Misty beer-colored memories

Matt Stafford winning a Super Bowl brings to mind what I proudly think is the best header I’ve ever composed at GTP.

Hey, you’ve got your fond memories and I’ve got mine.  Don’t judge.


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  1. olddawg22

    Wonder what ever happened to that dude? That fiasco pretty much ruined a great career, very sad!
    Thanks Senator, looking down the names on the blog roll from that long ago post, not many standing, congrats on quite a great career yourself!!! Both wandered through some tough years to get to the top. Of coarse to my knowledge you never spooned Joe Cox or any other UGA QB but you are welcome to set that record straight if I am wrong! (Video evidence not necessary, please)

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  2. cowetadawg

    That was a fine header. I still enjoy The Gus Bus Has No Clothes, He’ll Hath No Fury Like a Momma Scorned, and He Hate Me (and story behind it). There have been many classics. Thanks for spoiling us through the ups and downs of Bulldog Football over the years.

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  3. MudCat's Mechanic

    Frat Stafford was a legend!

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  4. Looking at that photo of Stafford with a keg over his head now “yup…looks like a Superbowl champion to me”. Congrats Matt! In other news, Marvin Jones had a rough 2007.

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  5. barneydawg

    Chip hasn’t changed over time, it seems.

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  6. rigger92

    Haha, I was thinking about that picture Sunday night.

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  7. Spell Dawg

    My favorite dawgs being dawgs moment is the video of Aaron Murray on Spring Break at a beach in South Texas trying to knock a beer can off a kid’s head with a football. Drilled that boy square in the nose! I’m chucking now just thinking about it 😀

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  8. One of my favorites still is “Don’t Cry for Me Tuscaloosa”

    Looking at Matt as a young dude…life seemed simpler. The scandal was he got drunk and partied at Talladega…no stories of assaults, guns or drugs…just a boy and his keg.

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    • RangerRuss

      Ah, keg memories. There were occasions when a camera phone would’ve been right on time. Such as the night the well endowed and beautiful Kristi did a keg stand while wearing a dress and nothing more.

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      • Keg stands…there’s a memory…how many face plants have we all seen? I remember fights over Polaroid pictures…camera phones might have required graves to have been dug…so glad I graduated from the Uncle Got primrose school of etiquette and manners prior to the advent of camera phones….straight and narrow ever since

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        • Got Cowdog

          Mrs. Cowdog and I were at a bar a few years ago. She was dancing with some of her girlfriends, a friends husband and I were sitting at a table drinking. Some random jackass sitting at the table next to us pulls out his phone and proceeds to take a video of Mrs. Cowdog’s ass while she was dancing.
          Turns out the edge of a bar table will do quite the number on an I phone if you hit it hard enough.

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  9. Opelikadawg

    I noticed that blogger’s name was Erik. I wonder if that’s the same Erik as the dickhead from Roll Bama Roll.


  10. Ozam

    Senator… You are the undisputed KING of headers. It is genius creativity on display everyday. A book could be written on your creations. Do you create the header before or after you write the post? Do they flow through your brain throughout the day?


  11. Great stuff. Also Chip Towers just has kept being Chip Towers.

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  12. jsun7

    Wow…Carter Strickland reference in that 2007 post. He had to be close to the top of really poor choices for the uga beat. Also, never change chip towers…what a clown.


  13. JoeDashDawg

    The comments on the old blog made me laugh – I actually bought a tshirt of Stafford holding the keg over his head (From Sportscrack if you remember them). Still have it. The wife wears it now around the house or to bed as she is the only one that can still fit in it. Maybe I’ll tuck it away somewhere to save for my baby boy.

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  14. Is this your homework Larry?

    I still own that shirt Stafford is wearing – 2002 SEC Champions. My sleeves aren’t cut off though. #stillfits