Today, in where are they now?

It’s a small world after all:

[Georgia’s new defensive backs coach Fran] Brown played for a Western Carolina defense whose coordinator was Geoff Collins, now Georgia Tech’s coach.

Looking forward to seeing them get together to reminisce at the Waffle House after the blowout in Athens this year.



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4 responses to “Today, in where are they now?

  1. Down Island Way

    This just in from the WH front counter, coach atl access to WH locations is now restricted to the 404 area…


  2. barneydawg

    Tech has been coached by a Western Carolina grad since 2008. His being one is the only concern that I have with Coach Brown (joking), but right now I am too worried about rumors on who the new O-line coach will be (not a joke). There are only 3 people I really did not want (Sale, Searles and Friend) and 2 of them seem to be getting serious discussion on the interweb. Fingers crossed that it is just evil rumor mongering.

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  3. The last few years I was in Athens I lived on the Eastside…there was a Waffle House off Barnett Shoals that is to me sacrosanct…I witnessed more marriage proposals, fist fights, near live births there than one would have seen at the hospital chapel at Grady Memorial…the place was special.(Ge-off would not be welcomed)

    The number of chocolate pies, Bert’s chili burgers, and waffles that I consumed there in the wee hours of the morning would almost have equaled 4 bowls of Colon Blow.

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