At QB, is Jimbo getting a pass that Kirby didn’t get?

Bill Connelly ($$), looking ahead to some prospective storylines for the 2022 season, makes this point:

Even the best-laid previews go awry. Just as we spent a good portion of last offseason talking about whether JT Daniels was ready to lead a national-title charge at Georgia, we also talked about whether quarterback Haynes King was ready to take Texas A&M to a new level.

In both cases, injuries rendered these topics moot. Daniels missed time and gave way to Stetson Bennett, who indeed led the Dawgs to the promised land, while King was lost for the season in Week 2, ceding the floor to Zach Calzada. Calzada put together a stunning performance in A&M’s upset of Alabama, but he otherwise lacked; at the end of a disappointing 2021 campaign, he decided to transfer to Auburn. Strike up the “Is King ready?” talk all over again. And after the coup Jimbo Fisher just pulled off in recruiting, turn the volume up quite a bit this time.

When you make what Fisher makes, and you sign one of the best recruiting classes on record, you’re going to face all sorts of expectations.

Yet it’s Kirby who got the heat for his quarterback management last season (and still is in certain quarters this preseason), while Fisher doesn’t seem to have gotten much questioning about his.  Think that changes this season?


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  1. stoopnagle

    I guess Jimbo is still riding residual Jameis Winston credit?

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    • dawgphan34

      If we are speaking specifically about quarterback management Jimbo has a pretty big trump card.

      Winston did win the Heisman, National Championship and was the #1 overall pick.

      And Jimbo gets a lot of the credit for Winston.

      Even if Fields had stayed and did all those things that Winston did, I doubt that Smart would get the credit for it. Just seems to be the narrative around him.


  2. practicaldawg

    A&M’s current recruiting class is getting a lot of attention, but they’ve stacked several big class now. At some point you have to wonder what they’re doing over there. Despite some big wins here and there, they’ve never really threatened to win the west. I don’t see them getting any charity from Saban in Tuscaloosa next year either.

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    • In some respects, A&M looks a bit like us pre-Kirby — very good to excellent recruiting resulting in some big wins and some head scratching losses. Where that analogy falls apart is that, well, you know, Mark Richt actually won the SEC twice and made it to the SECCG a few more times.

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    • Russ

      Ehh, not so much. They’re behind OU and Florida in the 2021 team talent rankings at #8. Their composite score is 888.83 where Bama is #1 at 1001.89 and we’re #2 at 1001.79.

      Aggies need to keep throwing that NIL cash around a few more years to catch up to the big boys. Not sure how many more 8-4/9-3 seasons they will put up with in the meantime.


  3. One of the posters known as Mark

    If Fisher is indeed getting a pass that Kirby isn’t, that’d be odd. Given that Kirby has never run a program into the ground and then bailed.

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    • SSB Charley

      This is the correct take. Other than two good years with Jameis at FSU and 2020, what has Jimbo actually done to deserve his accolades? That’s the guy who should be feeling the narrative this offseason. He left FSU in a crater from which it has yet to emerge. What was his track record with OL his last three years there?

      Also, for all the stick we took about 1980, why doesn’t A&M get even more for not having a national title since 1939? Does any state do less with more than Texas? Does any university do less with more than A&M?

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      • gastr1

        I suspect that aTm has been a little brother for so long that no one’s really paid them much attention.

        Guess that’s changing now, so they can thank Jimbo for that at least.

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        • miltondawg

          Which seems odd because A&M is literally a cult. Fans, students, all of it…a cult.

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          • Russ

            Yeah, I used to sort of root for A&M in the old Southwest Conference days, but when I moved out here and found out that they invented football and school spirit, I sort of got turned off. They crow so much for having accomplished so little.

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          • archiecreek

            you, my friend, hit the nail on the head!
            The agriculturists (there’s cult in that word) from greater Bryan, Tejas is indeed at cult built around that 12 man (person??) bullshit!
            12th man (person??) my a$$…
            they couldn’t field a team with 70,000 cultists attending that school!!
            They need to take that 12th man (person??) off the billboards around greater Bryan, Tejas.


    • Down Island Way

      If you can’t stand the heat, ya better get out of the QB room…GO DAWGS!


  4. akascuba

    The clock is now ticking on Jimbo after next season it will run faster.

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  5. Texas Dawg

    KIrby was catching hell after losing a NC on the last play, 3 SECCG, and then winning a SECCG and NC. lmagine the hell he would catch if he, like Jimbo had been REGULARLY losing 3-4 game a year and had yet to even sniff a SECCG with all that talent AND that massive paycheck. Jimbo has had it EASY. A big part of that is that as bad as they has sucked, the orange T-sips over in Austin has sucked even worse and have taken the heat off but doing so. Jimbo owes them a debt of gratitude.

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  6. Ran A

    I think that every year that goes by with Jimbo the heat gets amped up. And after legally buying the greatest recruiting class of all time, he had better start stacking up the wins or it’s going to get interesting really quick down there. Beating Alabama, when the QB played the game of his life bought him some time. They were 8-4 last year and could have easily lost that game to Alabama and if they had played them a month later – would have lost.

