TFW you really **are** a basketball school

What in the wide, wide world of sports is going on with the Auburn football program?

Auburn offensive coordinator Austin Davis has indicated a desire to resign his position, multiple sources have confirmed to

Still, the former NFL quarterback and Seattle Seahawks quarterbacks coach is scheduled to be in Auburn tomorrow to meet with head coach Bryan Harsin and members of the Tigers’ coaching staff. One Auburn source on Sunday night said that Davis’ Monday meeting could go in a couple different directions — with Davis perhaps offering a formal resignation or instead requesting a reprieve of sorts.

Attempts to reach Davis on Sunday night were unsuccessful.

Davis was with the Seahawks when hired by Auburn head coach Bryan Harsin in mid-December. The timing was odd; Seattle’s final game wasn’t until Jan. 9 and Davis all along vowed to finish the NFL season in Seattle.

Davis, 32, didn’t participate in the Tigers’ Junior Day recruiting event this past weekend. The Tigers nonetheless played host to several high-profile offensive recruits from the 2023 and 2024 classes, which made Davis’ absence notable.

Sources on Sunday night indicated that Davis sent a text message to fellow staff members earlier in the day indicating that he no longer wished to serve as coordinator.

Bryan Harsin associated with a major case of buyer’s remorse?  Why, I nevah, Miz Scarlett!

Add this ($$)…

Auburn’s defensive line: No position group in the league has had a tougher time this offseason. Eight Auburn defensive linemen have entered the portal since the end of the season, and two — Tashawn Manning and Tyrone Truesdell — are staying in the SEC. Manning headed to Kentucky, and Truesdell joined Billy Napier’s rebuild at Florida. Marquis Robinson, a four-star signee in the class of 2021, is also in the portal, and four-star 2021 signee Lee Hunter joined former Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn at UCF. The Tigers did add Jayson Jones from Oregon, but losing that much depth from one position is going to be an issue this fall. Only eight teams in the country have lost more than Auburn’s 17 players to the portal.

… and it’s looking pretty ugly on the Plains.

Speaking of buyer’s remorse, were I Harsin, I’d make damned sure my entire staff stayed squeaky clean on the recruiting violation front (not to mention staying that way on the personal front, too).  Don’t want to give the AD any ammo to toss that buyout overboard if things wind up where they seem to be headed.


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  1. 3rdandGrantham

    Remember when up to just a few short years ago Auburn had one the best DL’s yearly? Every time we played them, even if confident we would win, we would all ask ourselves: “how are we going to run on that front?” Suffice to say those days are long gone.

    I said from the very beginning that Harsin was a bad cultural fit for Auburn. He had absolutely no ties to the SEC or the south, and it’s clear the program is a borderline disaster at best. Auburn will be lucky to win six games next year, and the future after that looks equally bleak.

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  2. Illini84

    During the 1988–89 basketball season, Pearl, then an assistant coach at Iowa, was at the center of a recruiting scandal involving Illinois. Both Illinois and Iowa were recruiting Deon Thomas, a top high school player from Chicago. Pearl lost this recruiting battle when Thomas committed to Illinois. Thereafter, Pearl called the high school student and recorded a phone conversation with Thomas, which may have been illegal depending on where Pearl originated the call. (Illinois requires prior consent of all participants to monitor or record a phone conversation according to Ill. Rev. Stat. Ch. 38, Sec. 14–2; however, Iowa, where Pearl was coaching at the time, only requires one party’s consent to record a phone conversation.) During the conversation, Pearl asked Thomas if he had been offered an SUV and cash by Illinois assistant coach Jimmy Collins, and Thomas seemed to indicate that he had. Pearl then turned over copies of the tapes to the NCAA, accompanied by a memo describing the events. During the subsequent NCAA investigation, Thomas denied the allegations and said the story was false, that he was agreeing with Pearl only to try to get rid of him. Thomas later passed a polygraph test in which he denied Pearl’s accusation of Illinois’s offering cash and a car. The NCAA did not find Illinois guilty of any wrongdoing relating to Thomas’s recruitment, finding that the purported evidence provided was not “credible, persuasive and of a kind on which reasonably prudent persons rely in the conduct of serious affairs.”[3] However, since the investigation uncovered other violations, including Illinois’s third major violation in six years, the NCAA cited Illinois with a “lack of institutional control” charge and implemented several recruiting restrictions and a one-year post-season ban.

    When Pearl and Collins were both head coaches for four years in the Horizon League, the two men never engaged in the traditional postgame handshake, reportedly due to lingering feelings over the incident. When Thomas was asked about forgiving Pearl in a 2005 interview, he was quoted as saying, “It’s hard to forgive a snake.”[4] Thomas went on to become the University of Illinois’s all-time leading scorer.

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  3. David D

    “Auburn’s defensive line: No position group in the league has had a tougher time this offseason.”

    Run the damned ball, Bobo!

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  4. cowetadawg

    The Bandit from Boise experiment moves
    to its final stages. Fun times ahead. Maybe Coach Pearl, newly annointed as “Auburn For Life” (AUFL), can coach football, too.

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    • Down Island Way

      That 3d device the barners use for uniform whatever, was really a machine that sends players into the transport port-o-let faster than normal, that cesspool on the plains is deep and wide, alive and well…#AUBURN SUCKS!

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    • Gaskilldawg

      Hey, Auburn basketball head coach Joel Eaves coached football, too. It is a good thing he did because that is how he came to realize what a great head coach Vince Dooley would be.
      And, at UGA, Shug Jordan was basketball head coach and a football assistant.


