An “open letter to college football”

Just a reminder that the current battle over playoff expansion isn’t simply an SEC vs. the Alliance matter:

… American Athletic Conference commissioner Mike Aresco pushed back against the Atlantic Coast Conference’s reasons for not wanting to expand the four-team College Football Playoff right now, and issued rebuttals for other key obstacles that have slowed down the approval process for a 12-team format.

As far as I’m concerned, the more squabbling over this, the merrier.  If they can’t resolve their differences until 2026, at least that buys me a few more meaningful regular seasons.  Rock on, Mike!



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  1. Ran A

    Yup, the ACC more or less blew up that whole “the SEC” is the bad guy narrative, keeping everybody out.

    What a bunch of dumb-asses. Somebody didn’t like not being in the lime-light and opened their mouth.

    Let them fight… Four teams works great! You go to 12 and you can kiss that SEC Championship game goodbye and those games that decide if you have a real shot or not, become early rounds for ‘seeding’ in the play-offs.

    I’m a realist – its coming… But if they want to fight about it and not make it happen for several more years – cool… Screw with Sankey and he’ll find 4 to 8 more teams and start his own playoff system. LOL

    Dudes playing 3D Chess, these clowns are playing checkers

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  2. Warren has his fee-fees hurt over Oklahoma and Texas. Phillips is playing pure politics with Notre Dame. Bowlsby is fighting to stay relevant. The casino boss in San Francisco just wants one of his teams in. Aresco wants to be at the grown-up table even though his best team ever got waxed by a Bama team playing with its good.

    In the meantime, $ankey has further control over college football with his power brands and soon to be brands, the championship trophies, and Mickey Mouse as his business partner.

    Life is good for the commish in Birmingham.

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  3. It reminds me of grid-lock in Congress…. it’s often mentioned as a negative, but I’ve always felt that – in general – the less Congress does, the better.

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  4. jim1886

    Aresco knows that if they wait until the current contract expires, his conference will most likely get shut out altogether

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  5. What an incoherent mess that letter is. Maybe Heather and her editors chopped it up too much. An “open letter”…is a publicity stunt. Best logic I get from the added number of games concern is he doesn’t think a first round team will make it to the championship anyway so don’t worry about the kids? He wants to reject auto-bids and use the polls, but says 12 teams is about “inclusion” which is about the polls not recognizing G5 teams because of weak SoS. Great logic. Finally, a whine to quit “branding” the G5 as such because its discriminatory. All that’s left is a demand that our education system recognize and teach kids about the long history of systematic oppression and privilege by the P5.

    There are outstanding schools with deep histories in the G5, but no amount of money is going to raise Fresno St. or SMU to top P5 status. Create a new division, have your own playoff and TV contract (FOX is listening) and maybe watch some movement between the two over time (like Vandy moving down and a winning G5 moving up).

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  6. moe pritchett

    Ok. So I just checked and the American Athletic Conference just made the four team playoff and got the shot kicked out of em.
    Am I missing the point this Arescos’discussion?

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