And eight of those are on Auburn’s 2022 roster!

Methinks this isn’t gonna end well.



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  1. miltondawg

    If the SEC were the AFC in the NFL, Auburn would be the Jets.

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  2. Anon

    Losing will make you soft

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  3. pdawg30577

    I’m trying to think of a precedent of a player publicly calling out a coach like this, and I can’t do it. Of course, players being able to say “Kiss my ass Coach, I’m gone!” via the transfer portal (and social media) is a very recent development. This won’t be the last time we see this happen.

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  4. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    the loveliest disfunctionaliest little asylum on the plains.

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    • JoeDashDawg

      The word I’m hearing from an Auburn friend is that Harsin also supposedly got caught having an affair with his assistant, a 24 year old knockout that followed him from Boise to Auburn…

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      • Down Island Way

        Was texting an unnamed friend, who saw his cousins brother hiding in a dark closet, talking to his sisters co- worker, that was caught smoking incense before going on friday night farm animal dates in lower alabamia, who saw the tigle football hc tell his wife, he wasn’t “engaged in sexual activity with a 24 year old, they had been doing this since she was 20 years or so”…This is gonna’ be a truly wonderful, hot glowing dumpster fire for all to enjoy…#AUBURN SUCKS!


      • moe pritchett

        Oh. And she’s an absolute smoke show.
        If it’s the young lass I saw pics of


    • archiecreek

      More like…
      the east alabama reform school for wayward chill’ren at auburn…
      or EARS if’n you like acronyms.


  5. Munsoning

    God, I’m here for this.

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  6. MudCat's Mechanic

    I like driving in my truck….

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  7. Granthams Replacement

    “Get your popcorn ready…….”

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  8. rigger92

    Man, if I could be an AD for a day………..or a real estate broker.

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  9. whb209

    The post is bad enough, but 19 other players have responded to it.
    That would get my attention if I were the HC


  10. Harold Miller

    Senator a better title for all of this would be “Today in Schadenfreude”. Just saying.

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  11. Munsoning

    From the POV of a Dawgs football fan, is this the best January/February ever? We’re basking in the glow of beating Bama to win a natty while Auburn self-destructs and Vandy finishes with a better ’22 class than Florida. Kirby just signed the Dawgs’ highest-rated recruiting class ever, which unlike TAMU’s appears to be filled with leaders and high-character guys. Am I leaving anything out?

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  12. uga97

    Mr Muschamp, Allen Greene on line 2.

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  13. thenewandimprovedtronan

    Karma is sporadic but in Auburn’s case it’s working overtime. Out of necessity.

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  14. PTC DAWG

    Auburn better break out the hoses again.

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    • Down Island Way

      When hose and #AUBURN SUCKS! get intertwined, ’86 comes at me fast my friend, I got two words for ya…FUCK THOSE MOTHERFUCKERS TODAY, TOMORROW AND FOR MOTHERFUCKING EVER…if that shithole ever gets napalmed, they deserve it, if they ever get blasted to the planet Pluto, FUCK ‘EM…if that shithole goes straight to HELL and smells like scorched earth the next time UGA football visits and pastes an ass whipping on that barner scoreboard…FUCK ‘EM…#AUBURN SUCKS! (Don’t get me started)…GO DAWGS!


  15. Not sure Harsin keeps his job past hour #2 of the Finebaum show today, which by the way will be a riot.

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  16. Derek

    Head Coach Stuart Smalley?

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  17. Illini84

    As opposed to being treated like DAWGS!!!

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  18. It was Harsin using a dog whistle during practice that set them off

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  19. californiadawg

    Haven’t woken up this giddy since morning after the natty.

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  20. cowetadawg

    Y’know, the boosters have to respect a coach that keeps his men in line and under his boot. Time for a contract extension.

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  21. MudCat's Mechanic

    Part of me wonders if this is the product of a booster that doesn’t want Harsin getting ahold of a few players and having them concoct the narrative thus forcing the hand of the AD. With awbarn, you never know.


  22. I guess you guys didn’t see the news that apparently he’s been sleeping with his Chief of Staff who he brought with him to Auburn from Boise. She was a Cheerleader at Boise. I suspect he gets fired today penalty free to Auburn’s AD.

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  23. Holiday Inn Bagman

    I enjoy the warmth of this dumpster fire from afar but my Bulldog paranoia has me thinking about the possibility that they come talk to Dell McGee if they put Harsin out to pasture. They’re probably not that smart but Dell wants an opportunity and he’d be an alum coming in trying to right the ship.


    • godawgs1701

      It’s not unprecedented, obviously, to take an assistant and make him a head coach without his ever being a coordinator. It’s not even unprecedented to take a GEORGIA assistant and make him your head coach without his ever being a coordinator. But I think Auburn’s going to want a proven commodity after all of this. Hope so anyway. Now, could there be a promotion to a coordinating role over there for him? Maybe. But I bet they’d have to fight Georgia financially to get their hands on him.


  24. godawgs1701

    Senator, if you find yourself with a choice at any point to post more about the dumpster fire in Auburn or posting less about it… please post much, much more about it.

    I wonder how ol’ WarD Eagle is doing these days, he doesn’t come around much anymore.


  25. barneydawg

    Harsin has been apprenticing for the current opening at CNN.

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  26. Auburn has redefined the term “hot mess.” But at least they’ll soon get to engage in their favorite hobby, which is firing coaches.


  27. archiecreek

    Karma’s a bitch,
    n’est-ce-pas monsieur nick fairley??