This is kind of interesting:

Georgia blitzed more than Florida did.  But Florida did a better job than any other defense in the conference at generating pressure.

Maybe Grantham’s flaw this season was not blitzing more.



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  1. MGW

    The trouble was never Grantham’s D getting pressure on the QB. It’s going to do that a lot. The trouble is what happens when it doesn’t get pressure on a blitz.

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  2. armydawg

    I don’t know how to quantify it but I think we disrupted more plays than anyone else. Even if he didn’t break free, how many times did Jordan Davis make the QB change his mind or timing?


  3. Ran A

    Doesn’t matter if you can’t stop the run.

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  4. It didn’t improve FU’s win/loss record over the previous season.

    The Turds couldn’t stop the run and also got burned on explosive plays…maybe their defense was effective in this one stat but clearly they were deficient in a lot of other areas.

    With the exception of the SECC game, I loved how smothering our defense was in every game.


  5. When your defense hamstrings the running game without a safety in the box, you can blitz in almost any down and distance if you want. If you can get pressure with 4 or 5, you can do anything you want on the back end.

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  6. biggusrickus

    This is only kind of related, but I was curious what Florida’s 3rd down defense was like this past year, and it was solid, 35.23%, barely worse than Georgia’s. However, they were 9th in the conference in actually forcing third downs. Georgia was 2nd, behind Tennessee, oddly enough, in 3rd downs forced per game. Not that it did Tennessee much good, as they had the second worse conversion rate allowed.


  7. moe pritchett

    My uneducated fooseball mind looks at this chart and sees a balance.


  8. archiecreek

    Was that a blitz when Cox was chasing Stet and pointed his finger at him?
    That Rich,
    is what we call a dumbass blitz! (in your best Deion Sanders voice)

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  9. godawgs1701

    Boy, look at Kentucky. Given the number of times they turned the ball over on offense and the way the defense managed to keep them afloat while apparently not sending extra guys to pressure the QB… they had themselves a strange year up in Lexington.


  10. Curious how the SEC West is bunched together. With high success rate you’d think at least one of those DC’s would have blitzed more.


  11. 123 Fake St

    I wonder what ole Todd is up to nowadays.