Reliving a classic

I know, I know, the national title game was special, but one unfortunate byproduct of that is we’re giving Georgia’s emasculation of Michigan in the Orange Bowl short shrift now.  That’s a real shame, because from both a coaching and playing standpoint, it might have been Georgia’s most complete effort of the season, especially impressive because so many wondered going in if Alabama had exposed the Dawgs as pretenders in the SECCG.

[Narrator:  they didn’t.]

Anyway, I bring this to your collective attention because I want to share this epic review of Michigan’s offense from that game at mgoblog.  It manages to be lengthy, detailed and thoroughly enjoyable to read (at least if you’re a Georgia fan).

My favorite observation also happens to be about my favorite play of the game:  “You knew it was over when. Michigan gets man coverage on Corum vs a LB and tries to edge Devin Bush, who in this case is Nakobe Dean. It does not work out.”  Well, that’s a matter of perspective, I suppose.

Anyway, read the whole thing.  This Georgia team deserves that from y’all.



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  1. The emasculation of Michigan on a national stage was a sight to behold. I wish I had been in Miami to see it.

    No Dawgrading here. Michigan loses at least 3 games against an SEC schedule.

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    • theoriginalspike

      I was there for you ee!

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    • fisheriesdawg

      It’s kind of amazing to think about how many more Georgia fans were in Indy than Miami. We almost always travel as well as anyone in the country, but that one was a different animal. We had a hangover when the game was announced and Michigan was in uncharted territory. I know a lot of people who decided to save up for Indy, while Michigan fans didn’t have that worry as much because Indy is so close to Detroit/Ann Arbor.

      We took our kids to the Orange Bowl (but not Indy, school being back in and what not, plus that was much more of an adult trip). I’m really glad they got to go. They got to see us play an iconic program in a huge game, got to tailgate with James Cook’s family, got to see a bunch of friends, and will have one of those rare memories as a Georgia fan when they’re older. It really was a blast of a trip which those of us who made it will remember extremely fondly.

      (Except for the drive back on January 1. That sucked.)

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      • Tony BarnFart

        And you know what ? It’s part and parcel of the college football playoff. The biggest stage in the game. No Indy without your help in Miami.


    • Biggen

      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I was underwhelmed by Michigan in all aspects of the game. From their Heisman runner up to their supposed vaunted running attack. They looked like they had lead in the shoes compared to our guys.

      We could have scored more. A lot more if we wanted.

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  2. gastr1

    Slightly off-topic, but even thought MIchigan is the one old-school power program that has gone with the all-same-color pajamas look, their blue-on-blue is abut the best version of that style I’ve seen, IMO.

    Dear Gawd, let us never have a uniform that’s all red, all black, or all silver.

    Oh, and this is a great article, thanks for sharing it. 🙂

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  3. dawgtired7

    I can’t even pretend that the win against Mich was’nt as sweet as the win against Bama. For all the talk about how awesome the B10 was and how awesome Mich was because they beat OSU; I salivated over the dominating performance we gave in that game.

    To me that was the final evidence that the Dawgs and Bama were to two best in all of CFB. No matter what happened in the NC game, we deserved to be ranked in the top two. Then the win over Bama proved that we deserved to be there.

    That TFL play by ND makes me wonder what his one mile track time would be. He came from the bleachers, over hill and dale, and across the field for a TFL on that play. Crazy man!

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  4. Spell Dawg

    Damn, that IS a fun read/watch, and gut-wrenching-ly thorough from a Michigan perspective. I had to stop reading before I lost the rest of my morning, and I’m less than half way through the piece!
    Saving the rest for after lunch 🙂

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    • Down Island Way

      Factually speaking, meeshigun thought (at least from my view) they could push/force their will on UGA football that warm December night, once meeshigun got down two scores, they were done, as a Dawg fan, as a spectator, as an individual who was looking for the opposition to make in game adjustments (changing their qb wasn’t it) it never happened, when you are trailing 34-3 with 11 minutes to play, when it was `14-0 with 4 minutes to play in the 1st qtr., that game was done, sorry…GO DAWGS!

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  5. spur21

    I have finally realized just how good this team was in 2021.

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  6. classiccitycanine

    I’ll definitely be rewatching this game a lot! I think it was our best performance of the season.

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    • debbybalcer

      I have watched it several times. After seeing it all my angst from the sec championship was gone. I know we had a great shot to beat Bama.

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  7. Cheer wino69

    Wow, impressive write up!

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  8. 123 Fake St

    That game made Harbaugh start looking for a NFL job. 🤣

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  9. Harold Miller

    The defense had its best game of the season. It was a read react clinic.

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  10. jdawg108

    My brother, a tech grad, the week before the game. I told him we would crush Michigan. He laughed, said we’d be lucky to put up two touchdowns, and they’d beat us by double digits.

    I didn’t even bother to text him after the game.

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  11. The Michigan beat down was Redemption…it redeemed the whole season up to that point and the restored my belief that this team could hold it’s own against Alabama.

    Especially as far as the defense was concerned…because all we heard building up to the Orange bowl was how the MI offensive line was the best in the country. The Dawgs played phenomenally in that game.

    Thanks for the highlights

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  12. charlottedawg

    My Michigan co worker said immediately after the seccg loss. “I really wish we could play you guys this week where you guys still might be a little hung over from a bad loss. I think UGA getting three weeks to refocus but at the same time still stew about it and get pissed off is not good for Michigan”.

    Turns out he was right lol.

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  13. theoriginalspike

    I was there! And it was glorious! From the pre game tailgating to the end of the game! And the Michigan fans were great and were begging us to beat Bama in the Natty!

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  14. Got to “…this play would have worked if UGA’s playmakers didn’t wreck it.” and had to stop and clean myself up.

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  15. Whiskey Dawg

    If Khaki pants jumps to the NFL I can’t help but think this game may have provided the push.

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  16. Russ

    Watched the entire game via ESPN All-22 on the plane the other day. It was quite enjoyable. I was really worried the team was going to be focused on Bama (either from the SECCG or looking ahead) but Kirby had the team laser focused and it showed. Both sides of the ball played about as well as they could. Except for two coverage busts, it was a shutout and complete domination of a very good team.

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    • Russ

      I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t go. Would have given me the complete set of major bowl games (Sugar, Cotton, Rose, Orange). I’ve been to the other three. Plus, beating an historic program like Michigan to take the series lead over them is great.

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  17. cowetadawg

    And to think that after this vivisection of a very good Michigan group on a CFP stage, our team collectively shrugged off a hard-earned, well-deserved celebration because the natty was the goal. It speaks not only to the quality of the team but the effectiveness of Kirby’s coaching.

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  18. Got Cowdog

    Great read.

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  19. ginnys2008

    I was lucky enough to be there. We sat right behind the band, my hubs and I were on ESPN cheering our a$$es off, there were a bunch of former dawgs sitting next to us like Knowshon, Tavarres King, etc – it was one of my favorite gameday experiences. The total domination from start to finish was just the icing on the cake. Michigan fans were LOUD after winning the coin toss. Not so much after that.

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  20. trbodawg

    That blog almost makes me want to be a Michigan fan, almost.

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  21. ciddawg

    That’s a helluva blog, anybody doing anything like that for UGA?
    How can you not walk out there to the coin toss, look at JD and go dam…

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  22. dman2020

    Quite the deep dive on their offense versus our defense. I came away thinking if not for the sorry refs, not knowing which QB to play, no running game, turnovers and Georgia scoring more points than Michigan the Wolverines should have won going away.

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  23. Terry McCullers

    5 minutes into the game, you could see Michigan had no chance.

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