Note to Josh Brooks

After years of this, can we not get a Department of Driver Services Customer Service Center opened in Butts-Mehre?  Sure would cut down on the arrests, methinks.


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  1. NotMyCrossToBear

    When I constantly see the shit people get passes on, stuff like this pisses me off even more.

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  2. DawgStats

    One guy with an iPhone sets reminders for each DL expiration dates.

    I mean. JFC. They monitor everything.

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  3. DawgStats

    And maybe don’t go 89 in 55. Construction or not

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  4. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    FFS. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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  5. Hogbody Spradlin

    Is it really ‘arrested’. Couldn’t they say he was cited? Not as dramatic I guess.

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  6. prosticutor

    Arrested? Seriously…arrested on a suspended license? Back in my municipal prosecutor days it was dealing with these kinds of cops that eventually ran me off into private practice. I’d always pull them aside and tell them to stop wasting court time with this garbage.

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  7. jcdawg83

    89 in a 55 in a construction zone on a suspended license, he deserved to be arrested.

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  8. Sunny beach, if you want to put a cherry on top of a petty shit sundae…guess if this ticky tack crap has to be reported…I’d rather have it go down in late Jan than early Sept.

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  9. Don’t drivers licenses in Ga last fir like 8 years, now?


  10. And you can renew online

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  11. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    It says he was driving on a SUSPENDED license NOT an expired license.

    Two different things, y’all.

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    • From the replies to Weiszer, it actually was an expired license, not suspended, that he’s already renewed it, and that the ticket was reduced as well to just speeding.

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      • Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

        Then why would it be reported as a suspended license? They are two different things.

        A police officer arresting someone for driving on a suspended license makes sense.

        A police officer arresting someone for driving on an expired license makes absolutely no sense at all.

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  12. Remember the Quincy

    “We are teaching these players responsibility, making them good men!”


    “I need someone to set a calendar reminder so these kids remember to renew their driver license.”


  13. DawgFlan

    Nothing burger. While at school, had a friend that was running late for a UGA choir concert and she got popped going 50 on Gaines School Rd. in front of the elementary school while the 25 mph school zone lights were on. Turns out she had a suspended license for an unpaid parking ticket that she never knew about because she had recently moved apartments. They escorted her to UGA so she could make her concert, so maybe Nolan should have gone hysterical and cried like she dd.

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    • BA Baracus

      When I was in school, I got a ticket for doing 52 in a 35 school zone on my way to interview for a job with campus transit. At the end of the interview, they asked for a copy of my driver’s license, and all I had was the citation (this was back in the day when they took your license when you got a ticket). I still got the job. lol

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  14. 79dawg

    Why doesn’t he respect Mark Richt???

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  15. W Cobb Dawg

    How did he get on the planes to/from Miami and Indy without a DL as id?


  16. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Not ELITE license management.

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  17. MillyDawg

    Any word on if he was driving Mudcat’s car?

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  18. The folks at Stingtalk finally have something positive to talk about.

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  19. Granthams Replacement

    89 in a 55 is a super speeder offense, he’s not going to have a ga drivers license for a while.

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    • jcdawg83

      Insurance will be brutal as well. A youthful operator with a super speeder is going to make him ineligible for coverage for pretty much all standard auto insurance companies. Being in a construction zone may also push the charge up to wreckless driving which is the same as a DUI in the eyes of insurance companies.


  20. dawgtired7

    ND drives like he runs down running backs 🙂

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  21. otto1980

    Bobo is back as analyst per Dawgnation reports.


  22. PTC DAWG

    Honk if Nolan passed you.

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  23. whb209

    We should pitch in to pay his ticket.
    He probably does not need our help, but I would be honored to help out.

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  24. stoopnagle

    Do. Not. Care.

    Happy to know this is no longer grounds for missing playing time.

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  25. stillthatguy

    Thank the lord he wasn’t emerging from an alley, or refused to give his middle name..

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  26. Uber, meet Josh Brooks. Josh, meet Uber. Let’s make a deal.


  27. ciddawg

    I hope there’s a line of UGA Lawyers a mile long to help this DGD Legend get this gone…that cop probably went to Auburn…an Auburn sux…