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Musical palate cleanser, tour time edition

Just thought I’d share a little news…

… and a little music.

You’re welcome. 🙂



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Idle thought about a great freshman season

I dunno… maybe it’s just me, but the first thing that came into my head after reading this quote from George Pickens about Adonai Mitchell,

… Pickens spoke about wanting to leave a legacy in Athens; when he was asked who could pick up where he left off, Pickens didn’t hesitate to provide a name.

“AD [Adonai Mitchell],” Pickens said. “It’s like, some stuff you can’t coach. That’s really part of it. He’s got the skills, he’s got the mindset, the routes, the speed. I mean, he’s got it all. So he probably is the next upcoming, and I’m glad that he got to see me before I left so he can kind of understand.”

was wondering if his career track might turn out to be something like DeVonta Smith’s was.  They do have something similar to compare from their respective freshman seasons, after all.

Eh, it’s probably just me.


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Corch, doing it for the kids

Everybody needs a hobby.

Former Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer is joining the board of a nonprofit that will pay Buckeyes football and basketball players to work with charities.

Meyer will serve on the board of THE Foundation, an organization co-founded by Brian Schottenstein, a Columbus real estate developer and Ohio State booster, and Cardale Jones, the former national championship-winning quarterback for the Buckeyes. It launches at the end of this month.

“There isn’t a better person to have on the board than Coach Urban Meyer,” Schottenstein said. “It goes without saying that he’s one of the greatest recruiters of student-athletes and coaches of all time. I appreciate his support and friendship.”

Definitely a go-to guy for mentoring.  Maybe they can bring in Zach Smith while they’re at it and get the band back together.


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