Name that caption, ducking the media edition

Setting the stage…

The stage…

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UPDATE:  In case you’re wondering, here’s what going through the front entrance looks like.



Try to guess who the other coach is who went around the side.



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60 responses to “Name that caption, ducking the media edition

  1. Jack Klompus

    Looks like he may be working for UPS now.

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  2. akascuba

    The more CFB changes the more things stay the same at the mistake without a lake.. How many years and coaches has it been since an Auburn coach’s job was safe. Pat Dye?

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  3. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    Excuse me but i will have my football assistant arriving in 5 minutes. please tell her i am in the penthouse suite and will be waiting for her there.

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  4. gobblinglawyer

    Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like this post needs a photo of the back of Clesi Crochet’s head to really set the tone.

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  5. godawgs1701

    I do not know many things for sure in this life, but I am 100 percent certain that Jimbo Fisher was not actually talking to anyone on that cell phone he had pressed up to his ear. There is absolutely zero chance.

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  6. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Well, I read the story, and the other guy who entered through the side door would’ve likely been my very last guess.


  7. “Here’s a fifty, make sure that Uber doesn’t leave…I may come hauling ass out of here any minute.”

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  8. ugafidelis

    Kirbs moved the transportation savings into the recruiting account.

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  9. Hogbody Spradlin

    Ya know, sometimes that other side door guy is just a sullen brat.


  10. theoriginalspike

    Some of the media have waaaaaay to much time on their hands.

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  11. Whiskey Dawg

    Yes sir, this is the door that leads directly to your hot seat.

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  12. jdawg108

    Smart got dropped off by his wife on the way to soccer practice

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  13. DawgFlan

    Kirby and Saban get out the front seat, while Jimbo in the back pretending to talk on the phone. Kirby don’t care about his rental, Jimbo trying too hard, and Saban getting the freshly-detailed S-Class riding on 20s from a local booster.

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  14. practicaldawg

    I like arriving in my truck

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  15. uga97

    Kelly. From his years of CFP backdoor’ing.

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  16. Kiffin was afraid Jimbo would be waiting at the front door.


  17. MGW

    Jimbo was 100% definitely not on the phone with anyone.

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  18. Derek

    If Harsin ends up on the beach with 18.3 million and the cheerleader, can he declare victory?

    Over all of us, I mean.

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  19. bcdawg97

    My first thought as well was “Jimbo’s doing that so he doesn’t have to take any questions.” And a minivan? Couldn’t take one of the nice SUVs they chauffeur recruits around campus in? May as well have shown up in a yellow helicopter.


  20. Don in Mar-a-Lago

    “Gimme Three Steps”

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  21. stoopnagle

    How true do you think it is that Harsin was about to be fired at Arkansas State when Boise State hired him?


    • godawgs1701

      Eh… I’m extremely skeptical of that. I read that rumor for the first time today. I read a post by an anonymous guy quoting another anonymous guy who swore he was standing with the athletic director when the AD said he was going to fire Harsin after the AD allegedly had to go get him from home after he no-showed a press conference? My problem with that is, then why wouldn’t he have gone ahead and fired him instead of letting him go and do the press conference? Seems fishy. They were 7-5 that year and earned a share of the Sun Belt championship – maybe the people in Jonesboro remember him as being a jerk and they seem to get much more salty there than other G5 teams when a coach leaves them for a better gig, but with zero inside knowledge I’d have to say they were going to be willing to put up with his being a jerk for another year if it meant stability, perhaps another conference title and bowl, etc. Ironically, 2 of the 5 losses Arkansas State took that year were to SEC teams including a pasting by Auburn.


  22. Dawg in Austin

    Word around T-town is that Joey Freshwater preferred the back door.

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