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Name that caption, ducking the media edition

Setting the stage…

The stage…

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UPDATE:  In case you’re wondering, here’s what going through the front entrance looks like.



Try to guess who the other coach is who went around the side.



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Pretty, pretty good

The way Georgia’s 2021 season shaped up against the rest of the conference since 1996, that is.

Yeah, it kind of sucks to see Corch topping the list, but I’ll take a season that bests Alabama’s and LSU’s most productive years.  All four of those teams won national championships.

By the way, what’s going on there, Kentucky?  Behind Vandy?  Really?


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TFW your “for cause” justification ain’t strong

Just when you think Auburn can’t stoop any lower with Bryan Harsin

Auburn University enacted a new policy Tuesday requiring employees to fully cooperate with university investigations, with failure to do so punishable by termination.

The new policy went into effect as Auburn is “judiciously collecting information” about football coach Bryan Harsin’s tenure at the school. However, it’s wasn’t immediately clear whether the Harsin investigation is what prompted the new document. It also wasn’t clear when the document was initially drafted.

Auburn did not immediately respond to follow-up questions from the Montgomery Advertiser on Wednesday evening.

“Violations of this policy may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination,” the document says.

So much for the affair with the staffer.

The idea that something this clumsy would work is hilarious, unless you’re a lawyer retained by the school to defend the inevitable lawsuit coming.  And I haven’t even gotten to the punchline yet, which is…

In 2017 during the school’s internal investigation into the men’s basketball program, Auburn coach Bruce Pearl did not cooperate, refusing to interview with Auburn officials and university legal counsel.

That would be just received an eight-year contract extension Auburn coach Bruce Pearl to you, mofo.

By the way,

That shouldn’t be awkward in the slightest.

We’re gonna need a bigger bag of popcorn, y’all.


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Always be hiring

At Florida, they’d probably call this guy the gamechanger coordinator, but Georgia is more mundane about things.

Kirby Smart continues to fill out his support staff, as Dawgs247 has confirmed he is hiring former Duke Special Teams Coordinator/Recruiting Coordinator [Defense]/Defensive Assistant Kirk Benedict as his special teams analyst, replacing Robby Discher, who left Georgia in January to become the special teams’ coordinator at Tulane.

Part of David Cutcliffe’s final coaching staff at Duke in 2021, Benedict spent eight seasons with the Blue Devils. He was an operations assistant helping with special teams in 2014 and 2015 before spending the next two years as a graduate assistant on the offense and special teams. From 2018-20, he was the special teams coach and assistant on defense. He coached 2020 Lou Groza semifinalist Charlie Ham and Ray Guy semifinalist Porter Wilson and his coverage units routinely ranked among the best in the ACC,

Dude certainly seems qualified… as an analyst, I mean.  It remains to be seen how good a gamechanger he is.


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Spring practice will be here sooner than you think.

Georgia posted the schedule yesterday.

G-Day will be 4/16.  Get your pencils ready — that G-Day QBR won’t calculate itself.


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This is kind of interesting:

Georgia blitzed more than Florida did.  But Florida did a better job than any other defense in the conference at generating pressure.

Maybe Grantham’s flaw this season was not blitzing more.


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Just a reminder

In case anyone out there has forgotten what happened a month ago, the College Football Hall of Fame is there for you.


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