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The pick is in.

According to Dawgs247, Georgia has a new o-line coach… er, an old o-line coach?

Another former Georgia assistant is returning to the Bulldogs’ coaching staff.

Dawgs247 expects North Carolina offensive line coach Stacy Searels to be the Bulldogs’ new offensive line coach. Searels, who just finished his third season with the Tar Heels, previously coached Georgia’s offensive line from 2007-10.

Searels will replace offensive line coach Matt Luke, who resigned on Feb. 21 after two seasons on staff.

Man, Kirbs is all in on getting the band back together, isn’t he?



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Today, in utter horseshit

This is truly something.

The last paragraph — Art Briles as victim — is particularly contemptible.  These people should all rot.


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Your Daily Gator’s familiarity breeds contempt.

This message board thread about Todd Grantham going to work for Nick Saban is everything you’d expect.

I’m looking forward to the future thread when these geniuses — they’ve gotta be smarter than Saban, amirite? — discover that Grantham at Alabama is a totally different animal from the Grantham at Florida.


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Today, in where are they now?

It’s a small world after all:

[Georgia’s new defensive backs coach Fran] Brown played for a Western Carolina defense whose coordinator was Geoff Collins, now Georgia Tech’s coach.

Looking forward to seeing them get together to reminisce at the Waffle House after the blowout in Athens this year.


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BREAKING: Fourth-stringer makes bank

Like the way they announced this:

Good for you, Stetson.  Make hay while the sun shines, and all…


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Musical palate cleanser, another one gone edition

I’m embarrassed to say I missed this news when it first came out last week.

Gary Brooker, the singer and pianist of the early progressive rock group Procol Harum, who co-wrote songs including “A Whiter Shade of Pale,” the improbable but overpowering hit during the 1967 Summer of Love, died on Saturday at his home in Surrey, England. He was 76.

Mr. Brooker had been receiving treatment for cancer, the band said in a statement confirming his death.

With his grainy, weathered-sounding voice and a piano style steeped in gospel, classical music, blues and the British music hall, Mr. Brooker led Procol Harum in songs that mixed pomp and whimsy, orchestral grandeur and rock drive. He composed nearly all of Procol Harum’s music; Keith Reid, who did not perform with the band, provided lyrics that invoked literary and historical allusions and spun tall tales, sometimes at the same time.

Although “A Whiter Shade of Pale” was both its first and biggest hit, and the band steadfastly avoided showmanship, Procol Harum sustained a five-decade career. It recorded and toured until 1977, and it regrouped sporadically in lineups led by Mr. Brooker to continue making albums until 2017.

Mr. Brooker, the band’s statement said, “was notable for his individuality, integrity, and occasionally stubborn eccentricity.”

One of rock’s great voices in an underappreciated band, Brooker was a favorite of mine.  PH had a few hits, but my favorite vocal of his comes from a song that wasn’t, “A Salty Dog”.

It’s easy to overlook how that band could rock, which is strange, considering Robin Trower was its lead guitarist and BJ Wilson was a fantastic drummer.  Here’s a Trower composition, “Whiskey Train”, that shows off the other side of the band and Brooker:

And one more, post-Trower — one of the great, bitter breakup songs of all time:

This dying shit sucks, man.


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