Swag bleg

Russ emailed me with a request I thought I’d share:

Could you have a post for people to request NC and playoff swag? I’d love to find a good quality photo of Ringo snagging the INT with Kirby jumping in the background. Maybe people could also talk about other mementos they found from the games. I need to find out if there’s anything out there I HAVEN’T bought yet. LOL!

I think y’all know what to do in the comments.

I’ll start the ball rolling by asking if anyone knows where to score one of those white Nike jackets the team sported for the national championship celebration.  I’ve looked on the intertubes, to no avail.  Help a blogger out.



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  1. DawgStats


    My buddy made this and Is offering them up. I like it a lot.

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  2. RangerRuss



  3. aim260

    Pretty sure those white jackets are program-exclusives, Senator.

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  4. Illini84

    If you google “ringo interception georgia ” and hit the “shopping” tag you get a ton of photos and plaques.

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  5. This may not be news or “hard to find” but I know right after the game I was searching for the hat Stetson’s mom had on…. and here it is:


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  6. godawgs1701

    Senator, Nike.com had the white playoff jackets when the playoff field was first announced but they sold out quickly. A friend ordered one and after a couple weeks he got an email from Nike telling him his order was canceled due to lack of inventory. We haven’t found them anywhere else.

    For my money, this is THE BEST of the coffee mugs out there. I found it on the University Spirit site (they’re the ones that have the store on Baxter and also run the UGA Clubhouse Store next to The Grill): https://universityspirit.com/collections/2021-sec-champions/products/uga-national-champions-15oz-custom-art-ceramic-mug Super cool.

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  7. bcdawg97

    Alumni Hall has some unique items. This print is around but for $40, hard to pass up.


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  8. Luckovich is selling prints of his cartoon of uga using bama as a chew toy. If you buy more than one he will give you a discount

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  9. Russ

    Awesome links, gang! Thanks Senator. I still have a few dollars left in the discretionary account.

    BTW, I noticed the other day that Hibbett.com has the usual NC gear on sale. If you haven’t bought anything yet, they are cheaper than the Bulldog store/Fanatics store. I wasn’t familiar with them but I guess they’re a national sporting goods chain.


  10. Previously Paul

    People do resell the team specific white Nike jackets. I’ve found them with Oklahoma, Clemson and LSU logos but no Georgia. Right after the game I found a Georgia branded short sleeved Nike hoodie from media day. But it wasn’t my size and I wasn’t interested in short sleeved.


  11. miltondawg

    If you go to morethansports.com they have all kinds of stuff signed by Ringo from different angles and in different sizes and finishes. I just bought a signed 16×20 of him making the catch with Kirby jumping in the background, a signed 11×14 of him running into the end zone, and a signed 11×14 of him and Kirby when he was coming off the field and he and Kirby are face to face with Kirby laughing. Going to do a big framed thing with all three in it.

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  12. armydawg

    My son ordered 3 of the commemorative coke bottles. They are the small ones and nowhere near as elaborate as the 1980 bottle. Does anyone have any info on whether a bigger & better bottle is coming down the road?


  13. Granthams Replacement

    On the cfp website you can order paper tickets for $20. We put ours in picture glass with confetti from the game.

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  14. Boozebox.com had a commemorative Woodford Reserve bottle and I saw a Jack Daniels one as well, but Booze Box seems to no longer offer the Woodford engraved bottle any longer (they had a Braves edition also). I also cannot find the Jack Daniels special edition on that website any longer either.

    Glad I was able to secure the Woodford Reserve bottle to sit next to my 1980 Coke!


  15. My daughter works at UGA special events and was able to get one of the posters with the score and various photos that is the championship phone wallpaper. My wife got it framed and they gave it to me as a late birthday present. I almost hyperventilated like I did with Ringo’s pick when they gave it to me. Sorry, no linkage. 😉