“It took a little bit, it took a little bit.”

Give Bryce Young credit for something — he’s managed to absorb the loss in the national championship game without blaming it on the absence of Metchie and Williams.

That’s a lot more than I can say for the ‘Bama fan base.


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  1. pdawg30577

    Content aside, that article, from the way it was written to the way it was copy-edited, should embarrass anyone who had a hand in it.

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  2. Ran A

    I knew he was in for a beating that night.

    I actually have a lot of respect for this kid. He is one heck of a QB and handles his business really well. But… He got caught on camera telling a teammate at the end of the SEC Championship Game, “Georgia ain’t sh*t”. To be clear, the camera was at quite a distance. You could see what he mouthed.

    You have to wonder how many times that defense played that over and over before that game.

    Like I said, I knew he was in for a beating “win or lose”

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    • ugafidelis

      “and the four sacks represented just a fraction of the big hits he took from a Bulldog defense possessed.” Reading that line gave me an adrenaline rush.

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  3. akascuba

    Losing the national championship to Georgia was a great opportunity for self reflection. So great an opportunity that I hope Kirby continues to bless the bamers with many such opportunities in the future.

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  4. uga97

    Shorter Bryce to Mr & Mrs john q bama fan: “having a little accountability just isn’t so hard now is it?”

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  5. Bryce Young is a heck of a quarterback, but I’ll take 22 Will Anderson players. That guy is a flat-out player. I still don’t understand how Kirby let him get out of the state.

    We let Young know we were going to hit him and keep hitting him until the clock hit 0:00 … that’s exactly what we did.

    Metchie and Williams had nothing to do with that.

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  6. r1valry

    Hope it stings every day.

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  7. Hogbody Spradlin

    He’s not doing the Metchie and Williams thing, but I didn’t see any gentlemanly congratulations either.

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  8. godawgs1701

    Bryce Young knows that the rest of his receiver corps was pretty talented as well. He also probably doesn’t want to piss them off by disrespecting them publicly given that Metchie and Williams are also not going to be playing for Alabama in 2022.


  9. In the NC, we got 4 or 5 time the pressure on Young that we did in the SECC. The game was considerably different than the SECC and it was evident from the beginning. Too bad they lost all those WRs that would have stopped all that pressure.

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  10. Derek

    Let’s do it again.


  11. RangerRuss

    Hey, Bama’s so soft, man. The whole state.


  12. 81Dog

    One takeaway from thar game for Bryce? His tackling skills need a lot of work.