Only in America…

… can a coach dare to start a substandard walk-on at quarterback in a national championship game and still be acclaimed by some.

Coach Smart did an exceptional job building this team with top recruiting classes each year. Georgia has had some close calls and some “almosts” the past couple of years, with Alabama getting some late comeback wins to spoil their chances of winning it all.

2021 was a turbulent year in college football where an AP record 14 teams from the preseason Top 25 finished the year unranked. Every week, there were upsets across the college football landscape, with many of the powers suffering multiple loss seasons.

Coach Smart did an excellent job of having the Bulldogs dominant every week during the regular season, going a perfect 12-0 and winning their games by 33.8 points per game, and having the top defense in the country. After a loss in the SEC title game, Coach Smart got the Bulldogs to dominate Michigan in the semi-finals and finally get past their nemesis Alabama to win the national championship!

Hmph.  I mean, what has he done for us lately?  Steele needs to spend some time reading Georgia fans’ social media to get the real down low on Kirby’s shortcomings, I guess.


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18 responses to “Only in America…

  1. Bulldawg Bill

    Even the Holy Incense contained foul smelling ingredients!!!!


    • Down Island Way

      Since Mr. steele persisted on mentioning the bammers more than the prescribed (friggin’ once)…Tyler Simmons was still on sides…GO DAWGS!

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  2. trbodawg

    Saw an interesting stat the other day, haven’t checked for accuracy, but Bama has LOST more CFP games than any other team.

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  3. akascuba

    Phil like every other writer feels it’s a requirement to mention 1980. They can now STFU with their 1980 and 2-26 jabs. It’s our turn to ask how many’s days since your school won a National Championship?

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  4. That can’t be Phil Steele. Typeface is way too big.

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  5. Anon

    May be too early. But I think Stetson 2022 success will be somewhat determined by how healthy Kendall Milton can be this year. Him and Milton can do it. If Milton can stay on the field.


  6. armydawg

    The only way that UGA will get the respect that they deserve will be to win Natty’s at the rate that Bama does.(or did) 2 or 3 within 5 years ought to do it.

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  7. ASEF

    Social Media Age = Everyone has to be a critic, all the time. Rational praise don’t get clicks!

    Glad Steele recognizes what Kirby accomplished this season.

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  8. gurkhadawg

    First they came for Stetson and some said nothing
    Then they came for Kirby and some said nothing

    Keep fighting the good fight Senator!


  9. SoCalDawg

    I do like Phil a lot,I enjoy his content and overall perspective on the game as a whole. Kudos to him for recognizing this.

    It really was Kirby’s finest coaching year, we won it all with so many Georgia-like moments/pitfalls from off season unexpected transfers (in & out – Kendrick getting cleared too eventually), Pickens ACL in spring, to all the major injuries (too many to count to starters), booting & replacing Anderson (rightfully so) — Beal flourishing, Cochran’s personal issues, moving Boom up to staff, Lanning getting hired @ Oregon in the middle of the playoff run, Poole going from decided weakness to star in the span of 3 games, after Brini had been there all year, to the QB ups & downs: JT’s saga, Beck’s ascension and recession, SB4’s cavalier zero f*cks to give attitude (that served us well), etc. . .I mean holy crap. There’s so much I’ve left off and that we aren’t privy to that went on further behind the scenes.

    And through it all the team really jelled, was a brotherhood, really played for each other and we won the funkin’ national title. Pretty amazing coaching job! It’s great to be a GEORGIA BULLDAWG! WE ARE NUMBER 1! STILL!

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