Here Finebaum is now, CFP. Entertain him.

Watch Finebaum try to thread the needle between being a complete SEC fanboy and bitching about how the possibility of playoff expansion has been set back because of bad blood between Sankey and the Alliance.  It’s hilarious.

He’s so flummoxed by the situation that, even has he advocates for expansion, he can’t help but acknowledge there usually aren’t even four teams in a given season worthy of national title consideration.

The conferences want the money expansion brings and the pundits want the increase in talking points.  If they have to trash the status quo a little to get there, so be it.  What more do we need, college football fans?



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  1. Watch Paul talk some? No thanks. I’m going to finish my coffee and watch the Bowers clip a few more times.

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  2. RangerRuss

    If the CFP is going to expand I might as well look for the bright side. The Dawgs will always be at a disadvantage in the SECC when facing Bama and the SEC refs. A 12-1 and probably 11-2 record will put the Dawgs in a twelve team playoff where they will only have to face normal officiating incompetence and not Bama privilege as well.
    Being a two loss National Champion ain’t optimal; but, I’ll take it.

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  3. Castleberry

    So, has anyone seen a proposed expansion that showed WHEN the games would be? NFL plays Monday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday through December.

    CFP will NOT go head to head with NFL.

    Are these games as valuable on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Friday night the week before Christmas? And, if they’re going to play on the same day to keep recovery times even / fair – are they running a billion dollar TV investment at 5pm ET on a weekday??


    • First round play-in games will be the Saturday after conference championship games. Quarterfinals will be the following Saturday. Semifinals will be New Year’s with the championship on the Monday it is now. That’s my best guess, but I’ve also heard scenarios where the quarters would be New Year’s Eve/New Year’s Day.

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      • Biggen

        Any Saturday games after conference Championships would put the games on during NFL timeslot games, right? I have a hard time believing the anyone (network/CFB playoff brass) wants that as that would guarantee fewer eyeballs not more.

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        • Gaskilldawg

          Yeah. interesting issue. I’m wondering if the media value of first and second round games will be as great as they expect seeing as the NFL games are more popular television..
          Shit, would serve the CFP crowd to make the deal them find that the games would all be on Tuesday nights except for semis and final.
          “You are looking live at 2 degrees above zero Camp Randall Stadium for one of college football’s signature events.

          Also, Minnesota and Pittsburgh play home games in NFL stadiums. It would be a hoot if neither could play its home playoff game at home since the Vikings and Steelers get first dibs on the field.

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        • I have no idea, but these are the only two alternatives that seem to work without keeping the amateurs on campus through the holidays.


      • Castleberry

        Four games all on that NFL Saturday? You may be right, but that would be a bold move and the opposite of CFP currently dodging NFL with a freakin’ Monday night championship…


  4. Faltering Memory

    Since ESPN owns darn near everything, games will be played when they say, He that has the gold makes the rules.

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    • Castleberry

      100% – and for the folks expecting a day of boozing and watching playoff CFB on the sofa will need to take time off work.


  5. jcdawg83

    12 team playoff will complete the “NFLisation” of college football. NIL has made it a professional sport, it already has a holdout from Spring practice who is unhappy with his NIL money. Playoff expansion will make the regular season much less important, exactly like the NFL.

    10 years from now, when ESPN decides to expand the playoff field to 24 teams trying to reverse the trend of declining ratings and interest in college football, no one will dare look back and question any of the decisions made. I’ll say it again; college football had a good run.

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  6. akascuba

    The push for expansion by the talking heads is all self serving. The entire country would be included in playoff viewers discussion and endless click bait opportunities. As even Pawwwll admits rarely are there more than four teams good enough to be champions.

    To get a deal done now as I understand it would give Pawwwll’s employer the upper hand. When the current deal expires it would go to the highest bidder or combination of bidders ensuring mo money and mo money for all. By then the players will be sitting at the trough too.

    Anything that delays the expansion push works for me.

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  7. otto1980

    Bring back the BCS

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  8. Rose Bowl…”nice setting. I’ve been to better.” 🤣🤣🤣

    While our SEC venues are better (Sanford, LSU) no way does NOLA, Atlanta, Dallas, Miami or AZ match the Rose. Nice dig, Paaawwwwwllll.

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    • rigger92

      Yeah that was cute. The best Rose Bowl I ever saw was when they hosted a playoff game (I wasn’t there, just watched on TV). If some PAC team has a pulse it could be good but it ain’t AL-AU or GA-FL or the SECC, or MI-OH.


  9. archiecreek

    I heard a bunch of crybabies on the SEC network saying that there are more than 64 teams worthy of the basketball playoff!!
    sixtyfreakingfour ain’t enough!!!!
    4 is fine for football,
    don’t give a shit what pawwwwl thinks!

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