    I don’t think they all that and a box of chocolates just yet. Going to Tuscaloosa and playing the West. They draw Florida and South Carolina from the East and they play Miami. In short – outside of SEC West competition – the schedule isn’t all that daunting.

    They are spending a lot of money and they have stolen a couple of valuable recruiting assets from Georgia, and have tried to raid our coaching staff. Jimbo isn’t making any friends in Athens. Didn’t care about this program in the past, but actually kind of hope they face plant this year, except when they play Auburn and the SEC East Schools.

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  7. Scotty King

    Jimbo = most overrated coach ever.

    Re: the Kirby heat. Day and Riley seem to get a pass on this too.

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  8. Clayton Joiner

    I’d say they Kirby QB talk wouldn’t have been near as loud if JT was out for the season…it only grew to its loudest when JT was seemingly able to take the field again and was holding the clipboard so to speak.

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  9. uga97

    Kirby just made everyone rethink hard what they can do with a QB.

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  10. Charles Allen

    Fueled by sky high oil prices, the aTm bagman had an outstanding recruiting year. At some point the coaching will have to align with the deep stable of talent or Jimbo will be gone.


  11. beatarmy92

    I think the difference, again, is the lingering Fields drama. The racial element of that drama started by the appeal for the exemption is still mentioned by other teams’ fans especially in the ATL metro area for recruiting purposes along with the “Kirby can’t coach QBs.”

    Kirby’s QB thing and the “can’t develop talent” thing are a Narrative driven mostly by opposing fans (along with some jilted UGA Fields fans). Look at the Twitter thread from “Coach Ohio” the other day. They’ll continue to use it to influence recruiting. Now the second of those will be more discredited when a ton of UGA players get drafted in April. The QB thing though will probably continue until UGA gets another Stafford.


    • jcdawg83

      Stafford never even won the East while at Georgia. I don’t really give a damn about what players do in the NFL, I want them to win big while they are playing at Georgia. I’ll be perfectly happy if Kirby can find another Fromm or Stetson. Anyone who says Kirby or the Georgia staff can’t develop qbs obviously didn’t notice a 2 star walk on qb win every regular season game and the national championship this year.

      In 6 seasons, Kirby has been to the SECCG three times, won the SEC championship once and been to the CFP twice and has a 3-1 record and a NC in the playoff. Kirby is 66-15 as head coach at Georgia, he is 6-2 in bowl games (including playoff games). Anyone who has complaints about the job Kirby is doing in Athens with qbs or anything else needs to find another sport or team to watch because that person cannot be pleased.

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  12. classiccitycanine

    Jimbo has a ring. Kirby didn’t until a few weeks ago. That’s why Jimbo got a pass rightly or wrongly. I think he’s pretty overrated myself. He over-coaches his QBs.


    • jcdawg83

      Jimbo is a clown. Jameis the Rapist won that ring and Jimbo knew it. He knew he better get out of Tallahassee and get his Texas money while he could because he could see the future at FSU and it wasn’t going to be good for him.

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  13. W Cobb Dawg

    Landing Richt’s nephew Max Johnson via transfer was a real coup for Jimbo. Frankly, I wish Max was coming to Athens.

    Even with a load of talent, Jimbo’s gonna have to substantially up his coaching game if he’s gonna take the secw title.


    • Texas Dawg

      Other than Bama and maybe Arkansas, TAMU should be favored in every game next year. They will most likely still find a way to finish 8-4 or maybe get lucky and hit 9-3.

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      • miltondawg

        I just went and looked at their schedule after reading your post. They don’t leave the state of Texas until their October 1st trip to Mississippi State (as you mention they play Arkansas in Arlington at the end of September). Their OOC schedule is pretty weak and all at home (Sam Houston, App State, Miami [FL], and UMass). OIe Miss, UF, and LSU are all at home. Bama, South Carolina, Mississippi State, and Auburn are the only four true road games. You are 100% correct, they should be favored in 11 of their games with the possible exception of the Arkansas neutral site game.

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      • Tex, precisely…high preseason expectations for A&M, but by season’s end, mediocre results…lather, rinse, repeat

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    • Jack Klompus

      Sorry, don’t see Max Johnson being much of a coup. I’d take Stet the Jet over him today, tomorrow and the first day of the season.

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  14. Yes, he gets a pass.

    Kirby catches heat because Kirby does the unthinkable – consistently goes against the wishes of the acrimonious fanbase in regard to their most treasured position. It seems that every time the fans anoint a new QB savior, Kirby says “Nah, give me THAT guy.” It’s made even worse by the fact that loud corners of the fanbase are willing to move on from their anointed at a moment’s notice.

    Eason was going to be the man to restore UGA’s rightful place. But he got hurt, and so Fromm got the nod. That’s year 2 of the Kirby regime. When Eason was ready, he couldn’t retake the job (foreshadowing, much?). Fromm, a true Freshman, didn’t win the National Championship, and Eason left. Then a new anointed arrived. Justin Fields.

