Spitefully yours

I posted a few days ago about how the collapse (temporary, I know) of the CFP expansion talks was born out of a cut off their nose to spite their face attitude.  Andy Staples ($$) takes that spite to a whole new level with this:

What I hadn’t considered was that the SEC, after spending the past year supporting a format that would have given other leagues some of what they wanted/needed, might simply stop worrying about the other leagues altogether. Sankey seems mad enough to do that.

A 12-team CFP may benefit the SEC more than a four-team CFP. But what might benefit the SEC even more?

Not a College Football Playoff. An SEC playoff.

Andy’s not suggesting that Sankey and his conference turn their backs on the rest of college football completely.  Nah, there are still regular season games to play and if the other kids play nice and want to produce a champion to take on the SEC’s champ, that would probably be cool, too.  Especially when you consider the math.

The difference between that title game and the title game of the 12-team Playoff the leagues just passed on implementing?

The SEC keeps half the money.

The thing is, and with all due respect to Staples, that’s not the ultimate fuck you move Sankey could pull.  That would be to convince the Big Ten to blow off the Alliance and join the SEC as a second super league that produces a national title game between them and only between them.  In the aftermath, I can only imagine the sputtering to come from the Pac-12 and the ACC as USC jumps ship to join the Big Ten and Clemson hops over to the SEC.

Spite, like revenge, is a dish best served cold.  And profitably.


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  1. RangerRuss

    Sure is nice getting that National Championship before the entire system is discombobulated. The pissy lil bitches disparaging comments have been few and easily refuted.
    Suck it, losers.
    Georgia Bulldogs
    2021 National Champions
    We run this nation.

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  2. 81Dog

    The Alliance needs the SEC more than the SEC needs them. The ACC and Pac12 need the Big 10 more than the reverse. Sure, it would blow up the 120 year history of college football, but this all sounds like that game where everyone survives if they cooperate, and one person wins if they refuse when everyone else cooperates. When more than one person refuses, everyone loses.

    Unless CFB plans on enforcing a player draft, mandatory schedules, and a salary cap, all this wrecking of the current model won’t create parity. It just creates more content. Disney loves content. Why are the so many meaningless bowls? Duh. If Disney rebrands some of them as NEW AND IMPROVED, NOW WITH MORE CFP!, guess what? They make more money, the same teams end up in the final four, except he players end up with more wear and tear, and the fans don’t go to a round 1 match in the frozen Midwest.

    The current system would work fine if everyone put the same emphasis on recruiting, facilities, and attendance. The distribution of potential D1 players skews to the southeast. There are good players in other places, just not the wealth of OL and DL you see here (ask Rick neuheisel). Kirby already said it: you can’t out coach talent.

    Maybe the pearl clutchers in their tweed jackets can agree on a rule to add extra points to Alliance schools in their matchups with the SEC. The historic inequities are holding the alliance back, and they deserve CFP participants that come ftom their areas! Think of the chirren.

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  3. If ND agrees to join the ACC as a football member, Phillips will agree tomorrow. As long as the Pac 12 has its tie to the Rose Bowl, the casino boss will be in the fold.

    Sankey tried to be nice and, at the same time, watch out for his members.

    No expanded playoff proposal is going anywhere without the SEC, the B1G and Notre Dame.

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  4. SlobberKnocker

    I have to admit that I liked and laughed at Andy’s title for that article.

    The SEC vs. All Y’all: Could College Football Playoff expansion collapse pit SEC against the rest in new playoff?

    Being a Dawg in exile in St. Louis, I’m a little sensitive about being judged for my use of y’all and all y’all. The locals really don’t get the latter.

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  5. Godawg

    What if when we have 16 teams, go to pods and leave the last game in the schedule open. Then to winner of each pod play a winner of another pod with the winners playing for the SECC. Our own little playoff. Might be fun…


    • Tony BarnFart

      Then people will complain that the slated (still regular season) games among non pod winners are “meaningless.”


  6. classiccitycanine

    If it’s this or general playoff expansion, I say go ahead and do it Sankey!


  7. brookehparker86

    Thanks incorrect. Obviously a playoff of SEC vs. the field would generate more Revenue overall and on a per school basis then a structure where the Big Ten joined the SEC.

    It’s also likely to happen, while the Big Ten clearly won’t be joining the SEC.


    • “Obviously”? Have you looked at the value of each of the P5 broadcast deals? The Big Ten is getting ready to receive more than $1 billion with its next one. The SEC is the only other conference with revenues close to that.

      Those two have already distanced themselves from the rest of the P5 in that regard.


  8. Ozam

    Winning a MNC is awesome, but winning an SEC championship (something a team can absolutely control) is pretty damn close. If the SEC took its football and went home, I would not lose any sleep.

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  9. 69Dawg

    “…convince the Big Ten to blow off the Alliance and join the SEC as a second super league that produces a national title game between them and only between them.”. Senator you are an evil genius and I salute you.


  10. Castleberry

    Here’s how the SEC playoff could work. We had the whole debate on here last week about 8,9, or 10 SEC games.

    What if the SEC goes to 4 pods playing 9 games. At the end of the 9 games, a 10th conference game would put the 1s vs 1s, 2s vs 2s, and so on.

    You’d rotate hosting the 10th game by pods to keep a balanced home vs away schedule. You could potentially rotate which pods play each other in the semis.

    Then the 1s winners play in the SECCG.