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Lincoln Riley, GOAT

Gee, maybe Colin Cowherd really was on to something.


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Your new, improved Georgia Bulldogs, spring edition

I tell you what — Graham Coffey’s sources on Georgia’s spring practices are amped.  Some pumped examples:

  • I’m told that Beck has made some “wow throws” so far this spring, one being a frozen rope into double coverage to Arian Smith. There is a lot of practices between now and September, but everyone I’ve talked to who has watched practice says that this is a real quarterback competition.
  • Brock Vandagriff has been third in line in drills, but there has been a lot of buzz about his shortened release. His accuracy has been more consistent on a throw by throw basis, and he continues to get sharper from an execution standpoint.
  • Sources have raved about the potential of McIntosh and Milton in 2022. “Kendall looks even bigger than before. I mean he is straight up yolked. They both get first team reps but Kenny leads it off. That KM duo is just different,” said one observer.
  • Daijun Edwards is the solid third guy in the rotation right now. I’m told he looks impressive and has made the most out of his reps so far this spring.
  • Everyone I have talked to who has watched practices recently has made a point to mention how impressive new WR coach Bryan McClendon is.
  • If you’ve read any reports on UGA’s receivers this spring then you’ve probably heard that AD Mitchell has stood out. Over the last couple weeks he has separated from the rest of the pack and established himself as the #1 guy in that room.
  • Arian Smith has had a ton of wow moments so far.
  • Arik Gilbert is getting rave reviews.
  • I’ve talked to a few observers who said that Gilbert is an even more impressive athlete than they expected. “Arik… Oh my goodness, man. I saw him play in person in the past but he looks like he is in better shape than he ever was at LSU. He is quick enough to play that X receiver position if that’s where they want him to be down the road.”
  • Everyone I have talked to is raving about the blend of size and athleticism this OL group has. I know that sounds a bit cliche, but when pressed sources were adamant that they expect this group to be special in 2022.

Between “wow”, “buzz”, “rave” and “impressive”, you could make one helluva drinking game there.  And that’s just on offense!

Regardless of their breathlessness, the one thing I’m not surprised to see from them is the push to create competition at quarterback.  I doubt Beck will supplant Bennett as the starter against Oregon almost as much as I doubt Smart’s gonna let any quarterback of his, even one who won a national championship game, rest on his laurels.

Is it too early to start talking about G-Day QBR?



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Sometimes, a header says enough

The piece is paywalled, but I’m guessing we don’t really need to read it, based on this:  “VIP Practice Analysis: UF thin at tight end, passing game gets off to ugly start Saturday“.  Sounds promising.

What’s the over/under on the number of genius takes we’ll see over there after the season to the effect that if only Florida could combine Napier’s recruiting chops and Mullen’s coaching genius?


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