  5. practicaldawg

    Next season is also in an even year — aka a year when Auburn travels to both UGA and Alabama. The boosters are gathering their pitch forks on the plains.

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  6. voxdawg

    The transformation of the Auburn faithful to embrace the BBall Kool-Aid in the absence of anything resembling a pulse in their football program really is a thing to behold.

    I’d like to believe our finally winning the CFP is what irreparably broke them.

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  7. ASEF

    Man, the drumbeat of leaks is going to be something to behold. Harsin’s going to be untouchable when they’re done with him.


  8. I thought the Barn was a basketball school now.


  9. NotMyCrossToBear

    Is Pearl gonna land the bb program on probation or no?


  10. Ran A

    Paid $21MM to Gus Malzahn and other monies to coaches under contract. And then they hired a guy who’s credentials better fit Vanderbilt. The only smart thing I saw him do was hire BoBo and Mason. He fired BoBo and ran Mason off. They have the 16th ranked class in the country this year, after coming off a dismal glass the pervious year (firing Gus). Most of those kids signed in December. You think many of those kids wished they had held off util the 2nd signing period?

    And you know what else looms? Tank… Just because he decided not to go into the Portal after the season; doesn’t mean he won’t go into the portal in the spring.

    Rumors of Scientology that goes all the way back to when he was on the Texas staff in 2010 (nothing on record from Harsin’s about being a Scientologist).

    This hole is so big that it seems the only way to dig out of it is to win and I”m not sure if Auburn has enough horses left in the stable to doo that.


    • godawgs1701

      Derek Mason, widely acknowledged as one of the game’s brightest defensive minds and such a good dude that opposing coaches considered him to be a friend (Kirby Smart in particular). You had that guy on your staff and you couldn’t even bring yourself to speak to him in the end. I definitely don’t think it was Coach Mason who is the asshole, Brian Harsin.


  11. Ran A

    Harsin’s contract pays him $5MM 1st year with $100,000 raises each year and caps at $5.5MM. If he is fired without cause, he is owed 70% of the remainder of the contract. Harsin’s would be paid more for getting fired than he was making at BSU. And while this isn’t Gus money, the potential is very real to be paying this guy for 3 years left on his contract – basically $10MM dollars, just two years after paying $21MM to Gus.

    And they just gave the shirtless wonder a new 8 year deal for basketball. Pearl’s new contract with Auburn runs through 2030 and will pay him $5.4 million annually with a $250,000 annual escalator clause. The escalator clause means that Pearl’s average salary will be $6.275 million per season and over $50 million for the life of the contract. (No mention of what this buy out looks like)

    I don’t care for Auburn

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  12. Man, rats are jumping off that garbage scow called Auburn Football like it was shaved ice day on the Titanic…but you reap what you sow as the HC when you lop off heads of your assistants during the season. Why would anyone trust that little Queen of Hearts Harsin? Clearly, no one does.

    I don’t care for Auburn.

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  13. Auburn’s on the verge of becoming Duke minus the academic standards—a school with a powerhouse basketball program and a football team that’s lucky to sneak into the Bowl.

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  14. Ran A

    Working their way into Tennessee territory for sure – with the same baskeball coach in the background. You can’t make this stuff up.

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  15. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Had any relatively big time SEC program made a more disastrous hire than Bryan Harsin in recent memory?

    I guess it depends on how recent we’d consider Ray Goff?


    • Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

      I guess Pruitt, but that wasn’t a bad hire on its face. From the get-go I thought there was no way Harsin would succeed in the SEC.

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      • And it’s not just the hire itself being bad—it’s the fact that Auburn paid $21 million just to be able to make the bad hire. You don’t drop that kind of coin on a freaking buyout unless you’ve got a Voltron formation of Saban, Bryant, Parseghian, and Jimmy Johnson lined up to take his place.

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    • artistformerlyknownasbman

      I have to hand it to Harsin. He’s done in one year the kind of awful work that it took from Junior, Derek Dooley, Booch and Coach Asparagus combined to do at Tennessee. Auburn only needs a blue field and a test pattern on their giant video board to complete the total destruction.


    • Gaskilldawg

      Derek Dooley? In UT’s and Dooley’s defense the timing of Kiffin leaving UT put it in a desperate situation.


  16. theoriginalspike

    Maybe the genius brain trust at The Barn will hire Peral to coach the football team.


  17. whybotherdude

    Is Harsin on the Bama payroll? You almost have to try to screw up a program this much.


  18. godawgs1701

    I don’t recall hearing about much turmoil on Harsin’s Boise coaching staffs. It makes me wonder what’s going on down there. Has he just become an insufferable prick to work for now that the pressure has been ratcheted up in the SEC? Is it that he’s had some coaches on his staff who have been head coaches and aren’t just climbing up the ladder and know bullshit when they see it? Are the famed Auburn boosters meddling in every aspect of the program and is that what’s adding to the discontent? Or is it something else entirely? I don’t know, but it’s absolutely my second favorite thing about the 2021 football season and beyond.


    • Harold Miller

      You would think the word was out regarding meddling boosters, but maybe not. It’s not like you have to do super tough due diligence to find that one out.


    • stoopnagle

      It’s probably more related to being unprepared for the toxic environment around the program than it is actual coaching acumen.


  19. Texas Dawg

    Given Pearl’s lack of ethics, he was tailor made for Awbarn. They’re a match made in hell.


  20. Tony BarnFart

    All of our main rivals are broken. You hate to see it.

    But then again, you love to see it.

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