The year that was

Probably shouldn’t be a surprise, but it turns out that a year when you go 14-1 and win a national championship probably means more than a few school single season records get set.

For the life of me, I can’t figure out how a JUCO quarterback at his best way out of his league is even allowed to have his name in the Georgia record books.  Isn’t there a rule against that, or something?



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  1. When you set team records for points scored and points allowed in the same season, I think that’s probably pretty good.

    If Kirby can keep Monken in Athens for the foreseeable future, in Kirby’s words, “we aren’t going anywhere.”

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  2. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    I still can’t believe Podlesny missed out first extra point in what, 7 years or something?

    That was a national record (most extra points attempted at a school without a miss) I figured we’d keep going for awhile.

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  3. gastr1

    Scoring the first and last TDs of the season via pick-6s has to also be some sort of (weird) record. 🙂

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  4. RangerRuss

    SBIV setting the passing efficiency rating kinda jumped out at me.

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  5. RangerRuss

    Snow still on the ground. Let’s go kill some rabbits and squirrels for supper, boy n girls.

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    • owensborodawg

      Good memories of those days with my dad and grandfather…. Get the dogs running, smoke ’em if you got ’em, the skillet is waiting at the house.

      But its 11 degrees in Western KY this am, so, I won’t be out there.😥

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      • RangerRuss

        Nothing like hearing a good beagle cry on a hot trail, Reverend. Fried with gravy, rice and biscuits, as UGAFi stated, is the way to cook squirrel and rabbit. Soon.

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    • ugafidelis

      I have been having a hankering for some good fried squirrel, but it’s a little too windy in my neck of the woods to go after them today.

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    • RangerRuss

      Had a fun day with Horndog Hans and my neighbor. We kept two squirrels each. I’m cooking ’em in a stew with chicken and vegetables similar to the old Sweet Sue Chicken Stew. Makes a good meal after a cold day.
      Not as much fun as watching the Dawgs lay a beat down on every damn team they faced this year. But what else you gonna do on a sloppy Saturday in mid-January?
      I don’t want to come back down from this cloud…

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      • Lemme guess…squirrel tastes like chicken.

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        • RangerRuss

          Squirrel tastes like, well, squirrel. A bit like rabbit but not as strong. Very lean. The young ones cook up almost white and are the best to fry as you would chicken. The older squirrels are a darker meat and can be tough. Best in a stew. Brunswick stew traditionally is squirrel based.
          They are rodents, but unlike urban rats they are a clean animal. They eat mostly nuts and tree bark and whatever you try to grow in your garden as well as fuel lines. They can get inside your house and chew on wires causing your house to burn. They are a damn pest to be controlled if not eradicated.
          Squirrels are great sport to hunt. Anything but a headshot will bring derisive commentary down on your ass. I only eat them in the cold weather months. The rest of the year around the house I shoot ’em with whatever weapon is handy with no regard for shot placement. Toss them for the critters to enjoy.


          • originaluglydawg

            Parboil and then cook with dumplings
            The big old ones are good parboiled, then cooked on a fire, pull the broiled meat off and add to stew. Squirrels have the tastiest fat of any critterthat doesn’t moo. Squirrel gravy is good stuff!
            Look for the big fox squirrels in the pines…but I don’t shoot them. Most folks have never even seen one.


  6. Jack Klompus




    The crow is served. Y’all enjoy.

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  8. Russ

    Anybody that can’t see that Georgia set that passing efficiency record in spite of Stetson just doesn’t know football!!1!1

    Am I doing it right?

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  9. “Just think how much 1stER we coulda been!”

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  10. practicaldawg

    Chances of a former walk-on playing in the national championship: slim. Chances of a former walk-on beating the Heisman winning QB in the national championship: none. Until 2022. That’s something we’ll never see again in the modern game.

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