TFW less is more

Pete Fiutak makes an amusing point about life in the SEC:

You can get a top shelf head coach, and he’s still going to be among the guys you recognize with one name, like Nick, and Leach, and Jimbo, and Kelly, and Lane, and Kirby.

I guess that explains why nobody ever called him Dan.  Just Dan.



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  1. Godawg

    But everybody knew when you said “Cousin Eddy.” #FTMF

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  2. 79dawg

    *Just Damn….

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  3. Casey Chestnut

    Gotta say, it took me a while to figure out Kelly. Still too new to have sunk in, I guess.


  4. I still don’t get the media’s love affair with Brian Kelly. His teams have been consistently outclassed when on the sport’s biggest stages. I’m sure much of it is Notre Dame and nothing else. He’s going to find out really quickly that he’s in a different neighborhood now.

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    • Harold Miller

      ee I have been staying the same for a while now. Given what he is making salary wise, I don’t see any what Kirby doesn’t get bumped to near $10 million per soon.

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    • miltondawg

      Double E, I agree in part. I also don’t completely understand the love affair. I also recognize, however, that he did face some challenges at ND that probably made winning against teams like Georgia, Bama, Clemson, etc. more difficult than they would be if he was recruiting to a school like LSU at which he will have a far greater pool of athletes to choose from. With respect to Kelly, the next three to five years will determine his ranking among his peers. LSU has never had a problem with getting talent and there is plenty to choose from within a short radius from Baton Rouge. If he isn’t knocking on the door for winning the SEC West/playing for the SEC Championship/getting into the CFP then it will be on him.


  5. NotMyCrossToBear



  6. godawgs1701

    Who is walking around calling Brian Kelly just “Kelly”?


  7. jcdawg83

    Jimbo and Brian Kelly don’t belong in that group. Jimbo made a name for himself with a rapist thief qb who happened to be very talented. When Jameis left FSU, the reality of what Jimbo had created there was revealed.

    Kelly has come up short every time he’s faced equally talented competition. LSU isn’t Notre Dame where 10 or 11 of the teams he will face each season are vastly inferior in talent than his team.

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  8. practicaldawg

    That is a great article


  9. Ran A

    LOL – he ain’t wrong… We are whack jobs… :).

    Love this..

    Let the SEC do what it does, and please don’t get so offended when anyone points out just how good the conference is. More to the point, if you’re not an SEC fan, you’re probably better off.

    You probably lead a fuller, richer, happier existence with a ten-win season seen as a positive.

    There’s fun to be had all across the rest of the college football landscape without the SEC’s whack-job intensity.


    • jcdawg83

      Until tv money got big and coaches salaries got to CEO levels and the BCS came around and made winning a national championship the benchmark that determined whether or not your program was successful; college football for pretty much every team not named USC, Notre Dame, Alabama, Nebraska and Ohio State or Michigan was like what the non SEC schools experience now. Being a Georgia fan before 1980 meant being thrilled with a 9 or 10 win season and a shared SEC championship and happy enough with an 8 win season as long as we beat Florida, Auburn and tech. Many seasons were defined by one big win, especially if it was an upset of a rival.

      The 1975, 1976 and 1978 teams had great seasons but 1977 and 1979 were bad. We still enjoyed the games and had fun but didn’t have any of the anguish of not winning a national championship. No one was calling for Dooley’s firing after the bad seasons and we were happy to be ranked in the then top 20. Bowl games actually meant something, even if they weren’t top tier. After the 1980 season; the focus on another national championship and the pain of falling short due to a regular season loss overshadowed the enjoyment of some seasons and games that would have been the stuff of legend prior to 1980. Now; if we are not in the CFP, the fans, players, band, cheerleaders and even Uga “really don’t want to be there”.

      I love being on the top of the college football mountain right now but I have to admit I miss the days of being able to enjoy a good season even if we didn’t win it all or even felt like we should be in the national championship conversation.

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  10. waterswv

    I think that’s where I land on this scheduling thing. I’d love a 10 game SEC schedule plus a couple cupcake bye week games. If we end up with 5-8 good teams and 2-3 juggernauts a year and I know I’m going to play 4 of them a year then that’s a pretty good schedule to look forward to. Sankey could do this for a couple years and see the results, it’s not like game ratings would go down. And then see where the chips fall with playoff expansion


  11. stoopnagle

    “You serious, Clark?”


  12. Charles Allen

    “Dump Dooley” was the hot bumper sticker around town in 1979.


    • jcdawg83

      Would have been really interesting if we had beaten Auburn that season and been SEC co champs with Alabama and gone to the Sugar Bowl. Buck getting hurt on the first play from scrimmage doomed us in that game. The happiest people in America after that game were the Sugar Bowl committee. We would have gone to New Orleans with a 6-5 record.


  13. jdawg108