A sign I’m getting old


McClendon is working with an offense that just so happens to include his nephew as the starting right tackle.

“It’s good seeing him around,” said Warren McClendon, a redshirt junior. “What was it, my eighth grade year? That was probably my first visit here. He was the coach and then he left. Just having him back is awesome.”

So, how long had you been out of diapers, Warren, when I watched your uncle grace the field as a player?  Sigh.


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15 responses to “A sign I’m getting old

  1. Former Fan

    I still remember listening to Munson when Willie McClendon was running in 78. Man those were some fun times. 🙂

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  2. mashdogg

    They are cousins, not uncle and nephew


  3. archiecreek

    Hell Senator, I watched his daddy!!

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  4. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    That’s the only sign of you getting old? What’s your secret?

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  5. Faltering Memory

    I attended the UGA-LSU game when Charles (?) Alexander the Great was LSU’s supe star running back. Willie was so much better in that game. UGA won. As we were leaving the stadium, a vendor was selling T-Shirts printed “Alexander the Great for Heisman.” I bought one, crossed out Alexander, wrote in Willie above it in red magic marker, and wore it back on the plane the next day. The vendor really did not want to sell the shirt to me. In fact, I thought he was going to swing at me.

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  6. What got me was when my daughter realized that she was older than the players… ouch… and that was a good while back.

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  7. poetdawg

    You and I both watched Coach Mc Clendon’s daddy, Willie, when we were at UGA. I’m afraid that may qualify us for geezerhood…


  8. gurkhadawg

    IIRC Willie broke the UGA career rushing record in ‘78. I think some other guy broke Willie’s record a few years later.


  9. MGW

    One day the mustachioed players quit looking like grown men from the 70’s and started looking like dumb kids trying to look funny. Then I knew I was old.


  10. row105

    ya’ll are a bunch of pups….The first UGA QB I saw play is dead. When I first saw Samford Stadium the was no second level…..to be fair they were building it but it did not exit…… Now get off my lawn you bunch of whining whippersnappers. Thought of the day ….you have to grow old …you don’t have to grow up.

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  11. Hogbody Spradlin

    What goes around comes around. Didn’t we have three generations of Tereshinskis wearing the Red and Black?


  12. whb209

    You guys don’t know old. The first game I saw at UGA was in 1961, we lost to Auburn. The second game I saw at Sanford stadium, I played in it. 1966 we played Auburn and kicked their ass.
    Old and grateful..