Moar reliving large

Without further ado, here are Graham and Josh breaking down Georgia’s offensive plays in the national title game:

A couple of quick points:

  • Graham’s take on the first half — that Georgia weathered a storm that could have been much, much worse — is pretty much how I felt sitting there, too.  9-6 at the half, and it seemed like Georgia had the opportunity, if they settled down, to take control of the game.  Which, eventually, is what happened.
  • I don’t know how anyone could have watched Georgia in the CFP and not come away thinking Todd Monken had a brilliant postseason.


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  1. We absolutely weathered the storm of the offense’s (SBIV) slow start. The defense played their best red zone defense of the year throughout. When we came back and scored after the turnover induced TD, that’s when I really thought this is going to happen.

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  2. RangerRuss

    @34:38 after Burton catches the pass and runs out of bounds directly into Saban’s face, you can see the brief interaction between them…
    “Million dollar NIL if you come play for me next year, Burton.”
    “How ’bout a pony, Corch Saban?”
    “Aight, I’ll get you a pony too.”

    Back to the Josh and Graham show.

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  3. The game changed when the Bama backups lied to their coaches, moment became to big and they pissed down their legs, laying down like their mommas do when the troop ship docks.

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  4. The final TD to Bowers had been set up literally the entire season. Every time we went fast on 3rd down, it was a hand off up the middle.

    That he had the patience to save that all year and then the clarify to call it at the perfect time was just amazing.

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  5. stoopnagle

    I think the one critique one could level at Monken is Washington was seemingly under used. That said, I’m not expert enough to know how he could balance touches between 0, 19, and Cook. He gets a lot of props for finally unleashing Cook, though. Particularly in the OB.

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  6. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    One super big bonus about winning a National Championship game is that it seems like it gets replayed 2-3 times a month, maybe more. This means that I can look at it in more detail, and also without worrying what the outcome is going to be. Plus there is just a little pleasure taken knowing the Bama fans have to watch it, too.

    So the last day or so, I have watched the first quarter. It looks to me like Stetson is carrying the SECCG on his shoulders and can’t quite shake it. He struggled. Can’t get a pass completion, and even when he scrambles successfully once he just drops the ball untouched! When it bounced back into his hands is the first time I thought if we can just settle down we might pull this off. Munson would have said Lady Luck was smiling on us. But the defense was unbelievable. No luck needed by the D. There were too many great defensive plays to single anyone out.

    Officiating was ?!?!? They hadn’t called Stetson’s ‘fumble’ yet, so I was kind of willing to believe Young’s arm was going forward and that there was a receiver in the vicinity. But Kearis gets bumped on a fair catch, but no penalty is called. On the other end of the field, Ameer Speed gets called for being too close on a fair catch when he was clearly pulling up. Everyone has a different strike zone, but call them the same way for both sides. Hell, even when they called To’oo for the clapping (delay of the game) it might have worked in Bama’s favor: looked to me like Zeus was turning a corner and about to claim a wide swath of grass.

    So, we over came a lot.

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    • Comin' Down The Track

      We got all mad in our houses and pubs and stadium seats, but after the SBIV “fumble,” the lads realized what was happening, too. However, they did not get mad. They were like, “Oh, okay, 11 on 20. Now, we know. Cool. Let’s finish this.”

      Then they did.


  7. Clayton Joiner

    In retrospect, the worst call of the game for Monken was the fleaflicker…I thought so in the moment as well.

    What was missed by Herbie& Co. following the game was how Zeus was the Back who set the tone on the ground in the 2nd half…yes, Cook had the more memorable run, buy just remember thinking how terrible that fleaflicker call was based on how Zamir was running down their throats to start the half. Glad it ultimately didn’t bite us in the ass more than it did.

    How sweet it is! How Bout Them Dawgs?!


  8. 93dawg

    The offense didn’t “go” until we made the change on the O line (Jones at left tackle and Salyer to right guard). THAT was when it all started clicking.