Okay, it’s not rocket science…

… but it doesn’t mean college football’s lords and masters will be changing course any time soon.  Money talks and football fans walk (from stadiums, anyway).



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  1. Gaskilldawg

    The conference commissioners and athletic directors have figured a solution.
    1. Ticket prices, parking and concession costs. Their solution: Expand the playoffs. With 8 more slots on the bracket fans will have more money to spend for tickets, parking and concessions.

    TV timeouts: Their solution: Expand the playoffs. With 8 more slots on the bracket fans will appreciate the down time during the games to calculate their team’s chances to make the playoffs without the distraction of watching plays.
    Scheduling: Their solution: Expand the playoffs. With 8 more slots on the bracket fans will enjoy the OOC games that will have zero impact on their team’s chances of making the playoff, and, hey, the late notice on game times is one of those exciting things that makes life worth living!
    Greed? NO!!! Expansion is giving more teams a chance even though those teams failed to give themselves a chance by their performances in the games.

    Thank goodness we have these guys in charge. /s (isn’t that the symbol for sarcasm?)

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    • Castleberry

      Definitely picking up your sarcasm and sadly their solution for #2 is running clock and fewer plays to shorten the games. They’ll make it happen in the name of player safety. I’ve been triggered by this for years… Seems like it could be a bargaining chip in the next TV contract – max TV stoppage time. They can (but won’t) preserve some amount of fan experience by packing in MORE action to less time.

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  2. junkyardawg41

    Money talks and football fans walk (from stadiums, anyway) I am starting to think that’s a feature for these lads and not a bug.


  3. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Man, people in Big Ten country are weird… they don’t like night games???

    Night games are so much better than noon games which are the worst, and which we had forking FOUR HOME NOON GAMES last season!!!

    I’m thinking Mr. Bacon (great name though) and his friends don’t know how to tailgate or enjoy their town the right way if they don’t like night games.


  4. In the words of James Carville, “it’s the TV timeouts, stupid.”

    The game may be marginally longer because of halftime and all of the passing/scoring, but the real culprit are those behind the man holding the sign with the TV timeout countdown. For example, player goes down from getting his bell rung or a cramp. TV shows the training staff go out to check on the player. Then they go to a 3 minute long TV timeout. Player is up 10 seconds later. Result is 2:50 of dead time.

    As Castleberry says above, the solution is less action by fully adopting the NFL’s clock rules in the name of player safety.

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  5. Bulldawg Bill

    Personally, there’s positively NO substitute for being at the game. I don’t GAF where it is. Noon games wouldn’t be the worst if they’d open the lots earlier. YMMV.

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  6. jim1886

    Does anyone know the uga attendance numbers this year?


  7. Ran A

    Yup – except for night games – I love night games

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  8. uga97

    Quality of hd media feeds, smart TVs & costs/options of streaming services has nothing to do with the declining attendance.


  9. Scotty King

    I used to attend all games at Sanford and usually an away game or two (always Florida), but now I rarely go – due to the above mentioned reasons (and getting towed from Stegman once).

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    • Getting towed sucks, no bones about it…getting towed to see a noon opener against New Mexico State might put me in prison and the tow truck driver in purgatory…agreed, ain’t worth the risk…as my boy Rodney used to say, we all just need to get along…I’ll be watching from the comfy confines of the pole barn with no risk of crowds or escalating prices, or sinister tow truck drivers…unfortunately, that’s exactly the mindset the satellite overlords want most of us to have.


  10. I’d reverse his order. Definitely starts with greed, but then the scheduling issues. TV timeouts and rising prices are a growing annoyance, but acceptable if the KO time and opponent are really good.

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