Georgia, collectively speaking

Lots of nuggets to glean from Seth Emerson’s piece about the creation of the Classic City Collective ($$), starting with this link to the PR announcement about it.  More specifically, these quotes:

“Matt proved during his time in our program how valuable he can be to our student-athletes and Georgia Athletics. His background and experience within and around collegiate athletics makes him a uniquely positioned leader in NIL,” said Kirby Smart, Georgia Bulldogs head football coach.

“Matt was an incredible asset to the Athletics Association in his role as Assistant AD for Football Compliance. He is a person of high character and integrity and was able to consistently align the coaching staff, support staff and administration to achieve a legal, innovative and fair outcome,” said Josh Brooks, Georgia Bulldogs Director of Athletics.

At a minimum, that clearly indicates the head coach and athletic director are on board.  Seth goes on to write that Smart and Brooks put Staton and Hibbs, who had been working towards the same goal independently, together.  The implications from that — especially given Smart’s level of control over all aspects of football operations — seem clear.

The second nugget, and it’s one that I’ve wondered about, is this:

Georgia is now operating under the NCAA guidelines, not the Georgia state law, because that had a sunset provision saying that if the NCAA made its own restrictions the Georgia law went away.

“NCAA made its own restrictions” is doing some seriously heavy lifting there, but I presume somebody a lot smarter than me has already kicked the tires on that and blessed it.  That being the case, it’s full speed ahead for a UGA collective.

So when can we expect to see that first example of stupid money being offered to a recruit?  Not any time soon, if this is to be believed.

“This is absolutely, 100 percent not a way to funnel money to prospective student-athletes who are recruited to the University of Georgia, in any sense. It is 100 percent focused on current student-athletes, the Georgia community, and bridging that gap between those two different entities to help Georgia as a whole,” Staton said. “It’s not anything related to recruiting. But I will say, if we’re successful it definitely will incentivize recruits to want to come (to Georgia).”



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  1. rigger92

    What? No mention of taxes?


    • Gaskilldawg

      Hibbs and Stanton should not do it because who knows if they can make quarterly tax payments.
      By the way, I will bet no one withholds
      taxes from Smart’s Ford endorsements and Saban’s AFLAC ads.
      We should not let them make those ads until they prove they can handle the money responsibly. Looks as if Saban is wasting some of his on hair dye.

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  2. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    ““NCAA made its own restrictions” is doing some seriously heavy lifting there…”

    Eh, I don’t think so. I admit that the only thing I know about the legislative history for that statute is what I read here, but it seems to me that the whole intent of it was for us to have what others have and now we do. Plus, a recent US Supreme Court ruling seems to clear the way for most activities, and finally, find me the DA that will prosecute it. It ain’t happening, imo.

    It might be doing a little light lifting because it is hard to call the NCAA’s position ‘restrictions’, but I think it’s going to be fine.


  3. SouthsideDawg

    “This is absolutely, 100 percent not a way to funnel money to prospective student-athletes who are recruited to the University of Georgia, in any sense.” – That’s laughable.

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  4. Hobnail_Boot

    The law of unintended consequences..

    I’m just glad that UGA won a title before CFB went completely off the rails.

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  5. Remember the Quincy

    Never has the ($$) marker in a blog post been more appropriate.

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  6. row105

    We’re now playing semi-pro ball. Hell let’s just play on Sundays and have a 32 team play-off. I’m just going to assume,without knowing, that all this is the Texas A&M model. (This is how I explain their number 1 recruiting class)
    I’m not sure I could say with a straight face that, “This is absolutely, 100 percent not a way to funnel money to prospective student-athletes who are recruited to the University of Georgia, in any sense.” How can you even think much less say that without being embarrassed? Tell me this ain’t a potential conversation…..UT is offering you a Ford commercial …hell son, sign here,we got people(read that CCC) who can get you a Mercedes or Porsche commercial..(compensated by giving you a free lease until you get hurt, kicked off the team or transfer).maybe throw in a law firm and energy drink ad while we’re at it.
    Gotta agree with Hobnail , this is going to be a cluster f***. because CCC and all the AI[that did mean artificial intelligence ,amirite?] in the world can not figure out what all the unintended consequences of semi-pro ball is going to be on the students, student-athletes, schools, fans and the 100’s of leeches who are going to latch on to these kids during this period of creative destruction.. I’m sure Jamie Newman’s adviser had his best interests at heart.
    O well, let’s hope that Greta Thunberg is right and we only have to put up with this shit for another 7 or 8 eight years when she scolds us all that the world will end…..or is it democracy that will end ,I forget…… F***-it I’m going for a wog. walk/jog

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    • RangerRuss

      This morning
      I shot six holes in my freezer
      I think I got cabin fever
      Somebody sound the alarm…

      Boat drinks
      Waitress I need two more boat drinks

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      • rigger92

        Cabin fever is right, this damn cold snap put a huge dampener on my routine.

        Got an alert that we took the FL BB coach today, not sure how I feel about that.

        I didn’t shoot my freezer today but I damn sure want to shoot out my across the street neighbor’s gate lights that are so damn bright we need to blind the windows at night. Fucker went from amber fake fire bulbs to nuclear white.

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        • RangerRuss

          When the wind blows hard and moves the trees in the winter, I can occasionally glimpse my neighbor’s floodlights the rare times he has them on. Maybe a Leyland cypress row or three would stifle that light pollution?


  7. archiecreek

    fuqing communist terminology,
    fuqing commies don’t pay taxes!!

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