For Kirby Smart, the NFL Combine is the gift that keeps on giving.

Bruce Feldman’s ($$) take on Georgia’s showing in last week’s Combine is borderline sexually arousing.

In the offseason, sources close to the Georgia program said they believed the Bulldogs were so loaded with studs on defense, they thought this team was like a stacked Miami Hurricane rosters from the Canes’ glory days. Georgia backed up the hype by leading the nation in fewest points allowed in 2021 en route to winning the national title. In Indianapolis, the stars of that defense wowed folks with their combination of size and athleticism.

… I heard several times from NFL coaches and scouts who met with Bulldog players about how well they’ve been coached. One NFL defensive coach said Georgia and Alabama players really stood out in the interview process, demonstrating how well they’ve been prepared to make the move to the next level.

If Kirbs isn’t putting together a binder of all the fawning media takes of his players at the Combine to show recruits, he’s not the Kirby Smart I think he is.



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17 responses to “For Kirby Smart, the NFL Combine is the gift that keeps on giving.

  1. Harold Miller

    We are getting Mitt Romney’s crew on the binder thing.

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  2. timphd

    If you watch the interviews of the guys at Indy, the polish, maturity, and preparedness really are staggering. I was so impressed with how each player handled the interview process, not to mention how they showed out in the drills.

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  3. bucketheridge

    One more example of why Kirby and his staff are outstanding coaches. Our defense is disciplined, rarely out of place, and tackles as well or better than any team in college football. Those aren’t just the result of great talent, they are the result of great coaching.

    The “Kirby is a great recruiter but an average coach” narrative has always been a joke.

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  4. It’s only because Metchie and Williams were out.

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  5. All of this likely means a hell of a lot more than stats or here’s some money.

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  6. theotherdoug

    Prepping guys for the NFL like this is Kirby’s answer to the NIL changes.

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  7. Bluto, you’re right. This positive combine press is almost unbelievable . It’s better than local homer press making audacious claims for views or clicks. If, in recruiting you want to use NFL preparedness as a carrot, then this type of press is like the Dead Sea scrolls…it should resonate with each aspiring young recruit and their parents…it affirms Kirby’s focus on making his players and the program elite.

    Go Dawgs!

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    • Down Island Way

      All those UGA football guys at the combine had to have bad ass results, 3/4 of those Dawgs rotated in and out of games, never got a chance to really put up glaring “D” numbers/stats, then to top all that, UGA football “O” put games out of reach where 2’s & 3’s were getting more snaps than the 1’s in the 2nd half of most games, save the title game (GO DAWGS!), so, those guys really had to shine and shine they did!…

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    • Harold Miller

      Wow! The dawgs kick ass even in Aramaic!

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  8. Whiskey Dawg

    I’m worthless for the rest of the day now.

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  9. The Truth

    You know what’s really Dawg-porny? Most NFL talent evaluators think Jalen Carter is going to show up at the Combine next year and say, “Hold my beer…”

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  10. olddawg22

    I believe you know that recruits are not going to be the only folks handed that binder!!!
    Kirbs it’s time to get paid! $$,$$$,$$$.!!

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  11. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    It’s not just Feldman, either. Dane Brugler had a mock draft with 5 Dawgs going in the first round and at least 2 more in the second round.


  12. Jack Klompus

    How did he leave Davis out of his 45 freakish athletes list?


    • The Truth

      I don’t claim to be the most insightful, football-knowledgeable sort, but I’ve watched it for 50 years now and when #99 chased down that UAB QB from behind I turned to my friend and said, “if he can do that at the combine JD will be a very wealthy man.”

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  13. archiecreek

    Y’all Youtube Rich Eisen talking about JD and Devonte waiting in Lucas Oil Stadium for over an hour after they finished their drills just to cheer on Trevon while he did his drills.
    Talk about inspiration, teamwork, dedication to the brotherhood, enthusiasm, and DAWGASM!!

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