Biding his time

Look who’s portal shy.

That sound you hear is Dan Mullen, on a lake somewhere, shaking his damned head.



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  1. whb209

    Someone please explain “14K career snaps”?
    That sounds really high.


  2. Ran A

    Well Condon enter the portal a week ago. Some speculation that he may head to Arkansas. Pitt Boss recruit and he is from Oklahoma City. And I do think we’ll lose some kids after Spring Practice. In fact, I want to say Georgia is four or five ‘heavy’ to get down to 85 scholarship players. (But what’s to say that a NIL can’t cover the cost of tuition for a preferred walk on, that enjoys all the other benefits of being on the team and that another team would just about kill to have? Still adjusting to this NIL thing).

    Will say this, you have to wonder if Tyrique Stevenson back in Miami and with the Hurricanes, wishes he had stayed with the Dawgs. He was Miami’s best Corner last year, and wouldn’t have started, but would likely have played a lot in the secondary. To miss out on a National Championship with your boys.

    And then there is Cox, who left after his Freshmen year to play at Florida. Now granted, this kids work ethic has always been an issue. But the same thing. Looking back, does this kid wishes he had stayed at Georgia and been pushed by coaches and teammates? Especially with all those guys now heading to the NFL as 1’s and 2’s. My guess is that the answer is yes.

    It worked out for Jermaine Johnson. He was FSU’S best player and will be a top 15 draft choice. Same question though, was it worth it? Missing out on a Natty. Read an article of how he was constantly telling his FSU teammates about how good they were, how hard they worked and how they would beat Bama in round two for the Natty.

    Even a kid like Prather Hudson, who was not going to find the field at UGA, except on special teams and deep-deep into a game at RB. He got plenty of playing time at Illinois. But which is better? More time on the field in your last season, or being a special teams leader on a National Championship?

    Lot’s to consider for these kids.

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    • Harold Miller

      I don’t think Cox was going to work out no matter what. Kid didn’t play with composure.

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      • Texas Dawg

        Agree. I’m not sure we fought too hard for him to stay. I would not be at all surprised if he was quietly encouraged to look around. Culture seems to be almost as important as talent. A kid that will work his ass off stands a better chance of finding the field in Athens than a kid with talent and no work ethic.

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  3. miltondawg

    I wonder how much of that is due to waiting to get through spring practice and G Day and seeing where the team is and what holes need to be filled due to injury (like Pickens last year) and what holes need to be filled because players didn’t exactly wow the coaches.

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  4. Biggen

    We will get a few guys eventually from he portal but no where near the numbers that Ole MIss and LSU are having to go after. I think we still have about half a dozen players that will have to enter the portal by Spring to make our roster numbers work.

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    • miltondawg

      I think that you are right. I knew Georgia was over the number, but I didn’t know by how much. Ran A said up above four or five. I don’t know if that number includes JTD or not, but that will be one for sure. And Beck or BVG (or both) could also bolt depending on how spring practice works out. It is no secret that Manning loves Athens and Georgia is certainly seen as the leader to get him so that could play into how things transpire this spring as well.

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    • Down Island Way

      lsu’s usage of the transport port-o-let isn’t surprising this year and maybe next, ol’ miss has a lazy hc, win 8-9 games a year plus an occasional upset, they can live with that…UGA football plus a select few others will hit the transfer pipe line when roster management dictates…GO DAWGS!


  5. godawgs1701

    I’m certainly mildly surprised that we haven’t even taken one guy from the portal. I’m guessing/hoping that means that the coaching staff is pleased with the level of talent that we’ve got on the roster. I’m going to be very surprised, though, if we get through the entire offseason without adding anyone.


  6. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    At the end of the day, last year, Kirby did his best work in the portal after Spring Practice.

    Yet another reason why there needs to be changes made in the CFB Calendar… no more idiot hot takes like this.

    Have a “Winter Transfer Portal Season” open from December 1st until January 31st. Get rid of Early Signing Day. Make Signing Week the first week in February (roughly two weeks after the National Title Game). Make it a week so players on the fence don’t have to make a decision all on a single day. Then put in a complete recruiting blackout from that next week until May 31st. Give coaches time back with their families, and also, let high school players enjoy their Spring Semesters without constant texts and pressure from coaches. Then make “Summer Transfer Portal Season” open from June 1st to July 31st.

    This new calendar would be better for everyone. Better for current players. Better for recruits. Way better for coaches who are facing burnout like they never have before, of which we sadly know well as it cost us our OL coach.

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    • miltondawg

      I would be interested to see if coaches would be in favor of a recruiting blackout between a signing week and May 31st. My guess is that some, like Kirby, would not. I do think that a blackout may be good for remainder of February and maybe the month of May or something like that. From what I read about Manning’s visit to Athens last weekend a big deal was going to practice, seeing how efficiently it is run, the pace of practice, etc. Other recruits as well. I think that having the ability to have recruits on campus during spring practice is probably very valuable to coaches.


      • Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

        They could visit for Fall Practice, which takes place in August, before their own school year begins, so I don’t see how it would be that big a detriment.

        I’m thinking more holistically, as in, how can the most people benefit? Recruits can just enjoy their lives as happy go luck high school kids, study for finals, go to Prom, etc. Coaches can be part of their families lives during little league and soccer seasons.

        Just because you can’t contact kids doesn’t mean recruiting isn’t going on; the recruiting apparatus would still be in full swing, breaking down film, all that stuff. But the 24/7 aspect of recruiting for those months would be gone. People could live somewhat normal lives on both sides of the recruiting equation. That’s a good thing. Who cares if Kirby would be in favor or not? A calendar like this would’ve kept Matt Luke at Georgia, instead of now having to hire a retread who couldn’t hold Luke’s jock and that his former teams are always happy to see leave.


  7. Ozam

    UGA doesn’t take many transfers over the recent years but usually they are big contributors…..

    JT Daniels
    Maurice Smith
    Tykee Smith

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  8. uga97

    Because …elite recruiting & depth stacking consistently year in and year out greatly reduces the giant holes in the position teams’ rosters. Occasionally we can go out and cherry pick another squad just for maintenance. Who woulda thunk it?


  9. chopdawg

    Congrats, Senator! Today you’ve posted about my 3 least favourite things re:CFB

    NIL, recruiting kids just out of diapers, and the transfer portal.


  10. RangerRuss

    Windstream sucks and Verizon blows.


  11. Hobnail_Boot


    Strong rumors that Joni Taylor is jumping ship to aTm.

    Unfortunately, our fearless athletic director has expressed that he is not capable of having more than one coaching search in a five month period.

    Worthless fucking idiot.


    • RangerRuss

      Some coach leaving not named Kirby Smart?
      Don’t let the door hit ya where the Good Lord split ya.
      Buh bye.