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Today, in timing is everything

With the Russian invasion of Ukraine sucking all the oxygen out of the attention room, this is like the ultimate news dump.

Six months from now, people are gonna see Briles on the sideline and wonder when the hell that happened.

Two years from now, there will be several P5 ADs trying to figure out how they can pull the same trick with Briles.



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Can’t say they didn’t know.

This is some graph.

Somehow, Coach 404 manages to bring up the rear at both schools he coached at.

The obvious move Tech should make, based on that chart, is pretty clear.  Fortunately, this being Georgia Tech we’re talking about, there’s not much of a likelihood they’ll do it.


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Before and after

It’s hard to come up with a better example of “it seemed like a good idea at the time” thinking than Coach Dodd’s decision to take Georgia Tech out of the SEC.


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George, by George

It’s hard to have any regrets about the ’21 season, but it’s a shame we didn’t get to see a full, healthy season of George Pickens in this offense.


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