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“This isn’t a voting bloc.”

Says one of the three dudes in a self-labeled Alliance, all of whom voted to scotch a 12-team playoff.  But don’t say it’s their fault, acting together, damn it.

The commissioners from the ACC, Pac-12 and Big Ten pushed back on Friday against any public misconception that their “Alliance” of conferences worked together to stop expansion of the College Football Playoff.

“I think that’s a narrative that certain folks benefit from having out there even if it’s not true,” said Pac-12 commissioner George Kliavkoff, who joined Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren and ACC commissioner Jim Phillips on Friday in an exclusive interview with ESPN reporters.

Nah, would you believe it?  It was just a fucking coincidence.

“When we’re talking about what should it look like, or when should we make the decision, we have real differences of opinion,” Kliavkoff said. “And it just so happens that each of us came to our own conclusion about why we couldn’t vote yes to the proposal that was on the table. And I think we’ve all been public now that others have decided for us that we’re going to air our laundry as opposed to make a decision in the room and then announce the decision.”

I mean, it’s not like the three of them ever spent time together, or anything ($$).

… Most of the CFP management committee’s in-person meetings over the past eight months took place at the Grand Hyatt connected to the Dallas/Fort Worth airport. Easy in, easy out for a lot of busy administrators. And the lobby bar the night before meetings was convenient both for a late dinner or a few drinks. The three Alliance commissioners would sometimes sit together off to the side, a visual representation of the battle lines drawn.

Again, I am of the belief that there’s too much money involved for these idiots to ignore.  Eventually, everyone will swallow their fee fees, cut a deal and proclaim they rose above their differences to do it for the kids.

But, given his track record regarding the future of college football’s postseason, I have to admit Bill Hancock is doing his best to give me false hope.

“The worst case would be failing to agree on a plan in October 2024,” Hancock said, pinpointing the month that the CFP’s exclusive negotiating window with ESPN begins. “No one wants to get to the point where there’s no event to decide the national championship. I am confident we will not get to that point.”

Be still, my heart.



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Stay healthy, my friend.

Good Lord, Arian Smith:

I know he’s not a polished route runner by any means, but so what?  He’s a deep threat every time he sets foot on the field.  Instead of ‘Bama fans giving us the what ifs about Jameson Williams’ injury, they ought to consider Smith’s absence.


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Thanks a lot, Art.

It’s still early, but this is starting to sound like the “not so fast, my friends” decision of 2022.

Art Briles was announced as the offensive coordinator at Grambling State on Thursday, but there still are hurdles to clear before the embattled former Baylor football coach can be approved for the position.

Grambling had yet to notify the University of Louisiana System that it intends to hire Briles as of late Friday. Once that happens, Briles will still need a majority vote from the 16-member board to formalize his hiring and join first-year Tigers coach Hue Jackson’s staff. The board’s next meeting is set for April 28.

“It’s up to the board and our board takes things very seriously,” said Cami Geisman, vice president of external affairs and chief of staff for the UL System. “They’re not a rubber-stamp board by any means.”

How would you like to be one of those board members, thrown into a situation that you didn’t invite and likely don’t approve of?  And now you’ll be facing all sorts of attention and pressure you didn’t ask for over the next two months.

There’s no way I’d expect Briles to save face and walk away, even if he were informed his contract didn’t have the votes.  In fact, I’d halfways expect him to threaten to sue if the board dared to turn down his deal.

May have to go to the store to buy more popcorn…


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Okay, it’s not rocket science…

… but it doesn’t mean college football’s lords and masters will be changing course any time soon.  Money talks and football fans walk (from stadiums, anyway).


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