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Searels and Monken

Graham Coffey posted a long Twitter thread about the Searels hire.  There’s plenty there to rebut some of the online concerns I’ve seen about it, but he points out something in particular I wanted to highlight:

At this point, I think we need to put the “Smart needs to keep his hands off the offense” narrative.  It’s pretty clear from this and other things that Monken’s been handed the keys to the car.



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Only one place to go

Here’s an interesting data point Chip Towers unearthed:

College teams with a returning starter at quarterback typically improve their win percentage by 2.4% since 2013, according to the New York Post. That number rises to 12.2% when returning eight other starters on offense.

I guess we know what that means.


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Freaky deaky

These two things can be simultaneously true:  The term “freak” is overused when it comes to athletes.  Jordan Davis is a freak.


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