    When Kirby didn’t take “meaningful” snaps from his SEC and CFP Rose Bowl winning QB in favor of the “more talented” true freshman, these fans had been betrayed! Months later, their worst dreams and darkest prophecies came true – Fields left town for OSU, and the Narrative was well on its way!

    After a disappointing 3rd season from Fromm, where he AGAIN wouldn’t deliver a title, being embarrassed by stepping onto the same field of competition as Joe Burrow, he’d bolt for the NFL, leaving a bare cupboard for 2020 save for a promising recruit in the form of Carson Beck (Mathis, yes – but surgery). Surely he’d push the “next guy” for playing time, no matter who came.

    Then, the most painful – Kirby recruits both Jamie Newman, an accomplished veteran from the ACC, and JT Daniels, a recovering-from-injury wunderkind from SoCal with an NFL arm. In one offseason, he’d secured the QB position with Pro-level talent for YEARS to come.

    Only, Newman left without playing a down (reinforcing the “Kirby doesn’t know how to talk to QBs” narrative) and JT wasn’t healthy. Beck redshirts as he’s not ready, and Mathis immediately shows he’s not an SEC level player. Enter Stetson F Bennett IV. The story was a feel-good one at first… former walk-on, all kinds of hype from the Rose Bowl practices in 2017, etc – but he was a stop-gap in many fans’ minds. He was a place holder who wouldn’t hold up under top level competition. Whether that label was fair or not, it played out that way and he eventually surrendered the ball thrice to Bama, and his job to JT. All JT did was come in and finish the season on a 4-0 run, inspiring the fans to immediately annoint HIM as “the next.”

    But it was Stet who would hold onto the job, despite the resounding noise of keyboard warriors across Dawgnation, after JT suffered multiple injuries early in 2021. He wouldn’t sacrifice important game reps so that he could “develop” Beck or newcomer Brock Vandagriff. No, stubborn Kirby just kept trotting a 5’3 octogenarian with no wins against good teams onto the field. The fans were flabbergasted. Kirby was sacrificing their anointed future for what? A kid whose biggest success in life had been pretending to be the loser of the Rose Bowl? LUDICROUS! As soon as JT went down, the fans had moved on from 2021 (despite there being no entries in the “L” column). They knew Stetson wouldn’t be able to beat the better teams in the SEC, and they knew he wasn’t the future, so Kirby HAD to get the next guy ready. They had anointed someone (though, they didn’t know who. They kinda walked into the QB room with an anointing super soaker and sprayed everyone but Stet) – and they knew Kirby had to play THAT guy, or all hope was lost!

    That’s what they KNEW.

    Imagine what they’ll know, tomorrow.

    Go Dawgs

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  15. Russ

    Jimbo will feel the heat when he goes 8-4 again this season.

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  16. Tony BarnFart

    Jimbo just doesn’t strike me as somebody who works nearly as hard as Kirby and Saban. He comes off as a skeezy good ole’ boy, and I don’t mean good ole boy in a nice way. Everyone acts like Jimbo is a Saban prodigy of equal import…….sorry, if you weren’t at Alabama, you aren’t a prodigy. Kirby helped build that empire we beat 2 weeks ago, from the ground up.

    Those LSU teams were good, but Saban had not perfected “The System” like he did in Tuscaloosa. No Saban-Bama team would ever get beatdown like LSU 2004 did.

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    • miltondawg

      Interesting question, Tony…do you think that Saban’s brief time in the NFL helped to refine the process? In other words, seeing the difference in grown men vs. kids just out of HS and realizing that to become the best college football program in America would take (1) consistent top level talent, and (2) refining the bodies of said talent into NFL grown men in a couple of years. It is common at several of the bigger programs now, but I was always struck by the difference between players of lesser P5 programs and the Bama players’ physical stature back in the early twenty-teens.

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  17. whb209

    Your question, Sir.
    Think that changes this season?
    Oh, Hell no.


  18. Dawg in Austin

    When your best year ever is 9-1 with a beat down from Bama, expectations need to be properly understood. That said, I think he’s got the lather up pretty high with this year’s class, based on my local discussions. He’s got 2 years. Re his QB credentials, they’re a lot better than Kirby’s, but that’s not all that matters.


  19. CB

    When you’ve won a title with a Heisman winning qb you tend to get the benefit of the doubt. They’ll lose patience with him eventually if it doesn’t turn around.


  20. godawgs1701

    Jimbo is just one of many coaches who get a pass from the media on myriad issues which Kirby doesn’t, and the reason why is the same reason Barry Bonds isn’t in the Hall of Fame. Kirby isn’t very nice to the media. He acts like Saban in press conferences, and reporters don’t enjoy it. Up until January 10th, he didn’t have the Saban resume to back it up. Now he does. But make no mistake, if Kirby kissed their asses more they’d see the quarterback “controversy” at Georgia pretty much the same way Georgia fans do. Sucks that Fields left, and we’ve been mostly fine anyway.