C. Smith, hell, walk-on Danny Jackson for that matter…put them with those new stud LBs and nobody’s gonna be looking forward to playing us.

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  20. stoopnagle

    Honestly, it’s tough to predict a regular season loss at the moment.

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    • RangerRuss

      Agreed Stoop. With the level of talent, depth, experience at most positions along with an excellent coaching staff it’s difficult to predict a regular season loss. Outside of an anomalous upset? The Dawgs are headed to the SECCG 12-0.
      Now, where at the farm do I have that 2×4 that’s been soaking since 1981…