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Evergreen MIA

Damn, it looks like Metchie and Williams are still out.

This is turning into the old Saturday Night Live shtick about Generalissimo Franco still being dead.



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While we’re on the subject of spring practice…

They grindin’ in Athens…

And this, my early choice for defensive breakout player this season

They call Jamon Dumas-Johnson “Pop.”

It’s not due to his age, obviously. It’s due to the number of plays he’s making in practice as an inside linebacker.

“Every time he’s out there, you actually see a pop,” outside linebacker Nolan Smith said. “Literally he goes in there for two plays, he gets the ball out. No. 10, he went in for three plays against UAB. He caught a pick-six, ran it back. He gets forced fumbles and sacks within seconds. I love him.”

Safety Christopher Smith echoed this sentiment about Dumas-Johnson’s game.

“He probably gets the most shots on ball than probably anybody, I want to say. Like I say, he wants that ball no matter what,” Smith said. “He’s keeping that in my mind. To see a guy that young have that kind of mindset about the ball, the ball, the ball, it’s definitely exciting to see.”

Whenever he’s on the field, it seems like all this kid does is make plays.  I’m good with that.


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Your athletic dollars at work

Ripped from the pages of Seth Emerson’s mailbag ($$)

What is AD Josh Brooks going to do with the once-proud gymnastics program? It has regressed every year under (Courtney) Kupets-Carter. I have the next coach for you. Courtney McCool and her husband.

William C.

Barring a collapse down the stretch it seems Kupets-Carter’s job is safe for at least one more year. The results certainly haven’t been great: This year’s team is only ranked No. 22 at the moment, but the incoming recruiting class is pretty good, ranked No. 5 in the nation and the 2023 class is No. 11 right now. Something I’ve been told is college gymnastics recruiting does begin super early, such as the eighth grade, so any payoff from Kupets-Carter’s recruiting should be bearing fruit now.

Still, there may need to be some recalibrating of expectations for Georgia gymnastics, in the sense of not expecting it to be a national power every year anymore. Suzanne Yoculan stepped down 15 years ago, and the program is on its third head coach since then. The first one, Jay Clark, has LSU as a national power right now, so the original mistake may have been letting him go too quickly. But you can’t go back in time to fix that.

But the main thing that may save Kupets-Carter is just the athletic department not wanting to go through too many transitions at the same time. Brooks has so far replaced four head coaches in 15 months, and the work behind the scenes for coaching transitions is immense, not so much financial but time management for athletic department staff. If a coach is on the bubble, the default will be to give them one more year.

Get that?  Greg McGarity hired so many mediocrities that Josh Brooks doesn’t have enough time in the short run to deal with them all.  Too bad nobody back then cared enough to do anything about it.  If that ain’t the Georgia Way, I don’t know what is.


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Dan Mullen? Never heard of him…

Discussing Florida’s second day of spring practice, Swamp247’s Bob Redman engages in a little historical revisionism.

I am excited to write this one today for a few reasons. After talking to my sources, it really hit me that this staff is most likely going to play the best players and not the guys that have been around for so many years, unless of course they are the best player at whatever position. That would be a big change from the last staff.

By the time the Gator faithful get done with the Dan Mullen era, they’ll be pretending nobody ever wanted the guy as their head coach.  Kinda like if Stalin wore orange and blue jorts and did the chomp.


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Crazy like a Yellow Jacket

Why on Earth would a football team put on their spring game the same night March Madness starts?

While many of its competitors are just getting started with spring practice, Georgia Tech completed the bulk of its spring workouts on Thursday night. In the annual spring game, the Yellow Jackets looked like a group that was getting better from its 3-9 season a year ago, but was also in the process of learning new schemes and trying to replace many of the top playmakers lost from the 2021 team.

… Calling it a “game” might challenge the definition of the word.

But fans (there were perhaps 1,000 in attendance, including many prospects and their families) did get to see something approximating a scrimmage…

Oh.  Forget I asked.


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