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Proof that sniffing your own farts can cause short-term memory loss

So, there’s a Twitter thread that starts like this:

Yeah, there’s somebody missing from his list.  Somebody named “Coach Ohio”, an “Avid Buckeye fan”, steps up to fill an explanation for that particular gap.

Gee, it’s almost as if this year’s CFP never existed.



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Obituary for a Portal Master™

If you’d like to hear the sounds of dirt being shoveled over Dan Mullen’s grave in Gainesville, start with this, from last year’s bye week…

Q: What do you expect to happen from this point forward?
A: Change. It needs to happen. Something is not right and needs to be fixed all around the team from the coaches to the players. No one thought we would be here. We were talking about the playoffs in camp and we haven’t been able to respond to getting punched in the mouth. That has to change.

Q: Do you believe Dan Mullen can turn it around or is it the beginning of the end for him at Florida?
A: For our sake and his and the other coaches and their families, I hope he does. We all want to win. He is the head coach of the team and I hope he can make some changes so that we can get back to where we were last year when we were so close that we felt like this was going to be our year. Losing sucks.

and finish with this post-season biopsy.

“… they gave up even trying.”  I guess Dan wasn’t kidding with all that leaving for the NFL talk.


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Only in America…

… can a coach dare to start a substandard walk-on at quarterback in a national championship game and still be acclaimed by some.

Coach Smart did an exceptional job building this team with top recruiting classes each year. Georgia has had some close calls and some “almosts” the past couple of years, with Alabama getting some late comeback wins to spoil their chances of winning it all.

2021 was a turbulent year in college football where an AP record 14 teams from the preseason Top 25 finished the year unranked. Every week, there were upsets across the college football landscape, with many of the powers suffering multiple loss seasons.

Coach Smart did an excellent job of having the Bulldogs dominant every week during the regular season, going a perfect 12-0 and winning their games by 33.8 points per game, and having the top defense in the country. After a loss in the SEC title game, Coach Smart got the Bulldogs to dominate Michigan in the semi-finals and finally get past their nemesis Alabama to win the national championship!

Hmph.  I mean, what has he done for us lately?  Steele needs to spend some time reading Georgia fans’ social media to get the real down low on Kirby’s shortcomings, I guess.


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