Always follow the money.

You probably thought I was kidding the other day when I said “I’m really looking forward to the day when Jimmy Sexton takes on his first recruit as a client” — hell, I thought I was kidding — but I should have known better ($$).

How much has the game changed? CAA agent Jimmy Sexton, who runs CAA’s football division along with its coaching division, told ESPN that the last year has been seismic.

“From the college side, this is clearly the biggest time of change I’ve ever seen in 35 years in the business,” Sexton said. “A lot of times, change is good.”

If you’re Jimmy Sexton dealing with SEC ADs, when isn’t change good?


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  1. More related to that earlier post: 2012…donors amass money for luxury football facilities, fans cheer. 2022…donors amass money for NIL “collectives”, fans lament. Are we buying players now? Yes. Were
    we before? The answer was always Yes. In every single instance, the leadership of this sport have made a decision to go for money instead of the good of the game and the SA. They’ve been worse than Russian and Chinese media in calling the truth something else. This is what we get, and we will be entertained by the spectacle. It’s not amateur students playing football part time. Since UGA and OK sued…and won…for TV rights in 1982 it hasn’t been.

    Sexton is going to make more money. So will the coaches and now the kids. Fans will pay for it all in some way…we’re the source of every single penny being pumped into the system. It will crash when the competing interests for our wallets start infighting and use not playing as leverage…see MLB as exhibit A. The “product” they are building is going to dilute the passion alumni have for their teams. Kids born today probably won’t know what tailgating is really like and only care about games the way fans follow American Idol now…a made for TV (streaming?!) storyline created by entertainment producers that has no relationship to where you’ve attended college (for free?!).

    Pogo nailed who the enemy is.


    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      ” Since UGA and OK sued…and won…for TV rights in 1982 it hasn’t been.”
      Before they sued it was medieval feudalism, and the courts correctly said, wait a second, we’re capitalists. I don’t think that was so bad. I do recognize that even capitalism can get out of control, but that’s what anti-trust principles address. Not sure we’re there….yet.


  2. Down Island Way

    This isn’t a correction vs an observation, Mr. Sexton doesn’t deal with sec ad’s, sec ad’s deal with Mr. Sexton…when he see’s what the institutions in the $ec $plit up every year, knowing what individual institutions bank from $ec football, he $ay$ thank$ for all that information…


  3. Skeptic Dawg

    I tend to be a glass half empty type of guy, but have we now entered into the beginning of the end of college football? There are several signs that point to yes. Is the O’Bannon case the singular event that history will point to when discussing the fall of college football? I would guess that one case will prove to be the tipping point, however, there are numerous other events that led us to edge.


    • O’Bannon the tipping point? Are you sure you don’t have it confused with Alston?

      In any event, this has had a greater impact on college football than either of those two cases.


      • Skeptic Dawg

        Thank you for the correction. Yes, Alston. I would love to see a timeline of major events in college football that pushed us to where we are today. This is not your grandfather’s college football and I can’t say it is better.


  4. archiecreek

    I think it’s better. College football can now claim a true national champion,
    not some hodgepodge concoction as before where
    the north ave. trade school can claim a natty by beating a 9-2 Nebraska team that lost to the National Champion Colorado Buffaloes.


    • Skeptic Dawg

      Archie, I agree with you on the playoffs. That being said, I believe the BCS and computers got it right pretty consistently. There really are not 4 teams capable of winning a title in college football most years. As far as everything else, I must admit that I don’t like most of what I see from college football these days. Guess that’s why there are so many different channels to pick from.


  5. row105

    I don’t know what your referring to. I have a hat from my trip to Boulder to see the dawgs lose to the Buffs. At that game I came into possession of a baseball cap that says Colorado won the National championship not a co-championship. That hat settles the discussion as far as I’m concerned. Tech ain’t won shit since the 50’s.

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  6. row105

    Sexton said. “A lot of times, change is good.”
    Correct me if I’m wrong with my logic ….doesn’t that clearly mean sometimes it ain’t. I’m sure its better for him but as the smuck who pays for tickets I’ll bet a lot of my soon to be due contribution that it ain’t better for me.