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Today, in headers I didn’t expect

Boy, there’s a lot to unpack here:

Not all of it good, either.


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Still the best

The Athletic’s Max Olson goes back to re-rank the 2018 recruiting classes.  Georgia, remember, finished first at the time.  And now, with hindsight?

1. Georgia

You were expecting Florida there?

You should read the whole thing, but I’ll give you a little taste here.

  • “No. 1-ranked classes make No. 1 finishes possible. Georgia signed seven five-stars, 12 of the top 100 nationally and five of the top six in-state recruits.”
  • “Among the 18 signees who stayed in the program, 15 started more than 10 games.”
  • “The success of Georgia’s 2018 recruiting class can be measured in so many other ways. But given where this program was when they arrived on campus, we can sum up their legacy like this: They got the job done.”

Amen to that.

Consider this your morning Dawg porn.



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Where does Auburn go from here?

As reality sinks in

Auburn announced Friday that it will retain football coach Bryan Harsin, but here’s the part it left unsaid: The embattled coach whose tenure subsists today can be fired more easily nine months from now.

Harsin survived a university inquiry, and that will be celebrated as a victory by those who like to see someone stand up to the establishment and prevail.

But here’s the harsh reality: This is Harsin’s first victory since before Halloween.

Harsin’s triumph over Auburn’s kangaroo court doesn’t change the fact that his program will take a five-game losing streak into this season. It doesn’t change that Auburn lost more than it gained in the transfer portal. It doesn’t change that Harsin must hire a coordinator for the third time since November. And it doesn’t change Auburn’s lack of recruiting momentum.

In fact, this investigation and the public criticism of Harsin’s leadership style by some former players could further hamper recruiting.

‘Ya think?

In effect — and it’s ironic when you consider — Auburn, the school that turned blowing off NCAA investigations into an art form, has managed to self-engineer all the impact of NCAA sanctions without actually being under NCAA investigation.  Neat trick, fellas.

Oh, and the bleeding hasn’t stopped yet.

Add to the mess that the president and AD who hired Harsin in the first place are both on their way out the door and you’ve got one isolated head football coach.

From where I sit, Auburn’s upcoming season goes one of two ways:  either Harsin does one helluva coaching job and manages to rally the remaining troops around an “us against the world” mindset (don’t forget Tater Tot once milked an undefeated season out of doing just that), or the team collapses at the first sign of adversity and Harsin doesn’t make it through the season.

Either way, don’t forget the popcorn.


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Twice upon a time

This is pretty neat.

Seventeen years later, two national championships from that room.


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Musical palate cleanser, old school edition

This cover of one of my favorite tunes, Steely Dan’s “My Old School”, is a complete blast.  I had as much fun listening and watching that as they clearly had making it.

Somebody’s been studying Skunk Baxter’s guitar work.  The old geezer rhythm section kicks ass, too.  The best part comes when you see the credits at the end.  Who’da thunk it?



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