Tales from the spring

Seth Emerson ($$) has a post up this morning about what he’s seen and heard from Georgia’s spring practices so far, and a fair amount of it parallels what Graham Coffey reported a couple of days ago.

So, rather than repeat a bunch of stuff, I thought I’d share two… um… arousing bits of Dawg porn from Seth’s post:

  • Arik Gilbert is standing out, which should be no shock. He had a catch in a team drill in which he split the linebacker and star, who weren’t tackling but they could barely touch him anyway, and an observer said it would have been a touchdown.
  • (Offensive line) Depth isn’t a problem according to this coach, who opined that Georgia’s third-team offensive line was as good as half the O-lines in the SEC: “It’s scary the collection of talent they have assembled.”

One thing Seth brought up that is worth repeating is that there were probably more folks than usual willing to speak about what they saw last week — on the low down, of course — because Georgia’s staff hosted a coaching clinic, with a bunch of high school coaches watching practice.  Anyway, enjoy!


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9 responses to “Tales from the spring

  1. Biggen

    But the QBR and Bennett’s (supposedly) lack of work ethic this Spring, that is what we want to know!


  2. Glad to keep hearing positive reports regarding Arik…I think this offense is going to score at will.

    Bring on the popcorn.

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  3. practicaldawg

    Sounds like the passing game is off to a better start in Athens than Gainesville

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  4. armydawg

    I see no weaknesses at receiver, running back, TE or O-line. My only question is QB. Will Bennett make his super-senior year his sophomore jump or slump? I hope he does great, but I worry about him being over-confident. He needs to stay in his lane. I want to see the other guys show their stuff. Hurry up G-Day & get here.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Waiting for news on the D. Like, who’s getting the most action with the ones.

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