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“It was something I never thought could happen to me.”

My, these sour grapes are tasty.

Alabama wide receiver Jameson Williams believes his team would not have lost January’s national championship game if he had not injured his knee early in the second quarter.

“I felt like we would’ve won the game,” Williams said Wednesday at the NFL combine in Indianapolis. “Just — things happen, you know.”




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The collective shoe drops in Athens.

From the PR announcement:

About Classic City Collective
Classic City Collective aims to be the nation’s foremost supporter-funded NIL facilitation
platform to position Georgia Athletics and athletes from all 21 sports for sustained success.
The Collective was created to provide an opportunity for all of Dawg Nation to contribute and
engage with the athletes they passionately support through a variety of NIL opportunities,
including social media endorsements, in-kind deals for promotional activities, appearances,
meet and greets, autographs, and digital content. To learn more, visit
http://www.classiccitycollective.com and follow CCC on Instagram (@classiccitycltv), Twitter
(@ClassicCityCLTV) and TikTok (@classiccitycltv).

And, yes, there are connections to the program.

Notable University of Georgia supporters announced today the
launch of Georgia’s preeminent name, image and likeness (NIL) collective. Classic City
Collective was created to be the comprehensive destination for UGA athletes to capitalize on
and monetize their NIL, while providing an opportunity for all of Dawg Nation to contribute and
engage with the athletes they passionately support.
Alongside strategic partners Icon Source and DGD Fund, Classic City Collective aims to be the
nation’s foremost supporter-funded NIL facilitation platform to position Georgia Athletics and
athletes from all 21 sports for sustained success. A variety of NIL opportunities will be made
available to UGA athletes, including social media endorsements, traditional media
advertisements, in-kind deals for promotional activities, appearances, meet and greets,
autographs, and digital content.
Matt Hibbs will lead the Collective as CEO, with a Board of Directors comprised of business
leaders and former athletes associated with the University of Georgia. Former UGA linebacker
John Staton IV, a member of the 2021 National Championship team, will serve as Classic City
Collective’s Director of Operations. Staton graduated with a master’s degree in Sports
Management from the University of Georgia and a Sports Marketing degree at Samford
Prior to Classic City Collective, Hibbs spent 13 years as a collegiate athletics administrator and
agent at a leading sports agency and has done stints at four Power Five institutions including
the University of Miami, University of Tennessee, Ohio State University and, most recently,
three years at the University of Georgia.
“We are excited to work alongside Georgia’s loyal supporters, local businesses, alumni and
fans to provide a resource that cuts through the complexities of NIL and provides an avenue for
Dawg Nation to confidently support and connect with UGA athletes. We see an incredible
opportunity to enrich, enhance and empower the lives of Georgia athletes,” said Hibbs.
“Classic City Collective will create a sustainable platform to uniquely position UGA athletes for
continued success.”
During his time at UGA as an Assistant Athletic Director, Hibbs assisted the football program in
navigating compliance and helped to develop and manage the NIL program department wide.

No doubt we’ll be hearing plenty more soon enough.  I’m more curious to hear what Kirby thinks about it.  (Or, perhaps more accurately, what sort of input he’s had into it.)  Also, side issues such as compliance with the requirements of state law and how it will be presented on the recruiting trail are of interest to me.  More to come…


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Hey, it’s time for another reader bleg!

This is a pretty good one from mg4life0331:

Could you possibly get some people to post man cave ideas? Buying a new house and I’d like to see what some of the community has come up with.

Help a broth’a out in the comments.


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Moar reliving large

Without further ado, here are Graham and Josh breaking down Georgia’s offensive plays in the national title game:

A couple of quick points:

  • Graham’s take on the first half — that Georgia weathered a storm that could have been much, much worse — is pretty much how I felt sitting there, too.  9-6 at the half, and it seemed like Georgia had the opportunity, if they settled down, to take control of the game.  Which, eventually, is what happened.
  • I don’t know how anyone could have watched Georgia in the CFP and not come away thinking Todd Monken had a brilliant postseason.


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Reliving large

A few weeks ago, I linked to a detailed breakdown of Michigan’s offense in the Orange Bowl at mgoblog.  They finally posted the defensive bookend to that post here.  Like the first post, it’s a lengthy read, marred slightly by complaints about the officiating (really, are there still people who pretend to be shocked at the degree to which college football officials ignore holding?), but still immensely enjoyable from a Georgia fan’s perspective.

My take from watching the game was that Todd Monken put the three-plus weeks between the SECCG and the CFP to very good use, devising a game plan that exploited Michigan’s defensive scheme and neutralized its best defender, who is, after all, about to become a top-three pick in the NFL draft.  That’s not exactly how the post’s author saw it, though.

As much Smart had planned, Michigan was able to adapt. The problem in this game wasn’t the (always overrated) rock-paper-scissors battle between coordinators from drive to drive. The problem was Georgia was getting the ball on short fields, a Michigan player would blow an assignment, and the Bulldogs would be in the endzone or scoring position before the coaching battle was barely played out. It was 17-0 after 24 snaps. Flinging the ball at screens and covered receivers was working, and they hadn’t yet gone near Aidan Hutchinson. David Ojabo? Put three tight ends on the field and Michigan will give you Jess Speight, Julius Welschof, and Jaylen Harrell instead. The only tradeoff was Georgia was going to lose some wide receivers to playing time transfers in the aftermath. They can buy new ones.

That doesn’t mean Macdonald got got, really. But I do think that this game was sort of a counter to the Ohio State meta-narrative. Ryan Day’s offense is all about running pro favorites like mesh and multi-verticals where somebody’s going to have leverage. The concepts Kirby Smart was running were closer to the stuff teams were running in the middle of the 20th century. This entire setup would not have been out of place on a reel from 1950…

Old man football, for the win!  Enjoy the read.


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Four tailgates, four tickets…

Look at this as the evolution of all the “what time is the game?, what time can you be here?” Georgia Tech jokes you’ve heard (or told):

Georgia Tech’s spring game will have an unusual feature – a tailgate party taking place in one of the end zones as the game is going on. Plans for the spring game, to be played March 17, were announced by the athletic department Tuesday.

Space in the end zone will be available on a first-come, first-served basis to all fans, with part of the space designated exclusively for students. (The scrimmage will be played with the offense going towards the end zone without the tailgate party.) Food and beverages (including beer and wine) will be available for purchase in the end-zone area, which will have a St. Patrick’s Day theme.

Drinking on the field while the scrimmage is ongoing?  Gee, what could go wrong there…


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This will set your Daily Gator’s heart a-flippin’.

Woo, boy, I say.

Look out, world, the Gators are coming.


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A country boy leaves home.


Ben Jones, on Kirby Smart and Stacy Searles (who was his position coach at Georgia:

Finally, Jones touched on what it was like to be recruited by Searels.

“I was an easy sell,” Jones said. “I wanted to be at Georgia. The relationship he built with me right away, he was a guy I trusted and a guy I wanted to work for. You gotta think, Kirby Smart was my recruiter on the other end at Alabama. Those were my two top teams and you know where I ended up—at Georgia. So you got to give Coach Searels some credit, he beat out the big dawgs. We always give him (Kirby) a hard time about it. I talk to Kirby all the time and say man, I lived 20 minutes from Tuscaloosa and went to Georgia. So you must not be that good of a recruiter.”

Oh, sure, they laugh about that now…


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