The laziest recruiter in the SEC?

Mullen is gone, so the crown passes to…

Junior is so convinced of his allure, he thinks he can conquer the world with some social media bites.  And don’t get me wrong here — he’s had some success in the transfer portal, but Ole Miss finished tenth in the conference in the 2022 recruiting rankings.  That won’t get it done in the SEC West.

Plus, this.

Transfers won’t win championships by themselves.  But the Laner is entertaining, I’ll grant him that.

And, in related news…

Guess not liking recruiting runs in the family.


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21 responses to “The laziest recruiter in the SEC?

  1. Derek

    Mississippi sells itself.


      • Derek

        Nina was convinced that Mississippi is a special, unique place and worthy of having its well-earned distinction among its neighboring peers committed to song and lyric:

        Who am I to argue?

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      • unionjackgin

        It took me more than a few seconds to figure out what that meant. I’m not hep with everything that young people say but I have lived & worked in marketing for most of my life.

        It takes a marketing guy more than a few seconds to get it … you are doing it wrong.


      • Tony BarnFart

        Mississippians love them some Mississippi. Especially white dudes from the Delta (which doesn’t mean the area near the mouth of the river bearing the same name.)


  2. gastr1

    The word on the street is that Leach is at least as lazy, but yes, Kiffin’s reputation as a dedicated recruiter is odd and inaccurate.


    • Derek

      When you’re a football God, the unparalleled genius of the gridiron, the High Priest of the pigskin and somewhere in your cavernous, yet empty, trophy room you have a sticky note that has “IT” scribbled on it, do you really need to TRY to get players to come to Starkville?

      Arch Manning is literally beating down Leach’s door in the hopes that he himself will one day be privy to the means of unlocking the hallowed code to the Rosetta Stone that is the Mike Leach offensive play book. Alas, Arch waits impatiently, yet satisfied in knowing that he, like every other highly recruited qb in the nation, will in the end find his love unrequited by the “Pai Mei” of quarterback development.


  3. Bulldawg Bill

    It’s really a crying shame that somebody in the SEC West can’t give Bammy a run for it.


    • Aim low boys. They’re riding Shetland ponies. (OU and Texas that is).

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    • Darin Cochran

      Uh, Texas A&M beat them last season and then bested them in their recruiting class. I’d say to your comment, TAM says, “Here, hold my beer.” lol


    • Derek

      Looks from my perspective like its getting to be a rough neighborhood over there. There’s not a “week off” in the West, save maybe Auburn due to its current bout with self-immolation and they will show up vs. Bama. We may have 1 single digit line in division play in the fall. And there isn’t a lot of reason to see that change in the foreseeable future.

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  4. I love how it reads “Transfer” and not commit

    Priorities, huh Lane?…even his brother couldn’t commit to the Sip…he transferred in, and transferred his happy ass out.

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  5. Well, geographical nicknames and kicky social media posts sure turned Georgia Tech’s fortunes right around, don’t see why it wouldn’t work for Ole Miss.

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  6. Spell Dawg

    I still remember how pissed I was when Lame flipped Da’Rick Rodgers to UT by giving his foster-brother/best-bud QB a scholarship (pretty sure dude never whiffed the field).

    I also remember how happy I was a year or so later when Da’Rick was doing his best shit-show act at UT.


  7. trbodawg

    I think they may be MISSing an opportunity here. . .

    “All right, all right, FreshWater here
    Put a glide in your stride and a dip in your hip
    And come on up to the TRANSFERship
    Loose Booty, doin’ the bump
    Hustle on over here now”